The RU Open X - Round 1


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Henlo gamers ٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ Welcome to Round 1 of the 10th RU Open!​

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • Grand Slam rules can be found here.
  • Standard SS RU.
  • Best-of-three, single elimination.
  • Battles should take place on Pokemon Showdown!
  • SS cartridge win conditions are in place; there are no ties.
  • Tiers are locked at the beginning of each round.

About playing on alts: It is entirely allowed to play on an alt other than your own main forum name, though if your opponent wishes to confirm your identity, you must log on to your main alt to show them you are who you claim to be. This is to prevent people from pretending to be who they're not.

About playing on different servers: Tournament matches must be played on the Smogtours server. The Main PS! server is also acceptable if both parties agree to that. Other servers are not sanctioned by the TD team and playing in them might result in your game not counting. Protect yourself from that by playing in Smogtours, where we also have the power to recreate games that end due to DC's.


On scouting opponents: Going through your opponents replays of tournament and ladder games is entirely allowed, as long as a game is public there is nothing preventing you from watching it. An exception to this is abusing powers granted to you by being staff on Smogon or PS! to gain access to information a normal user wouldn't have access to, which is strictly forbidden.

On leaking teams: Divulging private information about someone's planned team to their opponent is never allowed, and will be heavily sanctioned. Requesting that such information be divulged is also grounds for punishment. Keep your scouting to publicly available information and you'll be fine.

Timer Clause / Disconnections

On the Timer: The timer must stay on throughout the whole battle, not to be turned off even in the case of a player disconnecting as we now have a separate disconnection timer (more details here). The timer may not be turned off in any circumstance.

On Timeout losses: A player that loses by having all his time run out loses the game. This is only not the case if the player that received the timeout loss can be verified to have suffered a True Disconnection. Rematches in such cases are not allowed.

On True Disconnection: The TD team has a secret threshold of seconds that your timer must be at or above, from the moment you disconnect, for a timeout loss to be considered a True Disconnection. If your game is determined to be a True Disconnection if you played on Smogtours and contacted a TD before the room expired your game will be recreated up to the point the disconnect happened. It is the responsibility of the player that disconnected to get a TD into the room before it expires.
Battle Clauses:
  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • Team Preview
General Recommendations:
  • Contact your opponent as soon as possible upon the round going up. Activity cases will be handled strictly.
  • When scheduling, offer a wide swathe of available times to play. 1 hour of activity on one or two weeknights is unlikely to be considered acceptable.
  • Schedule specifically - do not schedule for "Friday afternoon" or "Sunday morning", pick a date, a time and note the timezone.
Feel free to contact me or a tournament director if you have any questions regarding this tournament (or Grand Slam in general).

