Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

I have a question: I'm planning on making it so that my starter is a hacked mon. It should be legitimately obtainable in-game (no mons at levels they shouldn't be, no illegal moves, etc.). My entire post will be about giving me weird mons and giving the first person to answer the possibility of giving me an otherwise unobtainable mon.
It's been over half a week and there's been no reaction, so I'll just post it here. If hacking my starter to be a legal mon's not allowed, just say so and continue normally.

I want the most out there and creative Scramblemons. I'm playing White 2 and I can hack my starter to be anything. I only want anything that you can legally obtain at level 5. This includes Egg Moves, Tutor moves, moves from past Gens, etc. but not unavailable stuff like a level 5 Hydreigon.
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I'm thinking of doing a Platinum scramble, no trades, fairly difficult run. 7 pokemon (I'll try to switch the team around every once in a while), at least one that remains not fully evolved, and at least one type crossover on my team, weird or silly traits welcome. Thanks!

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