The RU Open VI - Finals [Won by aim]

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Won in 2 ggs vs well. I live recorded as usual, though I was feeling myself in the recording a bit and it almost cost me the second game w/ the superpower vs durant play. I don't think i deserved to make it to the ru finals. I haxed all of my opponents, especially star. actually double froze him, but thank you all for the support. happy that I can finally win a tour. ggs to both ajna and welliou. thank you blunder, 49, shake, fuga and flamingvictini for supplying me with teams all throughout my run. appreciate shake telling me veil is broken and that it's the move. appreciate 49's fake comments on my video but real support with the teams. fuga, golisopod is broken. fv i trust your squads completely and thank you for always helping me out. blunder, I shall see you in playoffs bro. for the past 2 months all we've done is pm each other "LOL I WON MAN LOOK AT THIS REPLAY IM SO LUCKY" and i couldn't be happier that we both made playoffs. thank you once again everyone for all the support. the vid will be live at 4:30 for those that missed it and want to check it out if you can stand my voice and the way i commentate feel free 2. appreciate the host MrAldo as well.

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And thats it, good job to everyone involved on the tour. Pretty satisfying finals compared to past year so I cant complain that much.

Thanks to rozes for helping me get round 1 done (he is tourbanned but he still was of great help), to Zebraiken and Pearl for helping at some moments of the tour as well. Hopefully I have seen a good enough host to be considered for future iterations... it wasnt so bad after all.

I guess the thread will be open for a bit so people can give their congrats to people's favorite Youtube star. Congratulations aim, despite the way the series with Star played out it was a pretty great run all around.

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