The Player: Issue 11

Who should be featured in the next staff interview?

  • Feliburn

    Votes: 83 33.6%
  • Coronis

    Votes: 35 14.2%
  • Relados

    Votes: 33 13.4%
  • Reverb

    Votes: 40 16.2%
  • QuoteCS

    Votes: 56 22.7%

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We're back at it again! Issue 11 brings several fun things to the table, such as a new series on the Best of the Worst on PS, a guide to building teams for older generations, and the return of A Trivial Showdown, for you puzzle junkies desperately needing your weekly fix. Read more about it in the Editor's Note!

Enjoy! Leave a comment below over whom you voted for, or your favorite article from this issue!

xo antemortem, Spydreigon, f(x), Quarkz


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I really like Temporaryanonymous's article and I've been waiting for it to be released :3 The room suggestions article was also funny. Nice job guys!


there like moonlight
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#vote4quote :)

alsoit's weird to see how much the player has grown lol, now there's a super pro layout and everything :o
WHY? WHY IS FELISHIT HERE? Dammit Feli if you get on remember the stunfissssssk
Also, voted for Quote. I want to delay Feli as much as possible :)
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