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This meta is based off of a pretty simple idea: What if we gave every Pokemon a Signature Ability?

Phase 1: I suggest 3 Pokemon, and then you will be able to propose your idea for a good ability for it.
Please try to keep your proposals in this format:
Pokemon: Talonflame
New Ability: Gale Wings
Description: This Pokemon's Flying-type moves have their priority increased by 1.
Reasoning: Talonflame represents a really fast bird, and thus I believe that Gale Wings will be a reasonable addition to Talonflame.
Just like how Game Freak does it, the abilities do not have to be competitive!

Phase 2:
The community then votes on their favorite ideas, in the following format:
Talonflame: Gale Wings
Xerneas: Fairy Aura
Yveltal: Dark Aura
In the end, the ability with the most votes becomes the new Signature Ability for that Pokemon!

Venusaur: Calvin Cycle
This Pokemon always benefits from the effects of Strong Sunlight no matter what the weather is.
Charizard: Meltdown
This Pokemon's Fire type moves are super-effective against Rock-type Pokemon.
Blastoise: Sharpshooter
This Pokemon's attacking moves have perfect accuracy and ignore immunities.
Dialga: Power of Time
This Pokemon no longer needs to recharge for moves that would normally require the user to do so.
Palkia: Clear Space
Whenever this Pokemon switches in, or gains this ability, weather, entry hazards, dual screens, Tailwind and Trick Room are removed (on both sides).
Giratina/Giratina-O: Inverse
When Giratina switches in, as long as it is on the field, all super-effective attacks become resists and all resisted/immune attacks become super-effective, much like an Inverse Battle.
Thank you for reading!​
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We are currently in: Phase 2
This phase will end on 15/6/15.​
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Q: Will we change the Mega Abilities?
A: No. The Megas will retain their abilities.

Q: Do we make up our own abilities?
A: Yes. These abilities must be brand new.

Q: Are we allowed to vote for our own abilities?
A: No.
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Pokemon: Venusaur
New Ability: Seed-Fury
Description: This Pokemon's leech seed traps the opponent for 10 turns (even if it switches out), and leeches 16% of the opponents health per turn (instead of 12%)!
Reasoning: Venusaur is already a tank, but if you add this ability to leech seed and then mega evolve, you have a super-mega-fantastic-tank!

Pokemon: Blastoise
New Ability: Doom Shower
Description: All Damaging Special Water Type moves are boosted by 3 in rain (instead of 1.5), all Physical are Boosted Normally!
Reasoning: Blastoise has better special attack than physical, so if you use hydro pump it's almost guaranteed a OHKO!

Pokemon: Charizard
New Ability: Tail-o-pain
Description: If this Pokemon is Charizard all moves with the word, "tail" in it are boosted, Tailwind = Speed Tripled for 6 turns, Dragon Tail = 0 Priority (instead of -3), Iron Tail = 100% chance of Lowering Defense by 2!
Reasoning: Charizard has a Flaming Tail, only Obvious!
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So - do we make up our own abilities I assume. If we give a Pokemon an ability GameFreak has already created it's not a signature ability, is it?

Okay, here goes:

Venusaur's new ability: Petrify
Ability description: Whenever Venusaur switches in, it lowers the opposing Pokemon's Speed stat one stage. This effect is blocked by Substitute.
Flavour justification: Venusaur looks hideous. Its Gen I sprite certainly petrified me.
Competitive justification: in Gen V, perma-sun gave Venusaur blazing speed and made it a big threat; with permanent weather gone non-mega Venusaur is no longer effective. Petrify would somewhat patch up Venusaur's Speed issue and make it a potent revenge-killer. Could have situational use on Mega-Venusaur too.

Charizard's new ability: Burning Wings
Ability description: Adds a 30% chance to burn to all damage-dealing Flying-type attacks.
Flavour justification: Charizard has fiery wings.
Competitive justification: That hax-laden Air Slash, tho. I really don't like Charizard so I want to give it an ability that will make others hate it too.

