Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

@topher4167 -- well here is a flyer... take Ramesses the Sigilyph! Ramesses is really old, and plans to stick around for a while. Additionally, it has grown very fond of your team and plans on making sure they stick around for a while as well. That is why he must be present in every double/triply/rotation battle you encounter. Also, since it is so protective, it does not enjoy resting and thus will never learn the move roost.
I hope this is good for you, GL and HF!

@Seedy_Dot -- take Rosie the Budew. Rosie is really shy, and thus won't learn moves that might make her vulnerable; Sweet Scent or Ingrain. Also, as a Budew she must always use water sport as her first move since she doesn't like fire very much. When she trusts you enough and evolves into a Roselia, she no longer has this fear, but instead develops a fear of never having enough HP. Thus she must use a move that recovers HP during every battle (e.g. leech seed, giga drain, etc). Finally, when she evolves into Roserade, she has no more silly fears, although the road to evolution is difficult for her. She cannot evolve until she solos two of Candice's pokemon since she feels that if she can beat her, she can beat anything!

I hope that isn't too hard. GL and HF!

Also, to whoever is listening,
I need two more guys for my Ruby Scramble! Right now I have a Torchic, Shroomish, Tentacool, and Keckleon! I just need two more to get started, and I really want to start soon! Thanks guys!
@Seedy_Dot — you get Palkia the Piplup. This Piplup is actually an ancestor of the Palkia at Spear Pillar reincarnated into a Level 5 Piplup. Palkia is a special sweeper, so Piplup must play the same role and abstain from using any Physical attacks outside of Pound. Its prime objective is to stop Team Galactic from abusing the descendant Palkia to take over the world. Thus, the ancestor Palkia must lead every Team Galactic encounter and solo Cyrus, the head honcho, at every encounter (Optional: you may exclude Gyarados and Weavile if Earthquake and Brick Break (respectively) are too much for you). After Cyrus's final defeat, the ancestor has a choice to make concerning what to do with its descendant—either capture it and confine it (pretty self-explanatory) or erase it from existence to prevent any potential abuse of power (solo it). Either way, it will no longer be a biological weapon in the hands of man, so the ancestor's objective is complete. However, each action has its consequence, coming from a different type of guilt.
The ancestor is guilty that it used a man-made tool to confine its descendant for ages to come. Thus, it cannot have artificial healing items used on it (Potions, Full Heals, Full Restores) and cannot be taught any more TMs/HMs. However, natural beverages (Fresh Water and Moomoo Milk) and Revives are okay.
The ancestor is guilty that it killed its own descendant. To atone for this, it must use its weakest move immediately every time it is sent out, and cannot attack opposing Water-types (the latter restriction overrides the former; i.e. if it is sent out against a Water-type first thing, it cannot attack).
- Palkia the Piplup
- Cannot use any Physical attacks besides Pound
- Must lead every Team Galactic encounter and solo every Cyrus battle (Optional: you may exclude Gyarados and/or Weavile for the final battle)
- Whether you solo or capture the Palkia at Spear Pillar determines further restrictions (see the Hide tags for more)

@Sailor_Tom — You get kceP the Taillow. This Taillow wants to be everything your Torchic is not. If you catch it with Peck as its only attacking move, it can keep using Peck until it learns Quick Attack. At that moment, it decides that Peck is a boring move and to never use it again. However, at level 13, it gets something more enticing—Wing Attack. At Route 110, it must solo the Brendan/May encounter using only Wing Attack (which is required for it to evolve). At that moment, it admits that Wing Attack is an amazing move, so head back to Staleport Slateport and rename it Winger. Above all that, though, this Taillow/Swellow, unlike your Torchic, does not know the type matchups very well, so it just does the exact opposite of what Torchic does—switches out against types that are weak to Fire (Brendan/May's Shroomish at the Route 110 encounter being an obvious exception) and stays in on types that Fire is weak to. In addition, it cannot be used in Winona's Gym because it's not too fond that Winona and her cronies enslave Flying-types to become obstacles in your way.

