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Chapter 11 of my Hard Black Scramble is up!
If you want to read about grinding, annoying trainers and embarassing failures, then this is the chapter for you! Though I suspect most of you will only be interested in that last bit...
This thread is dying.



Once again, I don't want to make anybody go through 1,000,000 links to get to it, so here it is...

“Swablu. Are you awake?”

“Yes, Grovyle, I am. What do you need?”

“I want to know one thing: when I got hit with the last one of those blasts, why were you crying?”

“I was afraid for you. You have to understand, when one of us got hurt...we didn’t have any way to help them get better. They either recovered or they didn’t, and we had no way to help. So...I was afraid you might die.”

“One of the perks of being with a trainer is that you get medical treatment. I thought you knew.”

“I do know, it’s just that...well...I really quite like you. And I guess...I was afraid of losing you.”


One week later
Littleroot Town

“Ashe, can you hit the snooze button?”

“Sorry, Master. She says no.” I don’t even know how Spoink slept while bouncing up and down. Maybe she doesn’t sleep at all.


“Fine, fine, I’ll get it.”

My mom opened the door a few seconds after I woozily pressed the snooze button. “Skarm, if you want to be up in time to ride with your dad to Petalburg, you need to get out of bed right now.”

“ I have to?”

“You could walk or ride your bike instead.”

“Alright, alright, I’m going...” I withdrew all my pokemon and hopped out of bed.

Dad yelled up the stairs, “Hurry up, Skarm!”

“So, wait, Dad...why are we fighting again? I checked the numbers, and I’m already qualified to fight in the League Qualifiers in the fall. I don’t need to fight you or any more gyms, for that matter.”

“Skarm, not fighting more gyms could work out for you, but I don’t recommend it. That’s the route your mother took, and she paid for it.”

“What happened to her?” Dad swung the wheel and pulled onto the freeway, probably hitting the gas harder then he should have. “Dad?”

“You probably know that there are two ways to compete in the League championships as a newcomer. There’s Gym Circuit entry, which you’re doing, and-”

“There’s At-Large spots, I know.”

“Right. Every trainer in the top 10 spots of the League trainer rankings can compete in the qualifying tournament to try to earn a spot in the official tournament. Your mother was the top ranked Trainer in Kanto back when she was your age, and she was an amazing battler and tactician. But she decided to stop fighting gyms, thinking that when she got to the qualifiers her experience would give her an advantage over the top 10 ranked trainers.”

“Let me guess: it didn’t work.”

“If you’re not fighting gyms, your strategies are different. Your mother had a team built to defeat gyms-a lot of different pokemon, all with their own strengths and weaknesses, very much like you do. But when you’re fighting a lot of small battles instead of a few big ones, it’s more important to just have a few extremely powerful pokemon then a well balanced team.”

“They caught her by surprise in the tournament. She was unprepared, especially since she didn’t have the advantage of film like you get in the main tournament. And she ran up against a trainer named Red.”

“RED? She fought against Red back in his glory days?”

“Yes. He and his Pikachu destroyed her. Most of her pokemon were killed in the battle.:

“It’s not exactly fair to blame that on was only RED, the greatest trainer of all time, Dad!”

“Yes, but still, that’s why the Gym Circuit is so important. Because if you don’t do the gym circuit, and you decide to do the ranked battles instead, you’re rolling the dice when you get to the qualifiers. Who knows, you could be up against the next Red. Better to just beat all 8 gyms and get a guaranteed spot in the tournament.”

11:00 AM
Petalburg Gym

“We’re here at the Petalburg Gym, waiting for Skarm to enter the Arena. This will be an unprecedented FIFTH gym battle since he started his training career only a few weeks ago, an incredible feat for a new trainer, and one that’s never happened before in League history. Norman, what do you think of your son’s accomplishments?” Drayden

“Well, he’s an exceptional trainer, no doubt about that. I guess I’m not--”

“There is some doubt, about that, actually. Some league officials believe that you have been illegally assisting Skarm by giving him inside information.” Gary Oak said smugly.

“Gary, I know you say that every time Skarm comes up, but that’s simply not true. And I think it’s unfair and flat out disrespectful for you to keep repeating allegations that by now have been proven false.”

“They haven’t been proven false, though.” It seemed like Gary got even smugger while Dad talked. “Sure, there might not be any proof yet other then circumstantial evidence, but you’re the only person who’s gone on the record saying that Skarm isn’t cheating. And you’re his dad, so for all we know---”

“Enough. If you think Skarm’s a cheater, I think you’re going to have a surprise coming for you today. Because he taught himself everything he knows. And I know a lot more then him.”