Blastoise's new ability: Battle Hardened
Ability description: Whenever Blastoise is hit by a contact move, its Defense stat is raised one stage.
Flavour justification: that hard outer shell. Some species of turtle actually do have shells which automatically harden in response to physical trauma.
Competitve justification: a cool ability that would have some utility on Mega-Blastoise, enabling it to get a Defense boost before it mega-evolves and enabling it to be a slightly more effective tank.
Pokemon: Blastoise
New Ability: Pressurized
Description: This pokemon's contact moves have their priority increased by 1.
Reasoning: A brutal POKéMON with pressurized water jets on its shell. They are used for high speed tackles.

Pokemon: Charizard
New Ability:
Empathy (I couldn't think of a good name x_x)
Description: Every move used against a lower level opponent fails.
Reasoning: A CHARIZARD flies about in search of strong opponents. It breathes intense flames that can melt any material. However, it will never torch a weaker foe.

Pokemon: Venusaur
New Ability:
Adaptive (I'm bad with names ;;;)
Description: If Sunny Day is active, this Pokemon's Special Attack is multiplied by 1.5, and the opponent is guaranteed to get one of these statuses: Paralysis, Sleep, or Poisoned (This effect is affected by overcoat). If Rain Dance is active, this Pokemon's Special Defense is multiplied by 1.5, and it uses Attract on switch in.
Reasoning: The flower’s aroma soothes the emotions of people. By spreading the broad petals of its flower and catching the sun’s rays, it fills its body with power.
After a rainy day, the flower on its back smells stronger. The scent attracts other Pokémon.
World On fire

If a fire type move it uses misses then the Pokemon is dealt half damage, and the secondary effect is rolled
Flavor: Pretty much inferno with an average power of 75--And those flames are so intense you can't even get near them


Non contact moves have their power boosted by 1.3
Flavor: Punch through Steel plates lets give it reverse tough claws

Solar Boost

Grass type moves have increased priority under the sun
flavor:It absorbs power from the sun- its grass moves go really fast
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Seems pretty unique, I like it. :]

Pokemon: Venusaur
New Ability: Aroma Attraction
Description: At the end of every turn, every Pokemon on the field has a 50% of being infatuated (under the effects of 'Attract')
Reasoning: I didn't want the ability to be over-complicated, and the majority of Venusaur's Pokedex entries state how its flower petal has a very attractive and soothing aroma to it.

Pokemon: Blastoise
New Ability: Gale Water Hydro Jets
Description: All Water-type moves have +1 Priority.
Reasoning: Many of its Pokedex entries state how fast it shoots water from its cannons, such as 'The pressurized water jets on this brutal Pokémon’s shell are used for high-speed tackles.' Blastoise also has quite low speed, so this will help it a lot.

Pokemon: Charizard
New Ability: Ignorant Inferno
Description: Fire-type moves ignore resistances and immunities.
Reasoning: Charizard's Pokedex entries state how powerful its fire is. It can melt boulders (Rock resists Fire normally) and apparently melt 'any material'. If it can melt any material, including something that would normally resist fire attacks all together, it seems that Charizard's fire attacks should ignore resistance all together.
Pokemon: Venusaur
New Ability: Flower Trap
Description: As long as the rain is up, no Pokemon can escape while Venusaur is in battle.
Reasoning: The flower on Venusaur's back emits a sweet smell during and after the rain. The opponent won't want to switch out due to the sweet scent. This makes Venusaur a potent trapper in the rain.

Pokemon: Blastoise
New Ability: Cautious
Description: Defense and Special Defense both rise one stage after knocking out an opponent (similar to Moxie).
Reasoning: It crushes its foe under its heavy body to cause fainting. In a pinch, it will withdraw inside its shell.

Pokemon: Charizard
New Ability: Harsh Flames
Description: If its HP falls beneath 25% or less, it will be immune to Water-type attacks.
Reasoning: It is said that Charizard's flames grow hotter during a harsh battle. This leads me to believe that Charizard's extremely hot flames can easily evaporate water on touch.
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I'm going to slightly opt for viability over flavor here. None of the base-forms are that usable in OU, so I think I can do that while still sticking to flavor.

Pokemon: Venusaur
New Ability: Calvin Cycle
Description: This Pokemon always benefits from the effects of Strong Sunlight no matter what the weather is.
Reasoning: Venusaur's identity is completely tied to the sun, so I think a sun-based ability makes sense. And light is always shining even if its rainy or neutral, so perma-sun boosts isn't out of the question. Viability-wise, while you miss out on the Chlorophyll Speed boost from your other choice, you still get instant Solar Beam, double Growth, powerful HP Fire, super-Synthesis and x4 Water resist. On the downside, you have x4 Fire weakness, and your Speed is too low to sweep.

