The Player: Issue 9 released!

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It's really cold, but we have another issue for you guys anyway! Issue 9 is hot off the press and it features an interview with grandpa SteelEdges, some tips for those interested in getting into the Monotype metagame, and much more. You can read more about the issue in the Editors' Notes, where Vacate and I said some words. Please also give Tikitik some kind words for his work on the cover art!

As usual, we invite you to leave some feedback regarding the articles you read or about The Player in general. Tell us what your favorite article was, and be sure to vote for the next staff interview! Also drop by The Kiln on PS if you want to live chat about the issue or get involved with the webzine. Cheers everyone!

~ antemortem, Spydreigon, Vacate
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Great issue guys ^_^ I particularly enjoyed the interview(I always do. It's the #1 thing I look forward to each issue) and the article on Monotype. I just might get into the metagame now. After losing interest in pretty much every tier, this is something I plan on getting into.
Waterbomb for issue 10 let's gooooo
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