- kceP the Taillow
- When it learns Quick Attack, it can never use Peck again
- Must solo the Brendan/May encounter at Route 110 using only Wing Attack to evolve
- After that, rename it Winger
- Must switch out against types that are weak to Fire (obvious exception being Brendan/May's Shroomish at the Route 110 encounter)
- Cannot switch out against types that Fire is weak to
- Cannot be used in Winona's Gym

If any of you have problems with these Scramblemons, please let me know.

Also, just a friendly reminder that there are a tad too many Scramblers asking for a challenge and not enough people who give Scramblemons to accommodate the Scramblers. I hate to promote myself again, but please consult the document in my signature for Scramblers who need Scramblemons.
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Also, just a friendly reminder that there are a tad too many Scramblers asking for a challenge and not enough people who give Scramblemons to accommodate the Scramblers. I hate to promote myself again, but please consult the document in my signature for Scramblers who need Scramblemons.
I'll reserve a bunch of mons, then; but my phone is nearly out of battery, so expect them at earliest late tonight/tomorrow morning.

Reserving for:
  • Pwnemon's brother
  • nJoyUrAIDs
  • Magnemite88
  • thesynchrohero
  • Deoxymoron
  • amnz
So, to all of you who I listed, expect a challange by at least tomorrow morning; but just know that my morning might be later than yours, as I am on vacation in CA, so my timezone is Pacific Standard Time, or GMT -7.
@topher4167 No problem, I'll save Thirsty for someone else if they want. I didn't think going through 20 water types was so bad (considering it would probably be switched in for those anyways), and my bad not seeing that Brycen was already taken. I just thought he should be a bit more challenging than he normally is.

@Magical Magmortar I thought that you indicated you can trade on your challenge post? I assumed that meant it could be any pokemon pre-Platinum (and traded in fairly early). I'm still new here so let me know if that's what trading is supposed to mean or not.

I'll also reserve for Seedy_Dot, Mulan15262, and Classic MANIAC. I'll likely be able to get around to those tomorrow.
Okay, this will be my post with all the challenges I will give tonight and tomorrow. I will edit them in, starting from the top and going down.

Toughest shit ever, huh? Okay. Take Emo the Zubat. Emo is, as his name states, emo. He enjoys hurting himself. You must catch him in the Dark Cave before Violet City. Since he enjoys hurting himself, he must battle all pokemon with SE STAB on him (Electric, Rock, Ice, Psychic). He must not use Bite (or Wing Attack, or really anything other Leech Life, Astonish, and Supersonic) until later in his challange, because he wants his battles to last long so he suffers more. He then wants to torture himself by soloing all of Bugsy's gym and your rival Right before you go into Ilex Forest (you may use Bite or Wing Attack for this, but not both). After this, he realizes he is powerful and has worth in life. Now he can evolve and use Bite and Wing Attack. Rename him Power Trip. He now realizes he is very strong, and wants to prove it to everyone. He must continue to solo all Electric, Rock, Psychic, and Ice types. He must solo the Sudowoodo after Goldenrod Gym to prove his power. He must solo Jasmine to prove he can even overcome Steel-types. After the Jasmine solo, he may evolve again, and must be renamed Peaceful. Peaceful realizes that violence is silly and unneeded. He must not battle again until you get to Archer at the top of Goldenrod Radio Tower, where he must solo Archer to prove the error of Team Rocket's ways. He will now fight whenever you want him to, but only if he doesn't use SE moves so he doesn't hurt any other pokemon too much. He must solo Lance because he wants to help you defeat the Pokemon League. He must solo Red's Snorlax to prove himself a strong Polemon. GL;HF! You asked for the toughest shit ever...

