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And the grinding finally ends. I spent last night murdering 126 Bibarels so as to ev train Doom and have finished grinding on Iron Island to prepare for the rest of the game. The team:

Blissey lv 42
Only use this update was Exp. Share training. Stil walls sp. attacks to hell and back.

Gabite lv 42
Power level is dropping but Eartquake hits like a ton of bricks. Only water counter.

Houndoom lv 42
With max attack barring Natures this thing is awesome. Still needs to solo Volkner.

Monferno lv 49
Grinded so high so that I didn`t have to go through the game with Flame Wheel as my fire stab. Thank god for Close Combat. Ironically its fourth moves only use (Shadow Claw) is hitting Giratina, everything else it hit harder by Flare Bitz or Close Combat. Any suggestions for final moveslot? ? (Slack Off is its other move)

Togepi lv 50
Given its Base 60 defense and base 40 SAtk Togepi can finally solo Candice to evolve. Enjoys random Serene Grace boosted Ancientpower boosts.

Once Byron goes down the endgame begins. All that remains is the desteuction of Galactic and the obtaining of my final team member. Depsite saying I wouldn`t use it at the beginning I am ironically hoping for a Swablu as Lataria will provide me with my teams only Water resist.
Update! Just beat the Weather Institute in Emerald and got my final member, now it's time to train Sun and get the HM for Fly :)

loudkirbyking said:
Auramaster, for a bit creative, take Treeko as your starter. When caught, it was struck on the head to think it was Road Runner. But, since that nickname just doesn't sound quite right, call it by the main phrase. Your treeko must be nicknamed "Beep Beep".

Because it thinks it's so fast and smart, it must also be. It must know both Agility and Quick attack. Other two moves don't really matter, but cannot be Pursuit. Road Runner usually runs away, not after.

And finally, since it still hates Coyotes, it cannot fight any dog-like pokemon, unless in a trainer battle. But, while in a trainer battle, if you fight a dog-like pokemon with it, you must continually play through many explosions on Wile E. Coyote through your mind, or other comical scenes like that. And, if it is with the Poochyena given in a double battle, it can only use Agility or Quick attack. If not obtained yet, then it cannot attack the same target as Poochyena.
chocolate-kipp said:
Take a Poochyena. Have it solo Brawly to evolve. Also, name him "Cuddles".
Detroitlolcat said:
Take a Skitty, and name it Skitteh. As soon as it gets to Level 19, teach it Assist and solo two of Wattson's Pokemon and one of Flannery's with only Assist.

It may evolve after that. It must solo three Admins or either team, two of which only using the move Assist.
Plusle said:
Take a plusle and call it Minus. Every gym battle it must use flash 2 times. (as soon as you get flash)

Athenodoros said:
Okay, auramaster, you get a Spinda. It must always know Hypnosis, Dizzy Punch and Teeter Dance, just because all Spinda should. It should also solo a gym leader, or have all of Tate and Liza's Pokemon KO'd by Spinda or Confusion induced by Spinda. It should be called "Dizzy", and you can only progress past the Pokemon League after a confusion-inducing move has been used on Dizzy (you may switch). Finally, It must solo 10 Pokemon from the League or from Steven before every Pokemon on your team can be fully evolved.
Its A Random said:
auramaster, take the Castform you get from the Weather Institute.

You must then go to the name rater & give it a nickname (The Institute gives you an unicknamed one), either Sun, Rain, or Hail.

If you name it Sun, It must know & keep Sunny Day, Ember/Fire Blast, Weather Ball & a move of your choice. It must use Sunny Day when the weather isn't Sun.
If you name it Rain, It must know & keep Rain Dance, Water Gun/Thunder, Weather Ball & a move of your choice. It must use Rain Dance when the weather isn't Rain.
If you name it Hail, It must know & keep Hail, Powder Snow/Blizzard, Weather Ball & a move of your choice. It must use Hail when the weather isn't Hail.

Have fun.

Beep Beep (Male Grovyle) @ Miracle Seed
Level 31
~Leaf Blade
~Secret Power
~Quick Attack

Comments: Struggled after Roxanne with every other Pokemon getting stronger attacks while it was stuck with Bullet Seed. Leaf Blade has made it one of my best Pokemon, and with an evolution and lots of water coming soon, it'll see plenty of use.

