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Time fusion:
Dialga now matches the speed of his opponent, if Dialga is holding a scarf it will surpass his opponents speed or atleast speed tie if both pokemon are holding a choice scarf
It can appear anywhere in time, it's the time pokemon! Speed doesn't matter to it.
Question: Will this ability be applied to Giratina-Origin as well, or will it keep Levitate? Or get its own signature ability?

Ability: Time Loop
Effect: Any Pokemon fighting against Dialga is locked into one move, meaning they can only use the first move they select.
Reasoning: Dialga has power over time, even controlling the flow of time. Putting a Pokemon into a Time Loop wouldn't be a stretch.

Ability: Space Switcher
Effect: A random terrain/weather sets up when this Pokemon is sent in. Once the terrain/weather runs out of turns, another random terrain/weather begins. The terrain/weather stops when Palkia switches out.
Reasoning: Palkia can transport anyone and anything to any other place in space (unintentional rhymes). Flavor-wise, Palkia transports it and other Pokemon on the field to another place with a different terrain/weather effect.

Ability: Inverse
Effect: When Giratina switches in, as long as it is on the field, all super-effective attacks become resists and all resisted/immune attacks become super-effective, much like an Inverse Battle.
Reasoning: Giratina lives in an alternate dimension, which is the 'reverse-side of ours' and where 'common knowledge is distorted and strange'. An Inverse Battle can fit very well with this reasoning.

Also, congrats to Jajoken and the someone for their winning entries!

New Ability: Time Dilation
Description: While this Pokemon is on the field, all end-of-turn effects occur twice, and all field effect expend 2 turns per turn.
Reasoning: Basically time moves at double speed, giving double Leftovers returns, double Toxic damage, double Leech Seed, etc. Weather, Trick Room, Reflect and every other move that has a set turn duration will burn twice the amount of turns each turn. This gives Dialga a sneaky niche on stall that amps up passive damage while increasing healing, all while screwing over teams that rely on field effects. Of course, this goes both ways, though thankfully Dialga cannot be poisoned.

Pokemon: Palkia
New Ability: Wormhole
Description: While this Pokemon is on the field, all healing and stat-boosting effects are instead gained by the adjacent Pokemon,
Reasoning: You rip portals in space to swap moves, functioning on the same principle as Snatch, using the same list of affected moves. Like Dialga, this ability goes both ways, but Palkia is rarely known to use anything but attacking moves, so you can switch into a predicted heal or boost to grab it for yourself. You can even play mindgames with Xerneas, as you can steal Geomancy, but also die to a Moonblast prediction.

Pokemon: Giratina
New Ability: Banishment
Description: While this Pokemon is on the field, all Pokemon with 6 or more stat boosts faint instantly.
Reasoning: Giratina was banished for its violence, and is shown to have some affinity for death and afterlife, so I gave it the ability to smite the fools that reach beyond their power. Also serves well for the Giritina-as-Lucifer motif, and links in the "6" theme (6 wing spikes, neck spikes and legs -- 666). Competitively, you laugh at Geo-Xern, put a timer on a Blaziken sweep, and halt Calm Mind users from getting too greedy. Supports your role as a wall by giving you a way to deal with setup sweepers other than phazing. Just don't set up 3 Calm Minds yourself...unless you want to die.

And just in case Giratina-O gets its own...

Pokemon: Giratina (Origin)
New Ability: Flipside
Description: While this Pokemon is on the field, all stat changes are reversed.
Reasoning: Draws on the Distortion World side of Giratina (as it is in Origin form), forcing Contrary on the entire field. Also, forms a counterpart to Giratina-A's ability. Stat boosters will fail, Blaziken gets slower each turn, and Draco Meteor gives you +2. Note that as you cannot hold a Scarf and aren't that fast, you can be revenge killed by a Draco Meteor that will also give your enemy +2, and you yourself cannot use a Calm Mind set.


Bold and Brash
Time to vote for your favorite ability!

