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art by LifeisDANK

The PU Circuit is back for 2021! The circuit will have 5 tournaments where top placing players will earn leaderboard points to try to make the cut to compete in December's PU Circuit Playoffs and earn themselves a ribbon (
) on their badgeset. There are some changes from previous iterations that you should know about, they're listed here:
  • The PU Classic is in the circuit this year.
  • There is a more defined A/B/C system. Seasonals and Slam will still be Type A tournaments, PULT will be a type B tournament with slightly less points given out, and Classic will be a type C tournament.
Schedule (if an exact date isn't there, it will be updated asap):
  • PU Classic - SM Sign ups: January 3rd, ORAS Sign ups: January 10th, BW Sign ups: January 17th, DPP Sign ups: January 24th
  • PU Open Sign ups - March 28th
  • PU Seasonal 1 Sign ups - May 16th
  • PU Ladder Tournament Sign ups - July 18th
  • PU Seasonal 2 Sign ups - August 22nd
Seasonals and slam will have more points given out than previous iterations:

slam updated scoring.jpg

Here is the scoring for the PU Ladder Tournament and the PU Classic, only playoff qualifiers get points for these tournaments:

B and C Tier Tour Scores.jpg
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