“Alright, Norman, calm down. We’ll be back after a commercial break with Skarm’s battle against Norman.”

The elevator doors up to the arena opened, and I withdrew my pokemon and stepped in. On the way up, I heard soft, rolling music by ZZ Hitmontop, which made me grin for only a second before I focused back in. Then the doors opened to a roaring crowd that filled the entire stadium.

Dad was always a fan of old fashioned battling, and I knew his arena was the same way. Just a plain dirt floor, with no fancy platforms to protect the trainers. Oh, and the roaring crowds who probably aren’t my biggest fans.

The square on the ground, painted on in white, is all I have to protect me. Not that my dad is really all that known for flashy fireballs or lightning bolts. He’s always been a very conservative battler-he doesn’t do anything fancy, he won’t trick you or catch you with something you never expected. He wants to win in the simplest way possible; with an almost clinical combination of precision and brute force. And with luck, I’ll be able to use that to my advantage.

“Skarm. Are you ready?”

“I was born ready.”

“Very well. You remember the rules, right son?”

“I get to choose two of yours for you to use, you get to choose two of mine for me to use, and we each get to choose one of our own.”

“Correct. Do you need a list?”

“No. I’d like you to use both Slakings.”

“Okay...You’re going to use your Swellow and your Spoink.”

Those were interesting choices. Of all the pokemon he could have chosen, why one that could fly out of his Slaking’s reach, or one that could control its mind? It made no sense for him to choose them when he could have chosen Ashe or the slow glider Swablu.

“The competitors have 5 minutes to plan strategy before the battle commences.”

Soda and Spoink appeared in twin flashes of red light, along with Aron. “So, Dad chose you two to fight, and Aron, you were my choice. He’s going to have two Slakings, and this Vigoroth he’s been using every battle. Now, the Slakings are slow and lazy, and you guys know what we do to slow, right?”

Bounce circles around them, right, Master?

“You got it, Spoink. Now, Soda, you’re going first. I know once you get on a roll you’ll destroy them.”

“The battle will now commence. Challenger, send out your first pokemon.”

Soda and Dad’s Slaking stared each other down from across the room. It didn’t last long before Soda took flight around room, searching for an opening. Slaking sat still, because Slakings are lazy assholes who only really do anything when they mate. Soon enough, Soda was a whirlwind of activity, racing around the room at blinding speed and leaving deep, bloody cuts in Slaking’s coat.

Slaking suddenly punched its hand into the ground. It ripped a large chunk of the hard packed ground out, and threw it at a seemingly random spot in the air.

Of course, it didn’t seem so random when I heard a thunk, and then saw Soda’s limp body hit the ground at high speed.

“Holy shit...Wake up, Soda!”

“He’s not lazy. He’s just waiting for the right time to strike.”


“Swellow is still able to battle. Continue, challanger.”


Present Time
Petalburg Gym Arena

I couldn’t believe it. How did he hit me like that, when I was moving that fast? The rock was like whatever Skarm called a fastball, and he hit me right in the wing joint.

I couldn’t even process it. I still can’t, now that I’m on the ground, my right wing bent at an awkward angle.

I know that I need to move and get up before Slaking gets over here. But it’s alright. I can take my time.

Can’t I?



“Return to your platform, challenger.”


“Return to your platform, or you will be disqualified.”

“Calm down, Skarm. Injuries are part of battle.”

“Soda! You have to move! Come back to the platform so I can take a look at you!” As soon as the words left my mouth, Slaking climbed off his lazy ass onto all fours and loped towards Soda. Suddenly, time slowed down, and I heard Spoink’s voice echoing through my head.

He can’t move quickly enough. His wing’s dislocated.

“Spoink, what do we do then?”

Recall him with the pokeball, and send me out in his place.

“Spoink, if I do that, he’ll get a free attack on you. Are you sure you can take it?”

I can see a little bit ahead. I think I can dodge it.

“Okay then...” I yanked Soda’s poke ball from my belt. “Soda, return!”

I returned Soda and sent out Spoink. Slaking lifted up its arms to smash the spot where Spoink was just standing, and barely missed when Spoink bounced out of the way. And then the fatass just laid down again.

“I think your pokemon have some motivation problems.” As I said this, I saw the rock that Slaking threw at Soda lift into the air by its own accord, and then embed itself in Slaking’s eye. Blood poured out onto the ground, puddling around Slaking’s spasming body, until it stopped moving.