Cuddles (Female Mightyena) @ Blackglasses
Level 31
~Secret Power

Comments: Cuddles has been fairly strong for most of the game, but recently her lack of a good physical STAB has left her my weakest Pokemon besides Skitteh. Still, Bite is my best move against the occasional Psychic or Ghost Pokemon, while Dig is my only good move against Magnemite/Magneton.

Skitteh (Female Skitty) @ Nothing
Level 31
~Secret Power

Comments: Surprisingly powerful with STAB Secret Power, or STAB Doubleslap earlier in the game. Attract and Sing are less efficient then simply attacking, though that may change later in the game. Despite 2HKOing almost everything, it's overall my Current LVP simply because everything else is even better.

Minus (Male Plusle) @ Nothing
Level 31

Comments: Started off very weak with just Quick Attack, but once he got Spark at level 19, became astonishingly powerful. Minus is faster then Beep Beep, with lots of Special Attack and a wonderful STAB in Thunderbolt/Spark. Only Ground types can stand up to him. Easily Current MVP.

Dizzy (Male Spinda) @ Cheri Berry (Forgot why I gave it to him)
Level 31
~Dizzy Punch
~Secret Power

Comments: Searched for an Adamant Spinda :) Surprisingly powerful. It's not as strong as Minus or Beep Beep, but STAB Dizzy Punch OHKO's weaker wild Pokemon and 2HKO's everything else. Confusion and Secret Power's side effect also comes in handy for stopping opponent's in their tracks. Forgot he has to solo a gym though, so I might try Winona.

Sun (Female Castform) @ Nothing
Level 25
~Sunny Day
~Ice Beam
~Powder Snow
~Rain Dance

Comments: Got her, taught her Ice Beam, and quit the game. Hasn't been in a battle yet, though Fire and Ice attacks should prove useful.


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Sapphire Scramble Update #FINAL

All right, time to conclude my Sapphire Scramble with the final Update on this adventure.

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4
Update #5
Update #6
Update #7
Update #8
Update #9

The Pokemon...
  • Wingull (FrostGull): Must Know Mist & One other Ice-Type Move (Bynine)
  • Gyarados: Must know Fire Blast/Thunder/Blizzard & one other Special Move. Must KO 10 E4/Champion Pokemon. (Athenodoros)
  • Pikachu: Cannot Evolve (Sprocket)
  • Torchic (Khan): Solo one Pokemon of each type (except for two, decided before game start (Fire & Ice)) up to 10 levels lower, & solo 2 Fully evolved Pokemon (One from a Gym Leader & Another from the Rival) & solo one of the champion's Pokemon. Complete one half of the challenge to evolve into Combusken & clear Victory Road to evolve into Blaziken.
  • Abra (Lolcat): Must have four different typed moves ASAP & always have moves of four different types. Can never evolve into Alakazam (DetroitLolcat)
  • Absol (Hirador): Pure Special attacker (auramaster)

The E4 Run in text...
Alrightio, now I've finished grinding, & now I'm ready to confront the E4. What's changed? Apart from the obvious (Level), the only real changes are that I retaught Atheno the Gyarados Surf, & gave Khan the Blaziken a new toy in the form of Flamethrower & Earthquake. The grinding got done thanks to Trainer's Eye rematches. I enter the E4 with 30 Hyper Potions, 25 Full Heals, & 25 Revives & get ready for the last 5 battles of the game.

Random's Team at this point:
Khan: Lv50
Sprocket: Lv50
Lolcat: Lv50
FrostGull: Lv50
Atheno: Lv50
Hirador: Lv50

Sidney: Khan shall lead against Mightyena, & also take care of Cacturne & Shiftry, & Atheno shall take care of Sharpedo & Absol.
Phoebe: There's no time to waste here, expecting Hirador to rip apart her team with Bite.
Glacia: Get Atheno to solo her party, though I should be careful & hope misses don't ruin the battle, especially against Walrein, who has Sheer Cold. Hirador, Sprocket & Lolcat are back-ups.
Drake: Atheno should blitzkrieg the party with Blizzard, FrostGull is a back-up with Ice Beam.
Steven: Nice one...Lead with Khan & kill Skarmory before he gets a chance to lay down Spikes & get the Champion solo, Atheno/FrostGull to deal with Claydol, use Khan for Aggron, Cradily, & even Armaldo, Atheno & Hirador waiting in the wings, who should deal with Metagross.

So I approach the first member of the E4, Sidney, & confront him in the first E4 battle. Random vs. Sidney.

