Announcement The PU Classic VI - Commencement

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Hello and welcome to the sixth edition of PU's annual classic tournament. This tournament will celebrate PU's interesting history through the generations, culminating in a finals where players must play all generations to have a chance to write their names in the history of the tier! Like previous years, PU Classic will be the first part of the 2023 PU Circuit!

The format consists of SIX separate tournaments: The SS Cup, The SM Cup, The ORAS Cup, The BW Cup, The DPP Cup and The ADV Cup. Each tournament is single elimination, best of three. Depending on your performance in a Cup, you will be awarded points. This tour will have a best finish limit of 3. What this means is that only your three best performances will contribute to your overall point tally. This is like what happened in Grand Slam last year.

When all the Cups have been finished, the sixteen players with the most points will advance to the play-offs. There they will battle in a best of five series that includes all generations until there is one undisputed PU Classic champion, with the higher seed choosing which generation to drop. SS will be the first generation played (unless this is the chosen drop, then SM will be first), and the loser of each match will choose the following generation played.

Signups for each Cup will be linked in the PU Circuit thread once posted in the circuit tournaments subforum. Make sure to watch that thread in order to not miss a tour. The cups are as follows:

  • The SS Cup - Hosted by Shaneghoul - Signups: January 22nd
  • The SM Cup - Hosted by Chloe - Signups: January 22nd
  • The ORAS Cup - Hosted by TONE - Signups: January 29th
  • THE BW Cup - Hosted by pannu - Signups: January 29th
  • The DPP Cup - Hosted by Estarossa - Signups: February 5th
  • The ADV Cup - Hosted by SergioRules - Signups: February 5th

The scoring system for each cup is as follows:

This change was essentially made to avoid ties. Last year was plagued by a seven way tiebreak that delayed the start of playoffs a decent amount, so hopefully we can avoid that this year!

If there are any questions, feel free to ask in the PU Discord.

Have fun and good luck to everyone competing!
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