The Rainbow League III [Round 1] : Are You Ready For It?


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Substitutes time!:blobwizard:

Blue Moon

Hamhamhamham vs. LarTech both inactive
New Pairing:
We Three Kings vs Reymedy

Yellow Comet

Screenshot 2019-09-19 at 09.27.59.png
cryptonix_ out
Havens remains in the tour and his new opponent is The Hallows

Green Earth

Dom12887 vs. RahelGamer09
- dom is inactive.
RahelGamer09 vs. Fantos13

Brown Field

spatulakun vs. Louna -
no replies from Louna
spatulakun vs. royesk

Purple Sky

TheAprilFool vs. jcbc
TheAprilFool doesn't wanna play

jcbc vs. TDK

Pink Ozone

Mewtwo-Y vs. xImRaptor - Mewtwo is inactive
xImRaptor vs Qplaz

Twixtry vs. Plimsoll Punks - Plimsoll gave the win
Twixtry vs. Aloopuriza

Gray Galaxy

Vaboh vs. DurzaOffTopic - no replies from Durza
Vaboh your new opponent is Karl Dude Guy

Kirito_ vs. pinktidal - no replies from Kirito
pinktidal vs. siembro


Guess I will be extending the deadline so you have until Monday n_n have fun.
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