I send in Khan & Sidney sent in Mightyena. Khan wasted no time getting into business, scorching Mightyena with Flamethrower. Then Atheno came along & ripped apart Shiftry, Cacturne & Sharpedo with little trouble & Khan came back to Scorch Absol out of the battle & the first E4 battle was won with little trouble.

Next up was Phoebe & I had Hirador in the lead. First out was a Dusclops, who was flinch-haxed to death with Bite. Banette went down easily, but it did manage to burn Hirador. Third was Sableye, I healed Hirador's burn, & proceeded to Bite Sableye into oblivion, but then came another Banette & killed Hirador. So Atheno came back in & made a blitzkrieg on Banette & the other Dusclops & washed them up with Surf, winning me the battle.

Third was Glacia & Atheno was in the lead. First was Glalie, & Glalie went down, The two Sealeo's went down in similar fashion, but the second managed to infatuate Atheno. The second Glalie also didn't put up a real fight, & last was Walrein, who was rather Sturdy, there I used an Elixir to replenish Atheno's PP, & with a little patience, Walrein went down & I had won the battle, on top of that, Atheno had reached his mandatory 10 E4 Pokemon KO's.

Fourth was Drake, Atheno was in the lead against Shelgon. & after a couple of misses, Atheno managed to kill Shelgon. Not wanting to risk more miss hax, I sent in FostGull, who had a higher Sp. Atk stat & a more reliable Ice-Type Attack. FrostGull was outran by the remaining members, but his Ice Beam OHKOed the rest of the party, a few Hyper Potions needed to be used though to keep FrostGull alive, but nevertheless, I had won the battle.

Last was Steven. I had Khan in the lead, & first out of his was a Skarmory. Khan dodged a Toxic to easily OHKO Skarmory with Flamethrower, gaining the mandatory Champion Pokemon solo. Next was Aggron, & Khan survived an Earthquake with 2HP remaining to 2HKO with Earthquake. Third was Metagross, who quickly picked off Khan. Atheno came in, weakened Metagrross a lot, but fell to a Hyper Beam, so Hirador came in & killed Metagross with Fire Blast while Metagross was recharging. FrostGull came in against Claydol & 2HKOed with Surf, despite letting Claydol set up Light Screen. Fifth was Armaldo, & he took a beating, in the time he took to kill Claydol, I had revived a couple of members. Eventually, Armaldo fell to Hirador. Last was Cradily, & god Cradily was an absolute bitch. He got a lucky AncientPower boost, & he had a whopping three Full Restores used on him, shifting between reviving, healing & attacking, the battle raged on for so long that Cradily ended up running out of PP & started Struggling. Eventually, Khan came in & KOed with Flamethrower, winning me the battle & the Scramble.

After that, I went through the Hall of fame Shit & finished the game. Sprocket, Lolcat, Khan, FrostGull, Atheno & Hirador. All of them contributed well &...yeah.


And the final team from LVP to MVP...

Sprocket (Male Pikachu) @ Magnet
-Thunder Wave
-Quick Attack
-Double Team

Comments: Given to me by Sprocket, this thing was basically outclassed. It was weak, not powerful, & couldn't take a hit. Careful nature sucks as well. The LVP.

Lolcat (Male Kadabra) @ Amulet Coin
-Shadow Ball
-Shock Wave

Comments: Given to me by DetroitLolcat, this thing was very powerful, but wasn't really needed. Lolcat wasn't used that much throughout the scramble, but meh.

FrostGull (Male Pelipper) @ Lax Incense
Lv:51/Lonely/Keen Eye
-Ice Beam
-Wing Attack

Comments: Given to me by Bynine, FrostGull was a very good travelling member. In battles, it was mainly a back-up for Atheno, but nevertheless, he did hold his own against Drake.

Khan (Male Blaziken) @ Focus Band
-Bulk Up
-Double Kick

Types (*Not Soloed, Underlines are omitted): Dark, Normal, Bug, Water, Flying, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Electric, Dragon, Gym Leader, Rival, Champion, Fire, Ice

Comments: Given to me by Vikingraider, Khan was very powerful in the beginning, then went through a rough patch, & came out of it in time for the E4. He was the most powerful member on the team & the slowest. His positive performance in the E4 improved his valuableness.