“Slaking is unable to battle. Both sides have two minutes to plan before the next pokemon are sent out.”

Are we planning, Master?

“No, but come over here anyways. I need your help for a second.” Spoink bounced over to me, looking eager like she always did. “Help me fix Soda’s wing.”

Master, I don’t know how...but I think Swellow does.

“Why didn’t Soda do it himself then?”

He knows HOW to fix it. But someone with hands has to do it for him.

“Ok...can you tell me what he’s thinking?” we go.

Skarm....where’s my Sprite?

“I’ve got one right here for you, you did great. Just give me a second. Tell me what I need to do to fix your wing. Spoink will talk for you.”

Ok...this is going to hurt like a bitch I don’t want to maybe they could put me out for it i--

Swellow. Focus.

Right, right. Reach over the top of my right wing and grab as close to the joint as you can.

“Right here?”

Yes. Now put your other hand on the other side of my body directly across from the joint and push towards each other.

“Okay, here we go. One...two...three!” Soda grunted as I began squeezing.

“Thirty seconds left, trainers!”

Aim a little higher...too high, a little down...You found the joint, you’ve got to twist it in asdof[jfnavonvn[qnwnfqnwncvnvjkladnsfpqnjvlsjnvaahahhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


It’s in. I’ve got to go fight now, so cheer me on!

“Alright Spoink, time to go. Soda, stay here for a bit, stretch out that wing. I might have to put you back in the fight.”

Spoink bounced merrily back onto the battlefield, where Dad’s second Slaking awaited her.

Slaking began to move towards her, and then it froze mid stride. Spoink was obviously doing some work inside its head.

The voice was just a whisper, but it grew louder and louder.


Slaking snapped Spoink’s mental link, and closed the gap. It grabbed Spoink in a massive fist easily, even as she tried to bounce away.


Slaking held Spoink’s body in one hand and her spring in the other.

Then he pulled them apart, and dropped Spoink’s body on the ground. The crowd roared with satisfaction, or anger, or I don’t know what.

The world slowed down. I could see what was left of her spring attached to the bottom of her body, snapping in and out, struggling to bounce. Her breathing became short and labored.

“Spoink is unable to battle. Both sides have two minutes to plan until the next pokemon is sent out.”

“Spoink!” I rushed over to her limp body, rules be damned.

You can’t help. It’s over for me.

“NO! I won’t let it!” I picked her up and started slamming her body into my chest, trying to simulate a bouncing motion.

A noble effort. But one that is wasted.

“If we can just keep you alive...until you’ll be fine.” The process was exhausting me already, and I wondered how much longer I could keep her alive by myself.

No, I won’t. I won’t evolve without being able to battle. So this is the end of the road for us, Master.

“ can’t give up! I can save you, everything will be alright1”

Only if you let go and finish the battle.

“I won’t.”


I felt it in my head, an irresistable urge. I had to...set her down....

read the pokedex entries from in game

So yeah, another wall of text here. I just wanted this one to be done so I could get into the episodes I actually wanted to write. Namely, every episode between the Weather Institute and the end of the Team Magma arc. Instead of huge twists/major deaths/big events coming once every few episodes, expect them to come in every episode.

This episode is where shit gets real.

Next episode is where Skarm has lady problems.

And the episode after that...I'll keep that under wraps for now.

EDIT: Fixed all the bold, italics, and underlined stuff that didn't transfer over from Google Drive >_>

Great job shinyskarm, and you too Jimera (although that route is so fucking easy... yay for fails?). Anyways, SHAMELESS PROMOTION OF MY SCRAMBLES!

I still need one more Pokemon for my Red Scramble and 2 for my PMD Scramble. Rules for both are here, the 5 pokes I already got for Red are here, and the PMD challenges are... uh... here now.

Waterwarrior, I remember you! You get a Pikachu named Sparky for both games. It must know Thunderbolt ASAP. (For Red, it's the TM you get after beating Surge. It must solo him. For MD-Blue, it's a level-up move that must be learned before Magma Cavern. It must use Thunderbolt at least once each on Groudon and Rayquaza.) Good Luck!
waterwarrior, your partner in PMD will be a Charmander nicknamed Carnivore. As its nickname implies, Carnivore loves meat, and as such refuses to eat/use any Berries, Gummies, or Seeds. If Carnivore eats one of said items, it must forget the move it used most recently prior to eating that item (in the event of Carnivore somehow eating a Berry, Gummi, or Seed before using any moves whatsoever, choose the one it most recently learned). Above all else, Carnivore's favorite kind of meat is of the avian variety, and as such, whenever you encounter a Flying-type, you must let Carnivore solo it (the sole exception to this rule is when you're in Sky Tower, and that's because of how many Flying-types there are in that dungeon), and when fighting a boss who's Flying-type (with the exception of Rayquaza, because it's not a bird), Carnivore must finish it off.

