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Is it just me, or are the hidetags not working?
No it is not just you, hide tags are not working at the moment. They will be restored in the future, however. As will possibly the broken links as a result from changing from vBulletin to xenForo.

@ topher4167: You get Fake the Sudowoodo.

Fake thinks it is a tree, when in reality, it is not. Likewise, Fake thinks it is not a Rock-Type, when in reality, it is. Fake can never learn (new), nor use Rock-Type moves in battle, since it does not want to let go of its disguise. Furthermore, it must have the Sturdy Ability, & it must learn Wood Hammer as soon as possible (Get a Heart Scale before Blackthorn). Have it solo one Gym Leader of your choice.

Have fun.
hmm Topher, I give you easy the Rhyhorn, it isn't that easy, but he thinks kinda easy
I still know my latest Rhyhorn challange and it was tedious :/, so I try not to make this one tedious, if it is please say it
This Rhyhorn thinks kinda easy of things, so you only want to let him bring into contact with things he already knows
For this you can only battle Pokemon of the type of at least ONE of your team members at that moment
GL HF ^_^
While the forums were down, I actually completed my Blue Scramble. I'm not posting the final updates until hide tags are functional again, though.

Anyways, topher, take Varied the Mantine. Varied wants to be able to take on any opponent, regardless of type. So, simply put, Varied must always know four different types of attacks. Until it does, it may not battle unless it can hit it's foe for super-effective damage.
Varied is not a fan of Gym Leaders. They only use one type of Pokemon, they aren't varied at all! They clearly know nothing about Pokemon. Varied wants to teach them a lesson, so have it solo one Johto Gym, one Elite Four, and one Kanto Gym, all of your choice (Brock/Blaine are not options, they'd be a bit too easy).
Easy the Phyhorn and Varied the Mantine both accepted! I sure do hope Easy doesn't get tedious, but it's not like it's "battle every single trainer-owned Water- Grass- Fire- and Flying-type" XD

EDIT: Also, for my last 3 pokemon, I need some early game mons!


Banned deucer.
my brother without a smogon account wants a scramble challenge for his heartgold, toughest shit ever

no legends
challenge ends on beating Red
no breed-only stuff
hm toughest shit ever, that is probably the only one thing I am good at giving ^-^, I reserve one

So I guess he'll get a Gligar named Cruelty, this Pokemon is very cruel like his name implies

While he levels up, he learns more about cruelness, so every ten levels, he must choose another cruelty to do (This happens every time you level up to 10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100 NOT 10 levels after you caught it)

-Injecting Highly Poisonous Needles (Having Poison Sting/Toxic)
-Come Watch At The Death Of Others (Switch In After Any Death)
-Making Goals Impossible (Can Never Finish A Pokemon Off And Can Only Switch Out To Pokemon That Are Weak To At Least One Of The Opponent's Typing. (Note: If this isn't possible, at least neutral to one (rather both) of the typings))
-Making Others Suffer Incredible Pain (Having Guillotine)
-Making Others Suffer To Internal Confusion (Having Sand Attack)
-Making Others Lose Everything They Love (Having Knock Off)
-Making All Pain Eternal (Prevents All Of The Team From Being Healed)

At any point in the game you can decide to stop the Cruelty
From this point on you can't do anything of the above things ever again (besides not healing, that would be strange (Note: Must Always Finish Off and Can Never Switch In After A Death)
-Solo The Next 3 Gym Leaders That Aren't Soloed (E4 Does NOT Count)
-Is Always Under Effect Of Taunt AND Torment

Once the 5 Gym Leaders are soloed, he can retire and has doesn't have to do any of the above things anymore, but now has a few goals
-Be Level 80 at Red (It must get this goal, doesn't matter at which step you are)
-Can't Fight Any Wild Pokemon
-Can Evolve From This Step On To Gliscor

GL HF and YAY I could be "Cruel" Again :p
Hey, can I please get 3 more pokemon for my Easy/Medium HeartGold Nuzlocke? I already have a Sudowoodo, a Rhyhorn, and a Mantine, so please don't give me two pokemon of the same type (again) and I would prefer that all the rest come before the 3rd gym. And I need them before Friday, I am driving down to Florida with my family and need something to do. Thanks!
Hey, I have returned under a new name. And with this, I would like a Challenge for Heart Gold. I would like it Easy, and no trading. Please reply soon :)