Take Sleepy the Slakoth. This Slakoth is very sleepy, and often dozes off during battle. Unless he hits for SE damage with one of his moves, once he gets to 50% HP he must be switched out immediately, and not return until you heal him. This behavior continues, even when he's a Vigoroth. The only difference is that you must feign Truant by using a random item or using Growl or something every other turn, without using a damaging attack or helpful status move (Growl is the only status move that doesn't count). He then wants to be helpful, so he decides to solo Wattson's and Flannery's whole gyms, but not the leaders. During his solo, he gets shocked and burned and that permanently wakes him up. Rename him Energetic. Now, Vigoroth is very energetic. This means he must use his highest power move immediately upon entering battle (don't factor in STAB unless you really want to). This behavior continues for the rest of the game. Have him solo an E4 member of your choice. GL;HF!

Take Killer the Taillow. This Taillow is very violent, and loves to kill things. He must only ever use attacking moves, as he thinks status moves are silly. He wants to solo Wattson, but as this will be nearly impossible, he will settle for all of Wattson's gym trainers. Then, he can evolve into Swellow. He must always be at the front of your party in a gym unless it conflicts with a solo after he evolves (So he will always start the gym leaders, too, of not soloes by anyone else). He must solo an E4 member of your choice. GL;HF!

Take ARCEUS the Oddish. This Oddish believes he has the power of Arceus. To start off, he must always lead you party (Unless it conflicts with a solo). He must solo Whitney to evolve to Gloom (MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!). Then, as you are in the city with all the TMs, he must learn SolarBeam to be as powerful as possible (He can't have SolarBeam during the Whitney battle). He must use SolarBeam at the start of every battle. From now on, he doesn't have to always be the front of your party. He decides to be more modest about his power, so he has no challanges besides using SolarBeam. But after. you beat Chuck, he realizes he isn't used very much. So he must solo Jasmine to prove he's still your most powerful member. Now, he can evolve again. He must evolve into Bellossom. After he evolves, rename him Justice. He wants to fight for justice, so he must solo all of the Rocket Hideout in Mahogany and must solo Archer at the top of the Radio Tower. Then, he must solo an E4 member of your choice. GL;HF!

Take Brawler the Meditite. Brawler loves to fight, which means he must have 4 Fighting-type moves ASAP and at all times (but they can be Fighting-type status moves). He must not switch out until either he or his opponent faints. He must solo Maylene to prove who's the strongest Fighting-type around. After he beats Maylene, she tells him he needs to be more diverse, and even though he beat her, he still respects her. So he allows you to teach him 1 non-Fighting-type move. Then, all he has to do is solo Lucian to prove that Fighting trumps Psychic. GL;HF!

Im going to give you a challange that I have given before, but I really like. Take Baby the Mandibuzz. As Mandibuzz are born as Vullaby, who wear a diaper for a very long time, this Mandibuzz has become used to being babied by everyone. So, you must baby your Mandibuzz! You must pick 4 of these 7 ways of babying Baby:
1. Baby wants to know a variety of moves, so teach it 1 TM move, 1 HM move, 1 level-up attacking move and 1 level-up status move. Make sure that you have at least 3 types represented in its moveset, as well.
2. Baby doesn't want to work very hard for Exp. Give it the Exp. Share ASAP and never take it off.
3. Baby doesn't want to be in pain. If it gets down to the red, heal it ASAP with the most expensive healing item you have. If it faints, revive it and use 15 of your most expensive healing items on it.
4. Baby wants to be the best baby there is. Make it solo all Vullaby-lines and any Dark- or Flying-type first stage pokemon (Purrloin, Pidove, etc.).
5. Baby wants to be fed when it is hungry, immediately! Every 1 in-game hour, you must feed it 5 berries and 1 Lemonade, Soda Pop, or Fresh Water.
6. Baby likes daily naps. Every 24 in-game hours, deposit Baby in the PC for 2 in-game hours.
7. Baby just wants to fit in. All of its moves must also be moves that at least 1 other pokemon on your team knows.
And to top it all off, Baby must solo a gym leader and 2 E4 pokemon. GL;HF!/HIDE]
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Okay, I think it is time I started another scramble. Medium difficulty on Platinum. Trading is possible, however I will not trade more than two Pokemon in. No starter, and also nothing like Bidoof or Pachirisu. Try not to give me more than two Pokemon of the same type, and go easy on the move restrictions (I don't like something that has half its good moves locked off). Also, try not to give me anything too generic. I want to have interesting challanges. Anyway, bring on the challanges!
EDIT: Also the trade-in pokemon can be traded in as eggs so I can give them whatever egg moves you like. I also want all my Pokemon to be fully evolved by the e4.
Just reminding everyone of this. I still need 5 more. Also, if I could get a good challange for Trapinch I would be happy.
Challanges so far:

