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hey rodan.

take a shroomish named you have to make choice...
-First option you can evolve it whenever but you have to solo two of winona's pokemon,one of which is altaria...
-Second option to evolve it it must first learn growth through level up...
Take a Minun. In every double battle it must use Helping Hand on Plusle.

Solo one of Phoebe`s pokemon.

Quick, someone give him an Electrike and a Voltorb!
@rodan, your starter shall be a torchic named "Nugget". In order to be used in gym/E4 battles it must hold a nugget. Additionally, to evolve the first time it must solo 1 gym leader and to evolve the second must solo either 1 gym or 1 E4 member.
Good luck.
Rodan, your flier must be Pelipper. To know Surf, it must know Stockpile/Spit Up; otherwise, it must have Ice Beam and any other move. Have it solo 3 Gym Leader Pokemon only with Fly and 2 E4 Pokemon only with Stockpile/Spit Up. If you don't have Stockpile/Spit Up, then it must KO two E4 Pokemon that aren't weak to Ice Beam with it.

Take an Absol. It enjoys to Torment its foes with prophecies of doom, and Taunt them with their failures. It foresees the disasters that will occur with its Future Sight, and unleashes dread winds sharp as Razors.

In other words:
Take Absol
Moveset must be: Torment
Future Sight
Razor Wind.


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Holey crap I never knew Pokemon reached such high levels in solos.
Back at about page 50, Paradox808 did a solo run with a Togekiss on Platinum. His Pokemon was at Lv98 at the end of his run. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if my Pokemon was around that level by the end of this solo run, considering they have the same growth rate (800,000 at Lv100).

Also guys, remember to get your matches for the SPL 2 done soon.
Hey guys, sorry I disappeared in the middle of the SPL (which I assume is over now). I got swamped with work, then I got into Mass Effect and more Starcraft, so yeah... No time was spent on here.

If there are anymore matches in the SPL, I forfeit. Maybe I'll be able to do the next one.

Also, my scrambles are on hiatus as I am getting both Black version and Dragon Age 2 next weekend. They will be finished eventually, don't worry. In the mean time, I'll be doing a Nuzlocke challenge for a change of pace.
@dexington, the SPL2 isn't over yet, although we are nearing the end.

Anyways, reminder for everyone to post your nominations for the Scramble Awards in the group, we're nearing page 300 so if there's a challenge you think should win and it's not already nominated do it now!
Ok I said I was going to update Blue to atleast Brock last night (in my time zone), sorry I didn't do that, but now I will update up to Misty, which is even better :)

Note: Couldn't manage to solo Misty with a level 22 Nidorino, but managed to do it with a level 23, unfortunately no thrash for me, so I will have to rely on TM's now.

Also, I got a Charmeleon before I even started going through the forest, that's how long it took me to find a weedle and nidoran m.

1. Killah/Weedle - No non-attacking moves. Beat Rival's fire type once. Participate in battle against Blaine.
2. Spiralz/Charmander - Learn Fire Spin before Champion and use it to finish his last Pokemon.
3. Game Over/Nidoran M - No poison moves. Solo Misty to evolve. Evolve to Nidoking straight after. Lead in all E4 battles, if faints, restart E4.
4. Star/Staryu - Evolve by soloing a gym (not Brock or Blaine). Only learn STAB and ice beam.
5. Venonat - Must solo Giovanni at Silph Co.
6. Fairy/Clefairy - Evolve at lv.48. Must teach it every new move and get rid of the oldest.

Fairy - Clefairy - lv.19
57 - 28 - 24 - 20 - 33
Pound - Growl - Sing - Doubleslap
Evolve lv.48. Teach it every new move.

GAME OVER - Nidoran M - lv.23
62 - 41 - 27 - 38 - 28
Horn Attack - Tackle - Leer - Focus Energy
No poison moves. Lead in E4 battles, faint=restart E4

Spiralz - Charmeleon - lv.20
59 - 34 - 32 - 40 - 37
Ember - Scratch - Growl - Leer
Learn Fire Spin before Champ and solo his last Poke with it

Killah - Beedrill - lv.20
64 - 45 - 24 - 39 - 28
Fury Attack - Poison Sting - Twin-Needle - Focus Energy
No non-attacking moves. Solo Rival's fire type once. In battle against Blaine

So I just bet Misty.... yea...
Feedback on this update style please?