fakenagol vs Roxiee
Star vs Zenadark
Wamr vs Bushtush
ima vs Rumor
adjustments vs egalvanc
GoldCat vs Attack on Samurott
Floss vs AzZoCcX
ukaaa vs IS'd_GUTTY 2.0
atomicllamas vs avarice
Santu vs ilikefingerslol
Quite Quiet vs Quantum Tesseract
gum vs Akashi
Boat vs Fc
Lord Thorx vs TotomonGang
alive vs Edstur98
crucify vs bulufan14
spanishlines vs Aliss
LockedBeast vs Raichy
CDW Enrique vs Kink
Felines vs S1nn0hC0nfirm3d
mimikyu dayo 69 vs Dankoc
Ramolost vs rylon
PinkDragonTamer vs weird mon
Fakee vs Eternal Spirit
byronthewellwell vs 25oof
Lunala vs Cirlo
Ninja vs Senpai D.M
Bag of Trixx vs Sputnik
ToastedBunzzz02 vs GotCookies
Punny vs Perish Song
bugzinator vs Ainzcrad
Fylkir Pudin vs Skysolo
dunoks vs ekoi
Lugia_numair vs Yves Stone
toytean vs Mikaso04
TheFranklin vs Malekith
Deltaw vs Fardin
Tobste vs rinnegan418
Elfuseon vs kythr
Baoba vs ilesaural
eclipseY vs Rotten
Marshall.Law vs Pannuracotta
Raahel vs Luthier
frisoeva vs CBU
Stoked vs Rubyblood
Iromsan vs Kirigakure
Gatorboy vs Decem
Roseybear vs Meru
Chazm vs Spl4sh
Maxomega vs Cam
Ampha vs Mygrein
Mike Cometa vs beatiful
DC. vs Freeroamer
TopLel TopKek vs DerpyBoi
CaesarzeppeliXD vs Yggdrasil60
LonelyNess vs Xizaaa
Corazan vs afakedugong
devil94 vs Moutemoute
Crow Music vs gye5
IS'd_HielOwStarR vs Shiba
Starfire06 vs Ktütverde
Sificon vs Yay
giove97 vs QWILY
Hervalt vs Drookez
Kev vs pigassaultking
MZ vs TectonicDestroyer
termi vs Feaniix
yovan33321 vs Turtledoggo21
yedla vs King Billu
ACR1 vs robjr
Enzonana. vs Accelgor
Shadowmonstr7 vs Natan
pj vs TeamCharm
SoulWind vs PureJules
Bluxio vs AM
Failures vs Karppi
mncmt vs Regnite
Ningildo vs JabbaTheGriffin
Hockey1 vs NEON_Voyager
Misterioussaint vs Feliburn
SOMALIA vs xtra$hine
Shrug vs Drud
ForgottenOnes vs ashbala99
Jameszeey vs jonfilch
Evil vs LpZ
7u9i2 vs Chaitanya
Dflo vs Luck O' the Irish
daunt vs vs trace
qsns vs Zephyr2007
elodie vs lighthouses
Mateeus vs HyperFlux
martha vs Nat
Ninjadog vs dahli
Cheese5555 vs Alpha Rabbit
Charmflash vs Acselsior13
Sensei Axew vs xray
Surfy vs NHelioX7
Squash vs TripleCx3
daniYSB vs Skipkan
umbry vs dice
spx1 vs shiloh
Splash vs false
Socrates1O1 vs HT
Quaze vs hs
Niko vs Highways
MatLaTomate vs MrSoup
Nalorium vs MalMoonsault
Will-I-am vs Samqian
HaxxSel vs OhISeeZinOverThere
TJ vs vani
Void vs Pope Faith
0NI vs miraage
Fantos13 vs the pharoah
TMM vs z0mOG
Beraldinhoo vs RampageWebber
devin vs Adaam
Drivetacos vs ara
Sevelon vs Jhonx~
Poek vs Estarossa
Xiri vs Lost Soul
Meri Berry vs Emlee
torterraxx vs omi ♥
Mix vs Algeria
Chloe vs Mr. Mime fan
PA vs Souw
Stareal vs Aberforth
Expulso vs H.M.N.I.P
triangulr vs brewfasa
Toadow vs Serene Grace
Astrø vs pattek
Dragonillis vs TDK
Dlanyer vs zS
iNoLife vs naruto(sage)
KSt3ve vs bb skarm
Eeveeto vs Yaily
Mysterious M vs Micaiah
tlenit vs Gray
odr vs Guille14
Corckscrew vs Luna's Banned now
Staxi vs Ghostricker0197
64 Squares vs Analysc
DKM vs Aquarius Ghost ❤
Jmash vs monchooo
Maple vs Pokeseba
maroon vs EviGaro
KJLX vs LightScreener
jcbc vs Lyss
Mindnight vs Draphirion
Enzo Gorlami vs zben
e~t~h~e~y vs Mikaav
eifo vs barton
Bebo vs Docomodake
melancholy hills vs Crashy
gorex vs Zesty43
FU SHUN HA vs p4P1//0n
Maki vs Confide
Pepeduce vs OnArceus
Hyperspace12 vs watashi
piitaa22 vs Osh
Monsareeasy vs Royal1604
BIHI vs X7ra_User
Luirromen vs elodin
E-create vs StitChuu
Pataozinho vs Vulpix03
Tachibana vs Alkione
wzvd vs Mr.Bossaru
So Noisy vs McSim
tko vs Oathkeepre
JustFranco vs Lilburr
vivalospride vs Sabella
xXcrossbowXx vs Kebab mlml
Sacri' vs ojr
SpenderOfTime vs Ahmad Alfatih
Finchinator vs Thiago Nunes
K3ppr vs Youngster_Bill
GW vs SpectralThief
ProDigeZz vs Bouff
Aurella vs snaga
Ajna vs Own3y
toinha vs Amukamara
Flareblitzkreig vs Blanko
Stillau vs EternalSnowman
Aurodian vs 100%GXE
Trognon vs Mac3
Pabloxty vs Diophantine
Laurel vs Drafeu-kun
Blui vs Carmin
Steve Angello vs KarliTheFrenshie
Nahomitsoa vs Anique
agenS vs Vaboh

Deadline is April 11th 11:59 PM (GMT -4).
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