Top Speed the Chinchou
...for this, you get Top Speed the Chinchou. Breed Agility on it, and it must use that move immediately every time it is sent out. It cannot use Thunder Wave because that move is completely redundant with Agility. It must solo Cyrus at every encounter because he tends to carry fast stuff (read: Crobat, Weavile). It must also solo Lucian because Psychic-types are usually known to be fast sweepers, and it wants to prove to be superior to all of them.
Optional: Give it a +speed nature.
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Chapter 6 of my scramble is now up!

EDIT: Okay, so apparently, they changed the post-per-page count back to normal, so my links led to the wrong page. They should be good now, though.

As a side note, I want to try to finish the scramble as quickly as I can before my second year of college. When that starts, I might not watch over this thread as often as I do, but I'm not making any promises.

Oh, and just a little reminder that Tyranitarphantom has a reservation for Pwnemon's brother and Deoxymoron (well, they weren't explicit reservations, but still) and CJorex has a reservation for Magical Magmortar.
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Also, just a friendly reminder that there are a tad too many Scramblers asking for a challenge and not enough people who give Scramblemons to accommodate the Scramblers. I hate to promote myself again, but please consult the document in my signature for Scramblers who need Scramblemons.
Sorry for not giving 'mons, but I will after I do my Cross Scramble. I need 3 Platinum 'mons, including starter, and 1 Heart Gold 'mon. See link in signature for more.
Magical Magmortar: take Insect the Gligar. Insect believes that he was meant to be a Bug-type, and so he acts as if his typing is actually Ground/Bug. To utilise his new typing, he must always carry at least one damaging Bug-type move and use it at the start of every battle. He also wants to cover the weaknesses of his new typing; to evolve, he must solo 20 trained flying-type Pokemon, and after evolution he must continue overcoming his weaknesses. He must solo Candice to overcome a bug's natural weakness to the cold (trust me; her first pokemon is setup bait for Gliscor so you can do it as long as you bring along a few X items) and must solo Flint to prove that Fire-types are no problem for him
Also, because bugs hate fire he must not learn Fire Fang and because it is no longer STAB he does not want to learn any Flying-type attacks.

Good Luck!

Also a reminder that I still need 5 more Pokemon for my Platinum scramble. I would like one of these to be Trapinch. I will also accept one other trade mon
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Thanks Mygavolt! I really like Taillow and look forward to having him!

@thesynchrohero -- take Toto the Totodile. Well, this isn't Kansas anymore Toto. Toto is a bit small, but doesn't care; he thinks he's tough so whenever he gets into battle he immediately uses Scary Face just to show his opponents that he isn't afraid. As a water pokemon, he enjoys being able to hit opponents from a distance, and thus will only use Special water-type attacks (no waterfall or Aqua Tail for you!). Also, he won't be able to learn surf until he is a Feraligatr since he is too small to ride on otherwise. Also, he can't evolve into Croconaw until he solos Morty without using Bite. He also hates your Rival, so he has to solo him every encounter.
I hope that wasn't too hard or too easy...I'm new at this!