Pokemon: Charizard
New Ability: Melting Point
Description: This Pokemon's Fire type attacks calculate their damage based on the target's base Defense and Special Defense stats, ignoring EVs, IVs and boosts.
Reasoning: Charizard's flames are described as having powerful melting qualities, so I wanted to capture that effect while giving the notoriously mediocre base Charizard a niche. With Specs or Band, Zard is now a formidable wallbreaker that can literally melt defensive walls. On the downside, you have basically no increased benefits against Pokemon that don't invest in Defense, and HP investment still counts.

Pokemon: Blastoise
New Ability: Sharpshooter
Description: This Pokemon's attacking moves have perfect accuracy and ignore immunities.
Reasoning: Actually, this one is pretty flavorful -- Blastoise's ORAS dex entry praises its highly accurate aim. But it also has high competitive value, giving you most importantly an unblockable Rapid Spin but also a perfectly accurate Hydro Pump that hits through Water Absorb and friends. Other perks include valid use of Blizzard and even a weak Dynamic Punch, if there are no compatability issues. You're still a lot weaker than Megatoise, so both are still viable.
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Venusaur: Vivid Variant
Effect: If the weather is sunny, Venusaur changes it's secondary typing based on the moves it has to take as little damage as possible from incoming moves.
Flavor: "Venusaur's flower is said to take on vivid colors if it gets plenty of nutrition and sunlight". This is also based on Protean and Color Change. Venusaur is some reptile-amphibian in-between so it's close to Kecleon and Greninja.
Comp. Flavor: Venusaur becomes a more solid defensive Pokemon. It's typing is mostly unpredictable, but it still keeps Grass typing, so dealing at least neutral damage can be guaranteed.

Effect: This Pokemon's Fire type moves are super-effective against Rock-type Pokemon.
Flavor: "Spits fire that is hot enough to melt boulders."
Comp. Flavor: Base Charizard doesn't have to worry about pesky Rock types or using two-turn Solar Beam or HP Grass.

Pressure Blast
Effect: This Pokemon's moves that would otherwise be resisted by Steel-types deal neutral damage.
Flavor: "The jets of water it spouts from the rocket cannons on its shell can punch through thick steel."
Comp. Flavor: Blastoise can use Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Rapid Spin, and other moves without having to worry about Steel types. Blastoise can safely hit Ferrothorn with Ice Beam instead of Aura Sphere for example.


Bold and Brash
Time to vote for your favorite ability!

Seed-Fury (asdfghjklohhnhn)
Petrify (noobcubed)
Adaptive (Deathly ♛The King)
Solar Boost (Tarontos)
Aroma Attraction (MegaGallade)
Flower Trap (runbabyrun)
Calvin Cycle (Jajoken)
Vivid Variant (the someone)

Tail-o-pain (asdfghjklohhnhn)
Burning Wings (noobcubed)
Empathy (Deathly ♛The King)
World on Fire (Tarontos)
Ignorant Inferno (MegaGallade)
Harsh Flames (runbabyrun)
Melting Point (Jajoken)
Meltdown (the someone)

Doom Shower (asdfghjklohhnhn)
Battle Hardened (noobcubed)
Pressurized #1 (Deathly ♛The King)
Pressurized #2 (Tarontos)
Hydro Jets (MegaGallade)
Cautious (runbabyrun)
Sharpshooter (Jajoken)
Pressure Blast (the someone)

You have 2 days to make your vote. This phase ends at 8/5/15 at 11:59 GMT.
Venusaur - Calvin Cycle (jajoken)
Charizard - Meltdown (the someone)
Blastoise - Sharpshooter (jajoken) (though I want a bit of clarification - does this ability ignore immunities of non-damaging moves & secondary effects? Can it poison Steel-types with Toxic? Can it paralyse Electric-types with Body Slam? Can it use Toxic versus Magic Bounce users?)
Venusaur - Calvin Cycle (jajoken)
Charizard - Meltdown (the someone)
Blastoise - Sharpshooter (jajoken) (though I want a bit of clarification - does this ability ignore immunities of non-damaging moves & secondary effects? Can it poison Steel-types with Toxic? Can it paralyse Electric-types with Body Slam? Can it use Toxic versus Magic Bounce users?)
I updated my post. Kept just to attacking moves as not to overload it, plus it's more flavorful. Sharpshooter Toxic doesn't really make sense, as you'd imagine being a skilled marksman would only relate to your actual attacks. Status immunities stay the same.

