Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Before Maylene:
- no fighting type moves
- can't battle fighting types

After Maylene:
If you win:
- must know 2+ fighting moves ASAP and always have 2+
- must solo Byron or Candace with only fighting type moves
- must solo Lucian's Medicham and Mr. Mime or Alakazam with just fighting type moves

If you fail:
- solo every fighting type
- refuses to learn any fighting type moves, EVER
- solo Fantina and Aaron

Good luck, and have fun!!!
dinosaurdan, you get Frontier the Shieldon.

Frontier likes to break the mould from other Shieldon. Therefore, it must know all attacking moves. However, to further itself away, it cannot learn Metal Burst or Counter. Frontier must solo a Gym Leader to Evolve.

Have fun.
Both are accepted!
dinosaurdan, take Arceus the Bidoof
Arceus thinks he is actually Arceus, so he overestimates himself. Arceus may not switch out against anyone with a higher level, must always hold a item, must know 2 moves of the same type, and must use his weakest move against all pokemon with a lower level.
hey guys, id like to do a scramble challenge for pokemon WHITE2 when it comes out :)
i would love a Pokemon team consisting of 6 members, I will take any pokemon of any generation although i would prefer a mixture of generations to spice things up! maximum three pokemon from one generation and three generations minimum

I will use these pokemon for competive battling in the UU tier afterwards
I will breed them on black/soul silver and send them over.
also since they will have a levelling advantage feel free to make the challenges quite difficult.

the only catch is two of my pokemon have been chosen, they are beldum and Mudkip both are adamant natured, and yes metagross isn't uu but he is one of my favourite pokemon.

Give me a challenge for those two pokemon as well!

So I can take any pokemon that is "viable" in uu, and yes feel free to give me interesting (gimmicky) pokemon.
a quick example is brave natured cubone! very viable in a trick room team and therefore viable in uu, his nature makes it harder in game though :)

so any pokemon "viable" in uu(do not have access to dream world ability's) with any restrictions on them as you like as long as it wont interfere with me making a competitive move set out of it!
for example metagross will have two level up moves in his final set, meteor mash and hammer arm, so I will wont to pick those up when i play through the game, but you can restrict me from using them or give me conditions on them, this means there are two other moves that you can force me too have in game.

remember its only the final out come of the pokemon that i will use in matches, so if you give me a pokemon I do not have to evolve it during the game (unless that will stop me learning moves).

why play through a game with with competitive pokemon?
because in a way it allows me to bond with those pokemon!

I hope all of this made sense to you!

feel free to make up it's final moveset for after i play through the game, can be from smogon, or one of your own!
and please give them all a nickname :D

nidoran (female)
tyrouge (hitmons)
ralts (if male will be gallade)
cubone (not brave nature have one of those :))

no OU/BL pokemon!
must be viable in the uu tier!
does not have to be a uu pokemon can be ru,nu...
must be fun!
pokemon will be bred on my black/soul silver cartridge

choice faces' trick room challange

'richter' the adamant beldum must solo both cheren and roxie and can evolove once he is succesful in this task! he must not learn new moves until driftveil, once at drfitveil he can learn any level up move he wants!
once he evolves into metagross he can learn any move he want

'Richter' must be switched into and fight all psychic, dragon, dark, legendary and psedu legendary pokemon (as long as this does not conflict with another challenge)

additionally he must solo iris' aggron with no healing items and solo any elite four member.

if metagross defeats a pokemon he must fight the next one immediately after, if the next pokemon is a psychic, dragon or dark pokemon he must defeat the one after this pokemon as well

You get Shinx!

Your challange depends on your pokemon type
This Shinx is swag, so swag in fact that he is known as ‘Dr.Swag’
Unfortunately for DR.Swag the ability swagger is a very long way away so he refuses to evolve until after he learns this attack!
Once he knows this attack to show off his swagness he must use swagger on all pokemon who are weak to electric type attacks before he attacks them
Of course once he learns this attack he can’t just evolve, no he must prove that he is the king of Swag!if shinx manages to solo any 2 gym leader pokemon (these pokemon must attack themselves in confusion at least once) he may evolve into Luxio!
But Dr.Swag knows he can only be king if he is a luxray! So to evolve he must defeat (not solo) volkners luxray by forcing him to knock himself out in confusion

