The Prestigious Apprentice Cup! - Round 2

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Have fun with birds and bees.
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Beat GTS, sending PM. Some person named Rifle Man or something like that was in the room, and said he was Iron Maiden.
Woot! Whoever was in the room, they better not have been scouting. There's a lot of losers who really take tourneys super-seriously enough to do that. -.-
I won. gg Ghandi.

I hadn't read much of the thread until right now, though, so I don't think I have the log. Someone watched a couple of turns of our battle, I think, but not by the name of anything suggested in this thread.
Ugh definately not. Tomorrow is the final day...I posted multiple times that Gmax and I will not be able to battle till Sunday morning, around 12 PM EST.
You all have a couple of days to finish your matches, but that's it, if you don't, people will get DQ'd
Hmmm, I think that's a bit unreasonable considering the circumstances. Considering Atticus was gone for more than a week when he suddenly comes online again very close to the deadline. Since I'm not sure the time Atticus proposed to me suited, I regulary came on shoddy battle looking for him as much as ppossible (Taking in to account work and other factors). Now, tommorrow is the last day of the holidays and I'm going stuff with a friend. After that, my hours will really be alot less flexible, so I'll have a fair bit of difficulty meeting Atticus on Shoddy.

In short, I think the chances the battle will be resolved in a couple of days are slim due to the explained circumstances.
Just so you know, I am online now, on shoddy, and awaiting for Gmax just as he asked me to. If he does not show up within this two hour span, I don't know when we will get a chance to battle.

Edit: It is now 12:24 PM EST and Gmax has still not shown up. I let him choose the time, and we both agreed to Sunday morning, and he hasn't kept his end of the deal up...

Edit2: Beat Gmax in a pretty intense game 2-0. You gave me quite a run, keep it up...good game.
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