And if we can't vote for our own, I vote Flower Trap, Meltdown and Cautious.
Venusaur: Calvin Cycle

Melting Point


This was a really hard vote for me, I was torn for almost every single mon!
Pokemon: Dialga
New Ability: Time Travel
Description: After every 3 turns, this Pokemon's and the opponents stat changes are nullified.
Reasoning: dialga is shown in the games to be the controller of time, and if it controls time, it makes perfect sense it can go back in time, a time where the Pokemon had no stat changes

Pokemon: Palkia
New Ability: Space Warp
Description: After every 3 turns, the opponent is forced to switch out.
Reasoning: Palkia is shown to be the controller of space, so in this ability, it makes the opponent get warped to a different space (i.e inside its pokeball from in the battle) and warps a pokemon in the battle from inside the pokeball.

Pokemon: Giratina
New Ability: Forbidden
Description: the opponent loses two stat points of speed and one each of attack and special attack whepnever this Pokemon switches in.
Reasoning: In the games, Giratina is a forbidden Pokemon in the distortion world, so it makes sense that other Pokemon will be scared seeing it. Forbidden things usually frighten way more than the others, so it has more effect than intimidate.
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Pokemon: Palkia
New Ability
: Cosmic Destruction
Description: Dragon-type attacks hit all Fairy-types for super-effective damage.
Reasoning: Palkia is known to be able to rip holes in space and time, and should be able to distort the properties of the type chart. Palkia is a part of the Creation Trio as well, and since it's almost a god, it should be able to harm everything and anything with its signature move.

Pokemon: Dialga
New Ability: Power of Time
Description: This Pokemon no longer needs to recharge for moves that would normally require the user to do so.
Reasoning: Roar of Time is Dialga's signature move, and should not require a recharge. Why? Dialga is a Pokemon god, meaning he should never have to recharge for anything. He is eternal and should have all the energy he needs.

Pokemon: Giratina
New Ability
: Distortion World
Description: An ability similar to Drizzle. This Pokemon turns the field into the Distortion World, healing up 1/8 of a Ghost Pokemon's HP after every turn. Ghosts are no longer weak to Ghost during this affect.
Reasoning: Giratina is the ruler of the Distortion World, a place filled with darkness and ghosts. This dark aura is able to heal up the broken souls of the Ghosts, as Giratina was forced to live in this world after being banished to it. In this world, Ghosts have learned to help each other, and as such are no longer weak to each other.
lol all three winners were the ones I picked.

Pokemon: Dialga
Ability: Time Shift
Effect: The effects of Trick Room are activated whenever this Pokemon switches in, or gains this ability. If Trick Room is already active, this ability cancels the effects of Trick Room.
Reasoning: As the lord of time, the ability to reverse speeds makes sense flavour-wise. It would also be interesting to see if it helps Trick Room to be a viable playstyle.

Pokemon: Palkia
Ability: Clear Space
Effect: Whenever this Pokemon switches in, or gains this ability, weather, entry hazards, dual screens, Tailwind and Trick Room are removed (on both sides).
Reasoning: Palkia warps the space around it in such a way that any previous field effects vanish. It would be interesting to see how useful an auto-Defog is or whether players will end up missing their own entry hazards.

Pokemon: Giratina
Ability: Anti-Matter
Effect: Whenever Giratina is hit by a contact move, both Pokemon lose an additional 12.5% HP. Also, when Giratina attacks another Pokemon with a contact move, both Pokemon lose an additional 12.5% HP. These effects do not happen when the other Pokemon also has the ability Anti-Matter.
Reasoning: Giratina is said to be the anti-matter Pokemon; anti-matter has the property that it and matter destroy each other upon contact. For this reason the ability does not happen when Giratina is attacked by another Giratina, as anti-matter does not destroy itself, only matter.

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