This Shinx has grown up being very aggressive, in fact he was so aggressive that the only words he heard growing up were ‘stop and badboy bad’ because of this he is known as Shinx the ‘badboy’
Shinx’s reputation isn’t just a name either, he will bite! Crunch on! Dig his fangs into anything he can get his hands on! And refuses to attack in anyother way!
As Shinx grows older he begins to master being intimdating so he will learn how to roar!
Since Shinx is so tough, he refuses to evolve! Not until he uses all of roars pp in a solo battle against any gym trainers team.
Shinx may only know attacks that involve his teeth!
Additional based on abilitys!

if he knows intimidate

Because shinx knows he is the best he will intimidate any traininer pokemon who cant be switched out of battle (trainers last pokemon, only pokemon...etc) he will intimidate them using his ferocious roar and then proceed to bite them to death

if he knows rivalry

must never switch out against same gendered pokemon

This shinx is “unique” his friends called him ‘slowpoke’ at school and the name kinda stuck, the reason he was called slow poke is because he learnt very slow, unfortunately for you he still learns slow and in his own very “special way”
When ever shinx wants to learn a move you must flip a coin if heads he will not learn the move!
Additionally you must then roll a dice, if you roll 5 or 6 shinx will still not learn the move and you must give up learning the move, if you roll 1-4 you replace the move of that number with the move your trying to learn.
However shinx’s dream is to evolve as non of his friends have yet to evolve! Unfortunately for shinx he is slow at this as well.
Each time shinx wishes to evolve flip a coin twice, if you flip heads and then tails shinx may evolve, if you do not flip those coins in that order you must wait two more levels too evolve, then you repeat this process until you get those coin flips.
fortunately the evolution to luxray is less challenging as luxio has matured, when you are ready to evolve flip a coin if heads you will not evolve and must wait two turns, on your next evolution attempt you must roll a coin if the number is 4 or 5 you may evolve, after this you may attempt evolution every attempt but must roll the number 6 on your dice or else the evolution must be held of for one more level

this guy is a speed demon, he fast he like Usain Bolt only slower! He so fast he could run through a thunderstorm and not get wet! Of course my nana can walk through one and not get wet because it doesn’t have to rain in a thunder storm! He so fast that when he was born the head nurse got up and said leave this one alone because she knew right then and there that he was fast to the bone,
in fact he is so fast that in a race of him vs Pikachu they said pika who? Because thats how much faster he is. And that is how his name was created shinx the ‘pikawho’
Of course there is a down side to being this fast and that is arrogance, he is so arrogant that he will only use moves that sound fast!
TACKLE for high speed collision, Spark because he is fast like electricity baby and charge because he is charging his battery for high speed movement.
Our fast friend may only use these 3 attacks until he learns scary face!
Once he knows scary face whenever he vs a pokemon that is either electric, flying, dragon or psychic he must use scary face to ensure he out speeds them before he does battle!
Does it sounds like he needs to grow up and mature a little? Well once he evolves he agrees with you and is willing to forget tackle.
But to evolve he must solo all the traininers of any gym with only the move tackle, if he successfully does that he may evolve and forget tackle to learn any other move, if he is unsuccessful he may still evolve but must keep tackle.
To evolve into luxray he must solo either byrons steelix or bastiodon
If he is successful in this he may forget tackle if he didn’t in the previous challenge and also forget spark when he wants to.
Luxray can forget scaryface if he manages to get volkners raichu to minus 6 without the usage of items, if not then he may not forget scary face! Luxray may never forget charge as he needs to be reminded of his once immature ways.

This shinx cares about the team, after all he is a tank and what are they for?
To help his team he will always have two supporting moves known, and if a pokemon on his team drops into the red health region he must be switched in and use one of his support moves before attacking.
He may evolve when ever he likes unless he knows swagger, if he knows swagger he must not evolve until level 40.Also if he decides to learn scary face he must not evolve until level 43, he is not allowed to learn this move if he is already a luxray.
Because of his loving nature he has a reputation of mothering and so you named him 'mumdog

This is based on abilitys and genders

if the ability is rivalry and he is a male

Shinx has a great rivalry with the luxray at volkners gym so great that he prefers to be called ‘flintray’, until you get to this gym shinx must always be your pokemon teams highest level pokemon, if he is not, he must be first in your party slot, until he is one level ahead of the next highest, being the same level is ok until he falls behind a pokemon then he must be first in your team until he is ahead! if you manage to solo volkners team (1 item max) there is no restriction on 'Flintray' if you fail to solo Volkner your 'Flintray' must train! he must be the pokemon in your first slot through out the entire elitefour and victory road!