Edit: I've already pre-ordered Black but I'm tempted to pre-order White too. Thoughts anyone?
Edit: I've already pre-ordered Black but I'm tempted to pre-order White too. Thoughts anyone?
I wouldn't. No sense buying both games with the same storyline in the same generation (e.g. Diamond and Pearl, Gold and Silver, etc.). If they come out with Gray, or even R/S remakes, though, go for it.
@Assassinfred, since you didn't specify a difficulty, I'm just going to be a bitch.

Start with a Mudkip, nicknamed 'HM Kill'
Must Solo Roxanne, Brawley, Wiona (or whatever her name is) and Norman.
Can evolve to Marshtomp by doing 1 of 2 things:
1. After soloing Roxanne and Brawley.
2. By defeating 50 zigzagoons.
Can evolve to Swampert by doing 1 of 2 things:
1. Not teaching Swampert Surf or Muddy Water
2. You may only ever have one HM slave in your party at a time, but it can only know 1 HM move.

Edit: That's not actually that hard so I'm not really being a bitch...
@assassinfred, you get an aron named "SteelRocks". This aron thinks the steel type rocks! The only moves it's gonna use must be steel type (once it learns metal claw @lvl13), but once it evolves it notices there's really no point in only using steel moves, so give it some rock type moves too! Then it evolves again, and notices that both steel and rock hit ice for SE damage, so have it solo all ice types from now on! (unless it conflicts with another challenge).
Good luck.
@assassinfred, take a Cacnea named Spiky. It must know 2 Level up moves, 1 TM or HM move, and one Move Tutor move, or it cannot attack.
@assassin take an swablu, name Tralala. it must know and keep sing. every time you get to someplace where there is new music, you must send it to the front and encounter a pokemon and sing against it until it falls asleep (you may not switch/heal). evolve after you get to lilycove and defeat your rival (must do the sing thing as well)


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Pearl Warm Up Solo Run Update #5

Another update to my run...

The Initial Post
Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4

Maniac (Male Mismagius) @ Nothing
-Shadow Ball
Restriction: Misdreavus (Maniac): Must always have four moves of different types. Before the E4, must have learned moves of 10 different types. Battle at least one Pokemon of different types to evolve (Fire Blast)
Types of Moves Learned: Normal, Flying, Psychic, Electric, Ghost, Dark
Types of Pokemon Beaten: All 17 types.
  • Started somewhere after clearing Lake Verity. I then go to Wayward Cave to kill an innocent Gible to get the Dragon Type solo.
  • I then make my way to Snowpoint, getting the Ice Type solo & arriving Snowpoint.
  • Beat Candice fairly easily, & went to Lake Acuity to see that I was too late (again).
  • I go to the Galactic building in Veilstone.
  • What? Maniac is evolving!
  • Congratulations! Your Maniac evolved into MISMAGIUS!
  • Blitz through the Galactic building, with Maniac's new found strength too strong for the Galactic (BAN ME PLEASE).
  • Go up Mt. Coronet & cruise to Spear Pillar.
  • The battles up there were easy. Basically, Maniac (unsurprisingly) owned.
  • Caught Palkia with a Master Ball.
  • In Pastoria City at the moment, ready to go to Sunyshore City.

That's all. Next update after my final Rival battle. Shouldn't be hard...
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posting.
Been busy with school and such (senior research project is a bitch.)
I don't think I'll update until I finish the entire Scramble, since I mainly have to do a bunch of grinding and sweeping and all sorts of fun Kanto-y stuff.
hey guys in case anyone's wondering i have started my platinum was just going really slow due to a really hard week at school...
i will try to have the first update in the weekend...

furthermore, i will stop it for a while since i just got my white version and it is kinda addicting just like any new pokemon game...
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