@Nauris -- take Ugly the Psyduck. He really is the ugly duckling, and unfortunately all his teammates think he is weak, useless, and well... ugly. He also was intimidated by Roxie and thus didn't go into the gym to fight her! Ugly just wants to be friends and keep the team together to make you proud, so he must do a double/triply/rotation battle with every member of the team at least once before evolving (that way he can be in a battle with Zubat). Ugly realizes that he needs to prove himself to his teammates so they will take him seriously so he must also solo Clay to evolve. Once he evolves, his teammates take him a bit more seriously. He gets constantly exhausted from having to work so hard to keep the team going that once he learns psych up, he must use it whenever an opponent has a stat change.
Hope this works for you!
@nJoyUrAIDs -- seeing as how you lake a water or grass pokemon, take Tadeo the Lotad! Tadeo is a bit confused about what he is... is he a fish or is he a plant? When he learns Nature Power, he gets so excited, it is the only move he can use until he evolves into Lombre (no rare candy use), which isn't too bad since it is one level. When he evolves, he discovers his love of rain, and dancing! Thus he must learn rain dance and use it at least 20 times before he evolves into Ludicolo.
Additionally, since he is confused about his typing he must solo both Wattson and Flannery, since half of him is weak to their types while the other half resists their types! As a Ludicolo, his only restrictions is that he keep Nature Power and Rain Dance since he loves those moves!
GL and HF, I hope this is good for you!
Thanks Mygavolt! I really like Taillow and look forward to having him!

@thesynchrohero -- take Toto the Totodile. Well, this isn't Kansas anymore Toto. Toto is a bit small, but doesn't care; he thinks he's tough so whenever he gets into battle he immediately uses Scary Face just to show his opponents that he isn't afraid. As a water pokemon, he enjoys being able to hit opponents from a distance, and thus will only use Special water-type attacks (no waterfall or Aqua Tail for you!). Also, he won't be able to learn surf until he is a Feraligatr since he is too small to ride on otherwise. Also, he can't evolve into Croconaw until he solos Morty without using Bite. He also hates your Rival, so he has to solo him every encounter.
I hope that wasn't too hard or too easy...I'm new at this!

I think I'm going to cry now
Okay, I finished giving all of my challanges! Go check my post up above to see them!

EDIT: Also, I changed a couple of my challanges so they didn't conflict. Sleepy the Slakoth now doesn't solo Wattson, but just Wattson's gym trainers, as well as Flannery's gym trainers. Also, in clloxin's challange, Palindrome the Gurafarig doesn't have solo Black Belt David, just the rest of Canalave Gym. And I need 2 more pokemon for my White Scramble!
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Three more Scramblemons

Take Friendly the Chingling. Friendly just wants to be best friends with everyone on its team. It must be used in every double battle and can only evolve once it has been in 5 double battles. When it evolves into Chimecho, it must learn and keep Heal Bell and Heal Pulse Safeguard as soon as it can. It must then proceed to always use Heal Pulse Safeguard in double battles if its teammate is below 50% HP as soon as it enters battle.

Take Mega the Riolu. Mega is a Riolu who is from the distant land of Kalos. In order to evolve, it must solo Bugsy Burgh, but once it evolves, it thinks it has the ability Adaptability and as such must only use attacking moves of its own type (it can use status moves of a different type, however).

Take Grace the Gothita. Grace desperately wants to have the ability Serene Grace, and so, it can only use attacking moves with a secondary ability. Once it evolves, it finds out this isn't working so it tries to acquire it by always having 3 attacking moves at least. Once it evolves a second time, it tries to achieve it by having 4 moves of different types at all times. Finally, it must solo Marshall to try to achieve it by being the best.

GL and HF!
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Classic MANIAC, take Puppy the Lillipup.

When you catch it, it is afraid of everything, so it may not attack or take an attack. If it does, you must immedietaly reset your game (without saving). Once it learns Bite, though, it only wants to bite things. As such, it may only use biting moves (bite/crunch/elemental fangs) and may not switch out. The prior restriction is now lifted. It also views itself as the best dog in town, and must solo all lillipup, herdier and stoutland in Routes 1, 2, and 3 once it learns Bite.