if the ability is rivalry and she is a female

Shinx is scared of male pokemon because of that once she learns the move roar, she must roar away any male pokemon she encounters!
Because of her tendency to scare men away she is known as ’cougar'

if the ability is intimidate and your shinx is a male

Whenever a pokemon that is considered a physical pokemon (your judgement) has a type advantage against your current pokemon ‘saiyaman’ the shinx “defender of justice” must switch in to reduce the opponents physical attack stat.
Shinx has no wishes of ever evolving unless...
If shinx is knocked out at a gym due to switching in on a ground type pokemon that knocks it out, he will be motivated to become stronger, as he does not want to be knocked out again he knows he needs to be stronger he will be willing to evolves, to evolve into luxray the same thing must happen when luxio is switched in against a ground pokemon at a gym.

if the ability is intimidate and your shinx is a female

this shinx isn't very intimidating for a pokemon with intimidate, in fact it is so unscary that if you catch it you are to box it and go catch a budew instead. you will name this shinx 'loldog'

Budew only if required
after capturing the failure that was shinx you eagerly anticipate catching a budew! you heard that it was a very strong grass pokemon with a large and expansive move pool, as you know of it's very large move pool your budew may only ever know 2 grass moves, however since you replaced a "defensive" shinx with this budew it must know leech seed and is not allowed to forget this move.

to evolve it into a roserade, you must solo any two gym leaders pokemon (must be same gymleader) of your choice using only passive damage! other wise your pokemon must remain a roselia.

as budew has all of its own ways of healing you must never use healing items on it in battle.

if budew does not evolve before level 16 then your final moveset must have two other healing moves as your pokemon is disappointed that it was unable to learn leech seed

budew shall be named 'tinkerbell'
A Birthday Wonder Room!

articless, today is my birthday, so instead of the Trick Room, you get the Wonder Room! Welcome to the Wonder Room! You don't care how much sense it makes because it just seems like it gives the best bonuses! But, with every plus, there must be an equal minus!
You must pick Richter, the Beldum. Richter was raised by snobby parents, so he thinks Metagross are the best pseudo-legendary, even though that title belongs to Salamence. Richter may NEVER use items in battle (hold, or otherwise,) and must always switch into a psychic, dragon, or dark type Pokemon, unless another user makes you solo the fight it is in with another pokemon. Anywho, Richter is Adamant, and he follows his belief of proving that Beldums and family are the best, so he goes, and solos Cheren and Roxie,. Unfortunately, he hit his head against Roxie's last Pokemon too hard, and he gained amnesia (not the move mind you.) So with his amnesia, came a sudden change. The ability to evolve. After evolving into Metang, he still thinks he's a Beldum, so he cannot learn any new moves until Driftveil City, where once he witnesses the beauty of the gym, so he comes to his senses. He can now learn any move Metang can learn via level up, but no TM's!
(Now, it's time for a choose your own path!)
Path A: Greed
Richter realizes he must continue to prove his superiority, so he fights to show his power!
Challenge: Must fight Iris' Aggron with no healing items, to show who's really the best steel type. He must also show off by soloing another elite four member.
Perk-Greedy Soul: Once he evolves into Metagross, he can equip any item, and he can learn any move, be it level up, or TH/HM, and he can use one item per two battles (in-battle)
Downside- Arrogant: If he defeats a Pokemon, he must fight the next one immediately after without any items or switching. If it is the type listed above that he must switch into, he must fight the next Pokemon after that.

Path B: Justice
Richter realizes that he shouldn't have been so arrogant, so he fights to help better other Pokemon so they don't become like him.
Challenge: Must solo any of Iris' pokemon.
Perk: Just: Once Richter evolves into Metagross, he can use status removing items in battle, and can switch into any Pokemon he pleases except dark types (because they are mean[unless it's a Houndour/doom].) He may also learn tutored moves.
Downside- Overzealous: He must still switch into dark types, and if another pokemon has a status condition, he must switch in, take a hit to heal the pokemon, and then fight (Does not apply for pokemon doing solos)

Path C: Neutral
Richter realizes his power as just an individual pokemon.
Challenge: Solo an elite four member to prove his individual growth.
Perk-Normality: He can now use hold items, and HM's, and doesn't have to switch in on Dark, or Psychic types.
Downside-Nothing Special: Cannot learn any moves not via level up(besides HM's), and must still adhere to all of the above rules, except for the type switch in exceptions listed above.
thanks choiceface!
Ritcher the beldum will be primed and ready :)
you ok if i add one thing to your challenge? which is since he thinks he is the greatest psedu legendary ever he must attempt to solo all legendares and psedus he comes across in the game this includes there evolution lines :)
I really want people to vote for my HeartGold Monotype Scramble's type. I have it down to these types:
Poison (3 votes)
Ice (0 votes)
Psychic (0 votes)
Ground (1 votes)
Grass (1 votes)
Dark (2 votes)
Normal (4 votes)
Steel (0 votes)

EVERYBODY VOTE!!! I'm gonna keep this poll until I have enough votes, or it just seems like no one cares anymore (roughly 1-2 weeks). I might have a 2nd voting round if it comes down to 1 or 2 votes , or if it's even in the voting between 2 or more types.