Hey, can I please get 3 more pokemon for my Easy/Medium HeartGold Nuzlocke?
Sure! You get Pyrophobia the Cyndaquil. As the name suggests, he has a fear of fire. This means that: 1. he cant learn Fire-Type attacks; 2. If he gets hit by fire, he must switch out. However, when he is a Typhlosion, he must be renamed Pyrophile. He now loves fire. 2 of his attacks now must be of the Fire Type. That is all
my brother without a smogon account wants a scramble challenge for his heartgold, toughest shit ever
Tough Shit, huh. Nice.
Your brother get F U Dude the Magikarp. He believes that Magikarp is better in every way than Gyarados. His restrictions are:
  • Must be caught ASAP with an Old Rod
  • Must be in 1st party place
  • To switch out, must use Splash/ Struggle 3 times
  • Can't, I repeat, CANT, use the Day care to level up, nor use Rare Candies
  • When it learns Tackle, solo 2 Trainer owned Pokémon with it , and 25 (muhahahaha) wild Pokémon.
Now, the Insane Challenges!
  • To prove his point to you, he must solo (wait for it) WHITNEY'S MILTANK using Tackle/ Flail.
  • To evolve 1. Flip a coin. If heads, he can, if tails, he cant. However, he must faint Red Gyarados to learn that Gyarados aint that bad.
    • If he does evolve into Gyrados, he has to keep Tackle, and must use it twice in a battle before using each move.
    • In addition to the above, he can only use his other 3 moves once before getting tired and having to use Tackle twice again
Now, the Final Challenge.

F U Dude MUST solo Red's *wait for it* Pikachu.

Trying to complete this challenge may involve:

GG- oh wait GL, HF

(God that was tiring)
powergo1, Easy huh, I guess I must practise on that

Take a Geodude named trainer, Trainer must train every other team member
For any gym a team member must solo, you got to solo a gym trainer in that gym
It must always be your highest leveled Pokemon

I hope this is OK (Please let it be OK)
Topher4167: Get Karpking the Dratini from the Goldenrod Game Corner. They are stupidly cheap there, and as such, the Dratini firmly believes to be an amazingly talented Magikarp.

It can only use moves that a Gyarados learns (By any means, be it via learning, TMs, breeding etc.). After seeing what Team Rocket did at the Lake of rage, he can evolve into Dragonair after defeating at least two Rocket Admins (Or Executives, whatever they were called).
Optional bonus: No Dragonite. Obviously, if the run ends at the Elite Four, this isn't likely to happen anyways, but eh.

This idea was brought from how Dratini is actually a surprisingly early-game Pokemon, and how I'd imagine it to not be a commonly given Pokemon. The challenge shouldn't be too bad, seeing how Gyarados and Dratini and it's evolutions have a surprisingly similar movepools. It does limit the use of stronger Dragon-type moves though.

I'll most likely post the next update a bit later today for the record.
SoulSilver Scramble Part 3:
Flipping the Voltorb

With the second Gym Badge in tow, it was time for some moveset management; Meanie got Cut (Which it is NEVER going to use, for the record), while Aquaphobia got Headbutt (First attacking move it can actually use). Cotton got all the attention in training to prepare him for the next Gym Battle, but also got Thunder at Goldenrod.

In other news, Ethan's grandparents spend their days pairing Pokemon and random passerby's, poor guy. Then again, that's what you get when a blue fairy follows you around all day long.

Then there was... Voltorb Flip. I hate Voltorb Flip. Unlike slots, it requires actually paying attention, and it's really, REALLY slow. To get the 20000 Coins I needed for Ice Beam (Aquaphobia learned that one) and Thunderbolt (For Cotton... but not quite yet), I spent 8 hours on that.

I met the Gym Leader at the Radio Station. She didn't know Kurt makes his balls out of apricorns. Wasn't she supposed to be, I don't know, TALENTED?

At the gym itself, there were plenty of trainers muttering something about a "trainwreck".

As far as the battle itself, I decided on Aquaphobia to take on the first Pokemon, a Clefairy. After a long battle involving freezing the entire gym twice over and plenty of hypnosis, Aquaphobia triumphs. This was all just a warm-up to Cotton vs. Miltank though. Cotton slows Miltank down with Cotton Spore, then paralyzes it via it's ability and Thunder Wave, and eventually spams Thunder. Roasted cow.