Hirador (Female Absol) @ King's Rock
-Fire Blast

Comments: Given to me by Auramaster, I severely underestimaed this monster, a powerful member, also the only female on the team, Hirador didn't take long to prove herself as a powerhouse on the team. Her performance during the E4 was a little disappointing, but was a valuable member nonetheless.


Atheno (Male Gyarados) @ Quick Claw
-Fire Blast

Comments: Given to me by Athenodoros, He took a while to prove himself, it was until he got Thunder, Blizzard & Fire Blast that he rose to prominence, a dominant member through the E4, it is no surprise that this creature walked away with the MVP of this Scramble. Thank you Athenodoros.

And that concludes my Sapphire Scramble. Total Game Time is 22:04, and...yeah. So, what's next for Sapphire? A Sapphire Payback Scramble, which involves a Cheri Berry Zubat, a Cursing Shuppet among others...

Thanks for reading.
SO much hax! Ugh... I hate Togepi. I am trying to solo Candice with a level 51 Togepi and hax hates me so much. See I can get past the Sneasel and Abomasnow alright as long I get 1 boost against Sneasel and Fire Blast doesn`t miss against Abomasnow but I run into problems against Froslass. The thing is a +1 Fire Blast can`t OHKO Frossy even when it hits. So now I have to stall out its Blizzards which would be fine, except that IT CRITS ME EVERY SINGLE TIME! Seriously, its happened at least 8 times already. Not to mention the one time I face Piloswine first it crits me three times with Stone Edge without missing.

So yeah I just felt the need to rant about hax. Given that I`ve been going at it for about three hours I just need to see how long it`ll take in the end.

~ Texas


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@Chocolate-Kipp: Good luck on your mono-water scramble!

@Texas: Wide Lens might help? Other than that, A bit more grinding, maybe? A few levels can make the difference...

(Scramble Awards reminder goes here)

And now that I've completed my Sapphire Scramble, I am going to resume my other scrambles, starting with a bit of Heart Gold...
And the hax finally stops. So after not getting an Ancientpoer boost for 22 turns (0.7% chance) I finally get to fight Candice without hax and defeat the Froslass with a Fire Blast running on Dynamicpunch accuracy. So at level 52 I get a Togetic and at Victory Road I gte a Togekiss.


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That's the problem with in-cart: I am convinced that there is more hax against you and less for you than in the simulator (Seriously, though, what is it with PO? So much hax)
I completely agree. An example being that in every single cart game I have played from third gen on, Water Pulse seems to have a 60-75% chance of confusion. When I've used it? One confusion ever.

And crits. When you use them they either don't come or only come when the opponent is in the red zone.

It really sucks when you are doing a Nuzlocke though. During one or two runs, I actually instituted a crit-guard rule where if my mon was above half health and died to a crit then it could be revived in that battle.
On the contrary. The games have been hacked to pieces, if it was actually programmed to have more hax against you, we would know about it. RNG is just being a bitch, I'm afraid.
I've been pretty busy lately. So I haven't really got off to my 2nd Scramble, which is quite annoying, but I think I have more time lately, so I'm going to start my THIRD one. :D And let's hope I can get off to a better start.

The Original : Pokemon Red version!


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No connection, you get a Charmander! I'm giving you a Charmander, that will eventually have a moveset of Flamethrower, Earthquake, Body Slam, and Seismic Toss, and no evolution requirements! Pretty awesome, right? Well, to offset its awesomeness, it cannot learn any move beyond its first four moves unless it is one of the above moves. Furthermore, it cannot use these moves until it has them all. It must have this moveset prior to the Victory Road, or it cannot learn any other moves. Nickname: Lizardon


Charizard that must have Flamethrower, Earthquake, Body Slam, and Seismic Toss as its moveset.
Cannot learn any moves after it has Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen unless it is one of these four moves.
Can't use any of its final moves until it has them all.
Must have all moves by Victory Road, or it's stuck with the first four.
Nickname: Lizardon.


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On the contrary. The games have been hacked to pieces, if it was actually programmed to have more hax against you, we would know about it. RNG is just being a bitch, I'm afraid.
I have two words for you: Battle. Tower.

And we still don't know how it works.

EDIT: No Connection, you get a Snorlax. It must keep three of its moves from the moment you catch it.