By the way, if you (the main character) aren't a Grass-type, part of Carnivore will be constantly tempted to kill you in your sleep and eat your corpse, due to its lust for meat, but another part of it doesn't want to kill you because it would be lonely without you, so to make things work out, Carnivore is able to stay near you in Pokemon Square, due to the fact that it's in public, but in dungeons, Carnivore's tactics must be set to "Go after foes" (which must be changed to "Go the other way" when you unlock it) and cannot be less than 3 spaces from you once you split up (don't use diagonals when counting spaces). Makuhita's Dojo does not count as a dungeon for the purposes of this restriction.

Have as much fun as you can!

Carnivore the Charmander must be your partner
If Carnivore eats a Berry, Gummi, or Seed, it must forget the move it most recently used ASAP
Carnivore must solo every non-boss Flying-type it encounters (Sky Tower is exempt from this restriction, as it would be almost impossible otherwise)
Carnivore must land the finishing blow on every Flying-type boss (Rayquaza is the sole exception to this)
If you're not a Grass-type, Carnivore's tactics must be set to "Go after foes" (and later "Go the other way"), and once you split up in a dungeon, you may not be within 3 non-diagonal spaces of each other.
Okay I'm not to sure if I'm doing this right but... I'd like a Heart Gold challenge with medium difficulty.

(I am aloud to trade)

(I want my Pokemon to hate me at the beginning but slowly bond with me as the story progresses) The two Sinnoh Pokemon do not hate me.

(I was also originally from the Sinnoh Region and I have brought two Pokemon over with me)

(One Flyer)

@Its_A_Random Is this what you would like me to do?
Take Perfume the Stunky. Level 5 at the first town. Perfume was the first pokemon you ever caught, and it thinks it is your favorite. It thinks it can spray Perfume, so learn all moves that could be expelled from its butt ASAP. (e.g. fire Blast, Acid Spray, Explosion etc) and may not use any other move until in red health. It also must always catry an item and have the highest level in your party.
Reserving a Sinnoh pokemon for Cheeser!


Cheeser, I grant you Kite the Mantyke. You saved Kite from an angry Tentacruel attack on route 223 in the Sinnoh region. After treating it's poison condition, Kite decided to follow you on your adventure to the Johto region. Kite's sole propose is to repay the life debt you have bestowed upon him(her) by pleasing and serving you. Therefore he(she) must learn and keep one HM move of your choosing. All though Kite works hard for you, he(she) also likes to have fun and act like an actual kite. The faster you run, the higher the kite goes. That's why Kite is all about speed. Kite has to be faster than all his opponents or else he'll (she'll) get jealous. Start out with a non damaging move when facing a new Pokemon to check if Kite outspends them or not. If not, use Agility until Kite is faster. We all know it's dangerous to fly a kite in weather conditions, that's why Kite refuses to participate in any battles where there is a weather effect in play. ( Sun, Rain, Hail, Sandstorm) To overcome his (her) fear of weather, Kite must solo Jasmine's Steelix, the one that uses Sandstorm frequently. If Kite fails to solo Steelix, then he (she) may still not participate in battle during weather conditions. Weather isn't Kite's only fear though. After that treachorous incident with the Tentacruel, Kite is afraid of poison types. Kite may never battle any Tentacruels or cools. Also, Kite can only battle trainer owned poison types. To overcome this fear, Kite must be poisoned at least 10 times, that way, he (she) can realize it's not that scary to get poisoned once in a while.

Sum it up:
Get a Mantyke A.S.A.P.
Name it Kite (or whatever you want, it's you game)
Kite must learn:
one HM, your choice
one non-damaging move that must always be used before battling another Pokemon, your choice
Agility which is learned at level 19 (this an count for your non damaging move if you want.
Kite must:
Start out with a non damaging move when battle Pokemon
Never battle during a weather condition (unless you solo Jasmine's Steelix)
Never fight wild poison types, only trainer owned (unless you get poisoned 10 times)
Never fight Tentracruels or cools, EVER!