P.S. That really big text was just to get people's attention.


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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I vote.... Poison just because. Honestly I don't care very much because it's your scramble. maybe Poison will produce some interesting updates though, and I suppose that could be worth it.
I would like a Pokemon Emerald challange to start my first Scramble Challange. Make it medium difficulty. No trading.

Other rules:

No profane nicknames.
I would like a Psychic-type.
I would also like a Ludicolo.
I will use my starter.
Nothing too repetitive.

As for Espeon65, I vote for Grass.
i would like to reserve a grass type for Jirachi.

jirachi, take Rarity the Cacnea. This Cacnea believes that it is the only Cacnea remaining alive on the planet, and so must have Nuzlocke-style restrictions. I will go easy a little bit, though. Cacnea only has 3 lives. each life is one KO, and when all three are gone, death...

Cacnea also believes it is the only grass-type. When it learns that there are other grass types, it becomes infuriated and must solo them all. he must be the greatest grass type to ever live. And, since grass types are weak to flying, he wants to help out in Fortree Gym. I would have you solo it, but that would be amazingly hard. So, you must solo two trainers in there and one of Winona's pokemon. The Nuzlocke restrictions are washed completely away for this challenge. if he has 2 KO's before this gym, and gets KO'd five timeas inside, it still counts as 2. Once he does this, he can evolve into Cacturne. he must solo Sidney's cacturne to prove that he's the best Cacturne. The above is only for if he should live the whole time.

Now, here's for the fun part (my definition and yours are probably different): If Cacnea should happen to die, he must be renamed Death. He must now only use dark-type moves. This means only Faint Attack, so you might want to max out Faint Attack's PP. He must solo two of Sidney's pokemon to prove he's the best dark-type user.

Jirachi, take Kentucky the Torchic.
Kentucky is scared of being eaten, and so must solo all fat pokemon and Wattson.
Kentucky cannot use fire type moves because he might burn a helpless plant or animal and fry them.
Lastly, Kentucky must douse himself in water daily to stop his fire from frying himself. This means he must throw away 5 of the highest kind of potion you have access to in order to use a PC. (both meanings)

Makuhita line, Spheal line, Shroomish, Ludicolo, Slaking, Marill, Azumarill, Gulpin line, Wailmer line, Numel line, Muk, Spoink line, Altaria, Igglypuff line, and Lanturn are the Emerald pokemon I consider fat. If solos conflict, ignore this part of the challenge.


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Jirachi6, take a Ralts and name it Block. Block has a psychic block preventing it from accessing its full psychic powers. This block is removed by anger, allowing it full access to its psychic powers.

What this means is that it can't use special moves above 50 BP unless its anger point is activated. The anger point is activated by being statused, hit by a cirt, dropping below half health or by being hit by a super-effective attack, and remains activated until the end of the battle when this happens. If the condition that activated her anger point persists after battle, it must be cured before the next battle. When the anger point is not activated, Confusion is treated as if it has a 2 turn recharge preiod, meaning that if you use it your first turn you'd have to wait til your fourth turn to use it again.

Block can overcome its mental block only by beating Juan in a 1 on 1 battle of wills. However Blocks' anger problem remains, and when her anger point is activated after that solo she flies into a blind rage and can only use her most powerful moves.

-Ralts named Block
-Block cannot use special moves above 50BP unless anger point is activated.
-Block's anger point is activated when she is hit by a crit, is below half health, is statused, or is hit by a super-effective attack.
-If the effect that causes her anger point to activate persists after battle, it must be cured before the next battle.
-Confusion is a special case and has a two turn recharge time after being used.
-Block can overcome her block by soloing Juan
-After this, her Anger Point being activated locks her into her most powerful move.

Good luck!


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Jirachi6 gets Flapper the Zubat.

Flapper is, well, a Cheri Berry Zubat. So, it must hold a Cheri Berry to fight. If it loses it mid-battle, you must switch it out. No exceptions. Flapper must solo Wattson on the first try in order to evolve past Golbat (i.e. If you fail, you can still evolve into Golbat, but you cannot evolve into Crobat).