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No Connection, Have fun on the Slot Machines, because I'm giving you a Porygon named 99994This?.
Only restriction is that it must be the highest leveled Pokemon at all times.
Have fun...Am I being a little bit mean?
@No Connection: You get a Clefairy named SuperStar (sorry about the third Normal type, but Fighting is crap in first Gen). In order to secure its SuperStar status, it may not evolve until it solos ten Hikers. It may not learn Metronome by level-up, because superstars have innate senses of time and do not need metronomes. (It may not evolve until it attempts to learn Metronome, at which point you must skip learning it.) Upon evolving, it finds that it is losing its sense of time and decides to learn Metronome. However, having forgone it already, you must give it the Metronome TM you get on Cinnabar Island. Your Clefairy never quite regains its composure as a Clefable, so, to help its self-esteem, you must teach it two moves with >100 base power and have it solo a Gym Leader Pokemon with just Metronome. Its fourth move must be status.

~Take a Clefairy named SuperStar.
~In order to evolve, it must solo ten Hikers and reach the level where it learns Metronome. It may not learn Metronome at this level.
~Upon evolving, you must teach it Metronome, 2 >100 base power moves, and one status move. (This must be its final moveset.)
~It must solo one Gym Leader Pokemon with just Metronome as a Clefable.


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Since this is my three hundredth post, you'll be getting a challenge based on the number three hundred. Also Known as...

Lolcat's Three Hundredth Post Challenge!!!
It's only fair that you start with a Pokemon with a base stat total of 300, which makes the list of available pokemon:


I will assume you cannot trade, so I will cut Geodude from that list. This makes the list of remaining Pokemon:


You can choose between these five challenges. You must choose one BEFORE starting your Scramble.

Pikachu- 300= 3*5*10*2. The 3 stands for three moveslots. Pikachu must only use three of his four moveslots. The 5 stands for five Gyms. You may not evolve until you have five Gym Badges. The 10 stands for ten Gym Pokemon. This Pikachu must solo ten Gym Trainers. The 2 stands for two different Gyms. Those ten Trainers you must solo have to be from only two different Gyms. You must be strategic in which Gyms you choose to solo Trainers in, as some Gyms only have four or five Trainers in them. The Gym Leader counts as a Trainer btw.

Sandshrew- 300= 40*15*1/2. The 40 stands for Level 40. Sandshrew must not evolve before Level forty. The 15 stands for fifteen Rocket Grunts. Sandshrew must solo fifteen Rocket Grunts. The 1/2 stands for 1/2 of its max HP. If Sandshrew goes below half its max HP, you must use a healing item on it.

Poliwag- 300= 1*300. The 1 stands for one Gym Leader. The 300 stands for the movie 300. In a salute to the movie 300, Poliwag must solo a Gym Leader that it is weak to. Either Lt. Surge or Erika. If it is a Poliwrath, then you could also so Sabrina.

Bellsprout. 300= 60*5. The 60 stands for moves with base power greater than 60. It may not use a move with power greater than 60. The 5 stands for 5 pokemon belonging to Elite Four Members. It must solo five pokemon belonging to Elite Four members.

Dratini- 300= 3*2*2*5*5. The 3 stands for Lance's three Dragons. It must solo all of them. The 2 stands for two non-attacking moves. It must have two non attacking moves at all times. The second 2 stands for 2 of Blaine's Pokemon. It must solo two of Blaine's Pokemon without using the move Surf. The 5 stands for 5 of your Rival's pokemon. It must solo 5 (aka all) of you Rival's Pokemon in the battle right after Giovanni. The last 5 stands for 5 of the Elite Four's pokemon. It must solo 5 E4 Pokemon NOT including Lance's Dragons (champion pokemon count too).

Choose one. Choose wisely.

Edit: You must also Luvdisc this thread. Well, I guess you don't HAVE to, but you should! That Battle Tower thread caught up to us in Luvdiscs!
@ NoConnection

Bring Omanyte.
Name it Fosuhlyze
It must solo Giovanni at his gym (you may evolve whenever) and may not be used against Bruno's Onix (either one)


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No Connection, Have fun on the Slot Machines, because I'm giving you a Porygon named 99994This?.
Only restriction is that it must be the highest leveled Pokemon at all times.
Have fun...Am I being a little bit mean?
You would be, except for the nugget bridge trick, which means that this becomes possible, if a bit dull to actually get.
Lol no natures in Red.

Take a Beedrill. Have it know Twinneedle and 1 Special Attack if it can learn any. Have it learn Agility. Solo 1 mon each from three E4/Champion members
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