That's it, have fun and good luck.
Welcome aboard, cheeser. One of your traded Pokémon must be a Pikachu with its Light Ball and no restrictions on top of it, only solos. It must solo at least four entire gyms, including the leaders, at least one of which must be in Johto, and at least one of which must be in Kanto. It must also solo at least four Pokémon in the league, including at least one of Lance's, and must lead against Red and solo his own Pikachu, and later another of his Pokémon. (I'm assuming that the Pikachu came from Sinnoh because they are found wild in the trophy garden, and a few of them are holding their Light Balls. You may reject only if this is not the case.)
@cheeser take Kind the Umbreon (he still hates you;just for challenge purposes his name is Kind). Kind hates the stereotypes that all dark types are so evil and mean, when in fact, he is very nice to all pokemon. he refuses to do too much damage to any pokemon; none of his moves may have more than 60 BP (don't factor in STAB or SE), until under half health, where he can use whatever move he wants. He also hates Team Rocket for spreading the stereotype of dark types being bad by using them. He must solo at least 10 Rocket grunts, and must solo Archer in the Radio Tower.

To sum it up:
- Umbreon named Kind
- no moves BP over 60 until under half health
- solo 10 rocket grunts
- solo Archer

@cheeser Take Killah the Dunsparce. Killah hates you, and as such refuses to use any moves that have extra effects (like Headbutt, Body Slam, etc.) He also refuses to use non-STAB moves until after you can prove yourself. You can prove yourself by soloing Bugsy with Killah, at which point he opens up to you a bit. Suddenly, you can use all Normal type moves that can do damage and have an extra effect, but no more. Later, you need to solo another Gym leader to unlock non-damaging moves, and you must solo Petrel in the Rocket place in Mahogany to unlock non-normal moves. Killah must also be the highest level Pokèmon at all times in your party.
@cheeser Take Killah the Dunsparce. Killah hates you, and as such refuses to use any moves that have extra effects (like Headbutt, Body Slam, etc.) He also refuses to use non-STAB moves until after you can prove yourself. You can prove yourself by soloing Bugsy with Killah, at which point he opens up to you a bit. Suddenly, you can use all Normal type moves that can do damage and have an extra effect, but no more. Later, you need to solo another Gym leader to unlock non-damaging moves, and you must solo Petrel in the Rocket place in Mahogany to unlock non-normal moves. Killah must also be the highest level Pokèmon at all times in your party.
I might have to ditch the highest level in my party part considering my first Poke' (Perfume the Stunky) already has that privilege.
Welcome aboard, cheeser. One of your traded Pokémon must be a Pikachu with its Light Ball and no restrictions on top of it, only solos. It must solo at least four entire gyms, including the leaders, at least one of which must be in Johto, and at least one of which must be in Kanto. It must also solo at least four Pokémon in the league, including at least one of Lance's, and must lead against Red and solo his own Pikachu, and later another of his Pokémon. (I'm assuming that the Pikachu came from Sinnoh because they are found wild in the trophy garden, and a few of them are holding their Light Balls. You may reject only if this is not the case.)
I'm not sure If I'm aloud to use the Pikachu but if not I think I can make a exception for a third Pokemon coming over from Sinnoh.


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@Cheeser: Welcome to Smogon! Just saying, please do not Double Post without sufficient substance. You might want to use the Edit Button next time. :)

That said, you get Fury the Chikorita.

Fury likes to ram into things, so it must know & keep at least 3 Physical moves. Fury wants to prove its worth by soloing a Gym Leader of your choice.

Have fun.

@DawgCrunch: Welcome to Smogon! You get Carnage the Pachirisu.

Carnage likes to deliver carnage to anything in its path, & it feels the best way to do so is to hold a Choice Specs at all times (as soon as possible), & have its movepool full of Special Moves as soon as possible. Sadly, turns out that delivering carnage to roadside trainers & wild Pokemon is boring, so it wants to do something good. It wants to help you deliver carnage in your scramble by soloing 2 Gym Leaders & 1 E4 Member. Maybe then you will discover the true awesomeness that is Choice Specs Pachirisu.