Whitney is a terrible loser, gives the badge, three badges under my care.

Team so far:
  • Meanie the Chikorita, level 15
  • Fly the Pidgey, level 15
  • Cotton the Mareep, level 22
  • Aquaphobia the Poliwag, level 15
  • Cosmic the Ledian, level 19
See here for the various restrictions on the team

The team is starting to be pretty inbalanced in terms of levels. Since there's no solo's for a while, this should be fixed soonish.
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Both Pyrophobia and Karpking are accepted! Now I only need one more pokemon, which must learn Fly, since Karpking can't become Dragonite and that would be very late-game for Fly anyway. And I'll give you a mon, powergo1.

Take Sylveon the Eevee. This Eevee believes he is destined to become a Sylveon, but such a pokemon doesn't exist in this game! So, Sylveon must never evolve, and since Fairy-type is supposedly SE against Dragon-type, Sylveon must defeat 1 each of Clair's and Lance's pokemon. GL;HF!
Both Pyrophobia and Karpking are accepted! Now I only need one more pokemon, which must learn Fly, since Karpking can't become Dragonite and that would be very late-game for Fly anyway.

Topher, take a Pidgey named Appreciate. Before you can teach him Fly you have to appreciate how good of an HM it is. You cannot teach him Fly until after you return to Olivine City with the 5th badge. Now that you appreciate Fly, Appreciate must always use Fly in battle (except wild battles, coz that would be really boring) before any other move.

Appreciate also feels that Falkner does not appreciate his Pidgeotto, due to it being a gift from his father, i.e. he didn't work for it, besides he totally hacked it, lv13, seriously? Appreciate must solo Falkner's Pidgeotto. If you feel this is too hard, (I have problems giving easy challenges) have Appreciate solo the gym trainers instead.

-Pidgey named Appreciate
-Solo Falkner's Pidgeotto OR solo all of the Violet City gym trainers
-Cannot learn Fly until reaching Olivine City with 5 badges.
-Must use Fly as the first move in every battle (except wild Pokemon)

Appreciate is accepted! That doesn't seem too hard. Just a solo and one annoying Surf journey XD. So I'm all set! I have all my pokemon, and will start the Scramble soon! Like I said, I will probably post very few/no updates. Sorry if you wanted me to. I will make sure to update after the E4 and possibly some other main story events, beating Team Rocket, etc.
Hey can I get a Scramble "challange" for Pokemon Emerald I can't trade, and as long as I'm having fun I don't care about the difficulty also please not too much grinding in terms of difficulty for evolving and what not.
Guess who's back
Back again
Myga's back
Tell a friend

Stolen lyrics aside, I'm back after a year-long hiatus! I'm sure nobody missed me, but that's beside the point! I might finish Platinum 5th Day 5th Month Scramble Chapter 5 soon, and maybe I'll even post videos of my upcoming Gym Leader battles on EchecCritiqueMisc (a YouTube channel I created during my hiatus).

Okay, enough about me. nJoyUrAIDs, you get Tactician the Torchic. (This challange is themed after Fire Emblem Awakening because I have been playing that game a LOT lately.) It seems to have lost its memory of how to do anything but wield swords and tomes, so it cannot use status moves.
In Fire Emblem, the more you use a weapon, the more proficient you become at using that weapon. You start off at Rank E and gradually make your way up to Rank A. It takes 40 points to get all the way up there, and every use of a weapon (move) will give you 1 point. Every 10 points, you go up a rank, from Rank E (0) to Rank D (10) to Rank C (20) to Rank B (30), to Rank A (40). Note that there are separate ranks for swords and tomes.

Here are the Tactician's potential weapons (moves) by rank.

