The Rainbow League III [Round 1] : Are You Ready For It?

Quite Quiet

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September 16
[21:02] Alice✨: Rainbow league when
[21:06] QuiteQuiet: when I have a team
[21:06] Alice✨: Fair
[21:06] QuiteQuiet: are you free enough that we don't schedule this and just do it sometime next weekend
[21:06] QuiteQuiet: or do you want an actual time
[21:06] Alice✨: Uh
[21:06] QuiteQuiet: it's not like I'm not around so if you're free
[21:07] Alice✨: That should be gine
[21:07] Alice✨: Fine
[21:07] QuiteQuiet: ok
September 22
[13:23] QuiteQuiet: I'm free for rainbow whenever you want today
[13:33] Alice✨: alright ill throw something together and lyk
we didn't get this done, and I'm going to bed now so it's not going to either. this is all the contact we had regarding scheduling.


la vie en rose
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boyn vs. BackAtYouBro

BackAtYouBro was disqualified for bringing a Pokémon that doesn't belong to his nation.

There was no chance to rematch their game because I was very specific and clear with the rules and this same applies for future rounds, you must respect your nation.
  • If you're caught using Pokemon of another color, you instantly lose the battle.
Activity Calls & Coinflips

The Hallows
vs. Havens - The Hallows made the contact and tried to schedule but Havens didn't reply back.
toytean vs. Alkione - toytean tried to schedule but Alkione never replied back.
Energy vs Bluxio - coinflip
Pearl vs. Ismail - coinflip
EviGaro vs Haki - coinflip
Haru vs. iKiQ - coinflip
Portrait or Ruin vs TheFranklin
We Three Kings vs.
Reymedy coinflip
bkdrew vs. TonyFlygon - coinflip

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Tagging people who is in round 2 because of act too but haven't told me their mascot yet, please edit your post guys or tag me in smogtours server.

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