Have fun.
Thanks for the challenge and welcome its a @random, sounds like a great challenge man i love how these thing have their own story to them
@dawgcrunch take Hateful the Budew. At first, this budew hates you and refuses to follow your orders. He must use a random move every turn (honor system). Then, he finds out how evil Team Galactic is, and wants to destroy them. He must solo all the grunts in Valley Windworks and solo at least one of the commander (I think Mars?)'s pokemon. After this, evolve him ASAP and renamed him Justice. He now will listen to you and you can use whatever moves you want. To evolve into Roserade, he must solo 10 grunts and at least one commander. He must participate in every team galactic battle in their veilstone Hq/mount coronet, and must solo one of commander Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn's pokemon in the Hq/coronet, and one of cyrus's both times.
Dawgcrunch, take Psy the Bronzor. Psy hates Steel-types, and this may not use any Steel-type moves. He must also have two Psychic type moves in his moveset at all times. He must solo Maylene to prove he can overcome Steel's weakness, and must solo Candice to evolve into Bronzong. After you beat Volkner, Psy has an epiphany and realizes Lucian would be the ultimate challenge for a Psychic type such as himself. Thus, he must solo Lucian. Psy is also adorable and modest and can never be the highest leveled Pokèmon in your party. If he ever accidentally is, you must box him until you beat the next gym (or after Volkner, until another is higher level).
@DawgCrunch, take a Finneon named Magikarp. Finneon is looked down upon as the weak, pathetic Water type of the 4th Gen, thus it must know at least one Water, Normal, and Flying move to match Splash, Tackle/Flail, and Bounce (The last move can be whatever you want). It also must lead your party whenever you are Surfing. However, your Finneon doesn't like its reputation, and must prove its strength by soloing all Magikarp. Even after evolving, it is still looked down upon as inferior to Magikarp's evolution Gyarados, so it must solo all Gyarados. Have fun!


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Take Late Riser the Turtwig. This poor sod of a Turtwig never goes to bed on time and always wakes up half way through the day. And if you wake him up early... hoo boy. If you use him between 2am and 2pm, he is cranky as hell at you for interupting his sleep and doesn't obey orders normally. Roll a die (or use a RNG like here) every time he attacks during this time period. numbers 1-4 correspond to each of his moves going from left to right, top first then bottom. Getting a 5 means he switches out, and getting a 6 means he switches out and can't come back in for the rest of the battle.

Despite his odd sleep pattern this Turtwig wants to prove himself to the world. Have him solo every other gym leader that is not being solo'd by something else, and have him be the one to take on Cynthia's Garchomp.

Good luck! If your sleep pattern matches mine (yes that was the inspiration for this) it should be easy as can be! If not... well good luck :P

cant say
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Righto so black/white 2 isn't out for like a couple of weeks do I need something to so in the meantime. FIRERED SCAMBLE COME AT ME. I would like maybe a medium difficulty (I get bored easily, so don't want to do any serious grinding). Only request is that I can start with squirtle, only starter I haven't used since the original red! And if someone wants to reserve a boss clefairy that would be sweet too, I love those little things. Thanking you all in advance!

EDIT: the team so far

Can't say, take Thirsty the Squirtle. Thirsty must not use Water moves in battle apart from Water gun or Hydro Pump as described below. Thirsty must solo all water types other than Misty's pokemon. Thirsty must never use a move above 80 BP. If he is hit by a water type attack, he drinks it up and the above restriction is lifted for 3 rounds. On the second round, he must excrete it out in the form of Water Gun or Hydro Pump. If Thirsty is hit into torrent range, treat it as if it was hit by a water attack. Thirsty may never battle fire types unless in torrent range. Thirsty must solo Blaine on the first try to get rid of this restriction.
@cant say take AntiNature the Voltorb. He hates nature, so he must all of Celadon Gym to evolve to Electrode. He must never learn any move not associated with technology/mechanics - so he can only use steel, electric, and normal type moves. He must never switch out on a grass-type
4 left!
Re:Scramble Challange MkII

Hey Guys, I plan to do a Emerald Scramble (Once I find my Cartridge, might be a while, but you can reserve slots)

Starter must be Mudkip
No Drudgery/Overgrinding, Grinding is Allowed though
No Trading
Allowing the use of Held Items
Legendaries are Mandatory to be caught, but cannot be used until Post-E4. (Except Rayquaza, but make it a Scramble for him as well so i wouldnt sweep the E4 easily)
Battle Frontier Extendable (Which means, Still goes on In Battle Tower, Which will I require a New set of scramble pokes to compete there)
Oh and, No Feebas and Karp. (Especially Drudgery on finding a Feebas)
Oh and, Contests are also to be competed on Post-elite 4.
Eh, wth. Might as well join in the fun.

Looking for a challenge for Diamond. No trading in, and make it reasonably difficult. Also, I would like to use a starter. Oh, and Contests are fair game. Just getting that out there. (Yes, I like the side-shows in Pokemon games)

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