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And now for something completely different
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this art was made by sobs like 4 years ago for a past iteration of the tour
For those of you not aware, Pyrotoz is a mostly Pokemon-related YouTuber (channel here) who has also kept up a team generating website for many years. allows you to generate teams for many different tiers and formats and provides completely randomized or more competitively focused sets. Some of what this generator provides is pretty standard, but sometimes it's decidedly not that. I encourage you to go check out the site and what kind of sets it generates, but here's some examples of some of the fun stuff

This will be a Bo1 single elimination SS PU tour where your team will be generated from with the tier set to PU and viable sets on. And to prevent constantly re-randomizing or other shenanigans, I will generate the teams and PM them to participants.

Tour Specific Rules
  • Matches are Bo1 and the tournament will be single ellimination​
  • The tier is SS PU​
  • Replays are mandatory​
  • You must use the team I PM you at the start of the round!​
  • Just for clarity's sake- the website might not be updated for extremely recent tier shifts, in which case I'll be re-randomizing the team until it's completely legal​
Signups close Friday July 3 at 10PM EST
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