Have fun.
Reserving for articless.

EDIT: Take Electro the Magnemite.

It must solo every Steel-type in-game unless this interferes with another solo.
Evolve once after soloing Clay.
Evolve again after soloing 50 more Steels.
It has a burning hate for Lucario: it must solo every single Riolu. Once you become a Magnezone, solo 50 Riolu in order to try to eradicate them.
Solo Kyurem-W.


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As requested on IRC...

Level 51 gets Obscure the Reuniclus.

Obscure may not use any moves mentioned in the on-site OU Analysis Movesets: "Offensive Trick Room", "Calm Mind", & "Trick".

This means Obscure may not use Trick Room, Psychic, Psyshock, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Recover, & Trick.

Have fun.
Its_A_Random, I don't know what to do with the Zubat before I have a Cheri Berry to equip on it. Am I unable to battle with it before I obtain the Cheri Berry or is the restriction in place only if I have the Cheri Berry?


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Its_A_Random, I don't know what to do with the Zubat before I have a Cheri Berry to equip on it. Am I unable to battle with it before I obtain the Cheri Berry or is the restriction in place only if I have the Cheri Berry?
"Flapper is, well, a Cheri Berry Zubat. So, it must hold a Cheri Berry to fight. If it loses it mid-battle, you must switch it out. No exceptions. Flapper must solo Wattson on the first try in order to evolve past Golbat (i.e. If you fail, you can still evolve into Golbat, but you cannot evolve into Crobat)."

Basically, it cannot fight unless it holds a Cheri Berry. Hope this helps.

Level 51

Do you see what I see?
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My Super Weird BW OU Scramble is up!

In an effort to have more completed/ongoing Scrambles than abandoned ones, I'm starting a Scramble of BW OU.
Give me 6 Pokemon, I'll get on PS! (under an alt of course) and ladder with it.
Idea shamelessly stolen from EndQuote

Take a Volcarona and name her Firefly.
Her only restriction is that nowhere on your team can you have the move Rapid Spin.
Good luck!
Take Frosty the Kyreum. You must use a Hail set with Blizzard and Roost. Cannot use Draco Meteor.
Level 51, I will give you a challenge, pertaining to that Hail, if you're willing to accept. Your team must include an Abomasnow named Yeti that cannot use Wood Hammer.

Level 51, use a Breloom nicknamed Lepidella. It can never use physical moves.

Level 51, take Grumpy the Grumpig. Grumpy can never use the same move twice, as he/she is very grumpy and can't focus on one thing.

As requested on IRC...
Level 51 gets Obscure the Reuniclus.
Obscure may not use any moves mentioned in the on-site OU Analysis Movesets: "Offensive Trick Room", "Calm Mind", & "Trick".
This means Obscure may not use Trick Room, Psychic, Psyshock, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind, Recover, & Trick.
Have fun.
Don't Ask
W/L/T : 0/0/0
Rating: 1000

None yet!
None yet!

Frosty (Kyurem) @ Leftovers
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 252 SDef / 252 HP / 4 SAtk
Calm Nature
- Hail
- Blizzard
- Earth Power
- Roost

Yeti (Abomasnow) @ Leftovers
Trait: Snow Warning
EVs: 252 SDef / 252 HP / 4 Atk
Careful Nature
- Leech Seed
- Earthquake
- Bullet Seed
- Protect

Firefly (Volcarona) @ Leftovers
Trait: Flame Body
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 SAtk / 4 Def
Timid Nature
- Fiery Dance
- Bug Buzz
- Hurricane
- Quiver Dance

Lepidella (Breloom) @ Toxic Orb
Trait: Poison Heal
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Modest Nature
- Leech Seed
- Giga Drain
- Focus Blast
- Hidden Power [Ice]

Grumpy (Grumpig) @ Leftovers
Trait: Thick Fat
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 HP / 4 Def
Modest Nature
- Calm Mind
- Psychic
- Shadow Ball
- Thunder Wave

Obscure (Reuniclus) @ Leftovers
Trait: Magic Guard
EVs: 252 SAtk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Modest Nature
- Future Sight
- Flash Cannon
- Acid Armor
- Protect

E: lol, Post #5999 in this thread. Silly EndQuote, wasting the 6000th :P
Out of curiosity, what sets are you using for Reuniclus and no-physical Breloom?
Also, I'll take you on with my old Scramble OU team (My alt is Balrog1 on Showdown)

EDIT: Oh snap he got wrecked

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