Rank E Swords: Scratch, Peck
Rank E Tomes: Ember, Fire Spin
Rank D Swords: Quick Attack, Secret Power, Double Kick, Cut, Rock Smash, Fury Cutter (tutor move from Verdanturf)
Rank D Tomes: Hidden Power
Rank C Swords: Slash, Dig, Rock Tomb, Aerial Ace, Façade, Strength
Rank C Tomes: Hyper Beam
Rank B Swords: Focus Punch, Blaze Kick, Double-edge (tutor move from Sootopolis)
Rank B Tomes: Flamethrower, Overheat
Rank A Swords: Brick Break, Sky Uppercut
Rank A Tomes: Fire Blast

Okay, enough with the numbers and ranks and whatnot. Now on to the stuff that matters in a Scramble. My evolution restrictions are that it must reach Rank D in either weapon to evolve into Combusken and Rank C in both weapons to evolve into Blaziken.
Next restriction: Fire Emblem Awakening is a game that mostly involves pairs, so you must select another Scramblemon to be your "partner." (This can be any one of the others; it doesn't matter.) In every Double Battle, the two must fight side-by-side unless this conflicts with other restrictions or until one of them faints once.
Final restriction:
It thinks that Drake's Salamence is Grima, so it must sacrifice itself to defeat it and save the world.
Non-spoiler version: Tactician must solo Drake's Salamence, but from then on may never be used again.

Torchic named Tactician
Cannot use status moves
Using a move gives you weapon experience; your rank increases (E=>D=>C=>B=>A) every 10 uses, capping at 40. This allows you to use stronger moves (see weapon ranking system above)
Evolve into Combusken by attaining Rank D in any weapon
Evolve into Blaziken by attaining Rank C in both weapons
Choose one other Scramblemon to be Tactician's Double Battle partner; the two must fight every Double Battle side-by-side unless either it conflicts with other restrictions or one of them faints once
Must solo Drake's Salamence, but from then on may never be used again

Questions/concerns? Also let me know if I omitted a move; I tend to make mistakes like that sometimes.
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nJoyUrAIDs take a Trapinch named Insecure

This Trapinch can only do things when he feels he is good enough, points describe if he is good
- Learning a New Move / 10 Points
- Evolving / 25 Points
- Getting a Special Reward / 25

This is how it gets Points
- Surviving a Super Effective hit from a Trainer Owned Pokemon/ 2
- Soloing a Trainer Owned Water, Grass or Ice type / 5
- Soloing a Wild Water, Grass or Ice type (That isn't more than 5 Levels below you) / 1
- Soloing a Trainer Owned Pokemon whose Level is below yours / 1
- Soloing a Trainer Owned Pokemon whose Level is above yours / 2
- Soloing a Gym Leader / 10

Now you must've been wondering what Special Rewards are
Role a Dice and figure out which Reward you get, you can keep it all the game
1. Can use STAB
2. Can switch out
3. Is freed from Torment
4. Gets 50 Extra Points
5. Is under the Effect from Taunt
6. Can use healing
Like it kinda states, it can't switch out, use STAB, use the same move twice or Heal, till you've gotten the matching Reward

GL HF and if anything (probably the rewards) is not good, say it and I'll change it
Okay, powergo1, looks like you need a starter. I'll give you a variable challenge because I exhausted my creativity over Tactician.

Roll a die. The outcome will determine which starter you get.
1 or 4: Chikorita
2 or 5: Cyndaquil
3 or 6: Totodile

Roll another die. Add 15 to the number you get. This will determine what level your starter will evolve into its second form.

Next, flip a coin. If heads, it must solo a Gym Leader's Main Pokémon (generally the highest level) to evolve into its third form. If tails, it can evolve into its third form at will.

Finally, go to (which, of course, you can also use if you don't have a die or a coin) and generate a random number between 1 and 7. This will determine your starter's nickname and attached restriction.
1: Old-timer must keep its first move for the entirety of the challenge (Tackle for Chikorita and Cyndaquil, Scratch for Totodile).
2: Young'un must immediately learn a new move whenever it can.
3: Honorbound cannot switch out until it gets a kill.
4: Elemental must have two STAB moves ASAP and, from then on, always have two STAB moves.
5: Status must keep one status move at all times and use it every time it gets sent out.
6: Item Saver cannot have items used on it (but you can make TMs an exception if you want).
7: Sabbath has no restrictions.

Powergo1 take Golden the Togepi
Its name is Golden because it thinks it is in gold version and because of this it can never evolve into a Togekiss
The second reason it's name is golden is because it thinks it is your favorite Pokemon and therefore must be in the front of your party unless it interferes with the rules of another Pokemon soloing a gym leader. Once it evolves into a Togetic it matures and realizes that you love all your Pokemon equally and it no longer needs to be in the front of your party.
Because it is your flying type Pokemon it thinks that it should only know flying type moves.

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