When it learns Crunch (level 22), you may evolve it into a Herdier. Upon evolving into a Herdier, it views itself as the best dog in the world, so it must solo all trainer-owned Lillipup, Herdier, and Stoutland. It also grows a fear of cats, so it may not attack any Liepard or Purrloin. It also grows a desire to make noise, so it may now learn Snarl, Howl, Roar, and Yawn. It must solo Elesa's entire gym (minus Elesa herself), because it hates trainers that are very egocentric, and thinks every one of them except Elesa is egocentric.

After you beat Elesa, it may evolve into a Stoutland. Once it evolves, it sees how insanitary it is to make contact with an opponent. It then refuses to use any contact moves. It also thinks that its Special Attack is better than its attack, so you must teach it Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball ASAP. It also wants to help you out, so you must teach it Surf ASAP.

After you defeat Skyla, Stoutland realizes that fire, ice, and electricity kills off germs. So it may now use Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, and Wild Charge. However, it insists upon keeping Surf and either Thunderbolt or Shadow Ball. It must now have two of those four moves (Wild Charge via TM, elemental fangs remembered via Heart Scale).

Once you defeat N, Stoutland realizes how bad Team Plasma is. So he must defeat Ghetsis's Bisharp. It then realizes that its foes aren't insanitary and all move restrictions (minus it having the move Surf at all times) are now lifted.

Stoutland also wants to be powerful and has heard rumors of a powerful female trainer in Undella Town. Therefore, he must solo Cynthia. If Stoutland loses, then he realizes he is not the best and must only use attacks with a power of 100 or higher. If he wins, he is confident in his capabilities and now all restrictions are lifted.
@Shiny Dratini — I see 2 problems with your challenges. First off, Friendly the Chingling was restricted to learn Heal Pulse, which does not exist in 4th gen. Second, Mega the Riolu was supposed to solo Bugsy, who is not in the Unova region aside from PWT (I think you mean Burgh).

Also, there is a solo conflict in Nauris's White 2 challenge in that both Snaquaza's Seviper/Zangoose and vyomov's Lame the Sunkern have to solo Shauntal.

Oh, and to end this post off, sorry if I had misleading links to the Scramble posts in my signature. They should be fixed now!
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topher4167, take Blueeye the Basculin. Magic isn't an actual Basculin, but rather a false one made of magic to fight Team Plasma. You must obtain it by trading a Minccino for it in Driftveil City. It must always know a water type move (water gun, surf, and scald are the only water-type moves it gets).As it is made of magic, not matter, it may not use a contact move. It also must not have any held items, except gems, lucky eggs, Exp. shares, incenses, and mail. It also must solo every Team Plasma Grunt. If it loses to a Team Plasma member, it must not battle at all until you reach the next gym. It also must solo two of Ghetsis's pokemon. Upon defeating Ghetsis and forcing Team Plasma to disband, Magic gets turned into a real Basculin, lifting all restrictions (except for having to know a water-type move).

Since the trade is so late in the game, you may obtain the Minccino and use it before Driftveil City. However, it may not evolve, may only heal at the pokemon center, and may only use normal-type moves with a base power of 60 or less. It may also only know 2 or fewer status moves, and must solo Drayden and all four E4 members if you keep the Minccino until that late in the game (the Basculin won't have to, though).
Shiny Dratini, take Candy the Patrat. Candy the Patrat is addicted to candy. Therefore, it must eat one Rare Candy every tenth level (level 10, 21, 32, 43, 54, 65, 76, 87, and 98). It also enjoys eating other sweet foods. Therefore, it must eat a sweet food (Ragecandybar, Lemonade, Soda Pop, Casteliacone, etc.) after every trainer battle it participates in for more than one turn. It also thinks that Black Kyurem's generator pumps rare candy juice, so it must solo Black Kyurem. It also must keep a biting move (bite/crunch/elemental fangs/etc) and use it against ever member of the Vanillite evolutionary family it battles against (wild ones included). It also must solo all trainer-owned Vanilite, Vanilish, and Vaniluxe.

It may evolve after consuming two rare candies. However, you may choose to not evolve it. If you choose to do so, all restrictions are lifted upon hitting level 35, but it may never evolve.
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