Time Travel (Amitghosh)
Power of Time (runbabyrun)
Time Shift (noobcubed)
Time Fusion (Jernmax)
Time Loop (MegaGallade)
Time Dilation (Jajoken)

Space Warp (Amitghosh)
Cosmic Destruction (runbabyrun)
Clear Space (noobcubed)
Space Switcher (MegaGallade)
Wormhole (Jajoken)

Forbidden (Amitghosh)
Distortion World (runbabyrun)
Anti-Matter (noobcubed)
Inverse (MegaGallade)
Banishment (Jajoken)

You have 2 days to make your vote. This phase ends at 16/5/15 at 11:59 GMT.
Dialga: Time Loop (MegaGallade)
Palkia: Space Warp (Amitgosh)
Giratina: Banishment (Jajoken)

Let's see if I've picked three winners again ;)
Dialga: Power of Time (runbabyrun)
Palkia: Clear Space (noodcubed)
Giratina: Distortion World (runbabyrun)
Dialga: Time Dilation (jajoken) [STALL]

Palkia: Wormhole (jajoken) [eh]

Giratina: Forbidden (amitgosh) [STALL]
DIALGA: Time Fusion

PALKIA: Space Switcher

GIRATINA: Anti-Matter

Is the voting period still open? It was supposed to close on the 16th, but people are still voting, so...


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Uncontrolled Fury
Effect: All moves that are not the same type as Salamence (Dragon and Flying) recieves the STAB boost of x1.5 but has a 15% chance to be confused upon using a non-STAB move.
Reasoning: According to some of its Pokedex entries, Salamence is uncontrolable when enraged and destroys everything with its claws and fire. I believe this would cause it to become stronger, so adding the STAB effect to non-STAB moves seems reasonable. The confusion is there because it would seem like it would be confused if uncontrolable. Plus it's for balancing.

Ability: Power Jet
Effect: All moves with that have 100% accuracy will gain +1 priority.
Reasoning: Garchomp can fly at speeds equal to a jet fighter plane (still can't learn Fly :I). Since some jet fighters' attacks have good accuracy, the 100% accuracy seems reasonable. The +1 priority is because Garchomp is fast as a jet fighter, and since priority makes Pokemon go first in attacking, it seems reasonable.

Ability: Triple Strike
Effect: All moves that Hydreigon uses gets three hits. The last two hits are half the power as the first hit.
Reasoning: The fact that it has three heads makes this ability extremely reasonable to Hydreigon. But to be honest, it's more of a better Parental Bond, as this ability pretty much doubles the power of moves splitted into three hits. But it's great against things like subs, as you can break the sub with the first hit and it will continue hitting the target and it will do the same damage if there wasn't a sub as if it was a regular move.
New Ability:
Description: Raises Speed by 1 stage when the Pokémon is hit by a Flying-type move, and the move will have no effect on the Pokémon.
Reasoning: With how the Pokédex entries described it likes to fly, things like Hurricanes probably wouldn't even stom it from flying. The ability also allows it to stop Birdspam and other Flying-type sweepers cold, as most of them don't have a move to break past Salamence.

New Ability:
Description: Speed cannot be lowered by any means, including status effects.
Reasoning: Pokédex mentions that it possesses "fine scales that reduce drag". Competitively... okay this isn't exactly helpful, with how it can't be paralyzed by anything other than Glare and Tri-Attack, and the lack of Sticky Webs.

New Ability:
Description: 1/3 of the damage dealt by the Pokémon will be restored to it as HP. If the target's held item is a Berry, the effect is activated on the Pokémon.
Reasoning: Hydreigon's Pokédex entries mention it "consume [and destroy] everything" and "devours everything in its path". The health recovery makes it even better at wall-breaking, mitigating the damage from statuses and entry hazards.

Dragon's Breath
Description: Non-contact moves have an extra 30% chance of burning.
Justification: All of its Pokedex entries state how it spits flames everywhere and how it flies around scorching everything, so I thought an ability like this would make sense. I like to think of it as an opposite to Poison Touch.

Supersonic Slash
Description: Moves deal 30% more damage if this Pokemon is faster than the opponent.
Justification: All of its Pokedex entries state its high speed, and one especially states; "It is said that when one runs at high speed, its wings create blades of wind that can fell nearby trees." Using this I made a suitable ability.

Reaction Thrash
Description: When an opponent uses a physical move, and this Pokemon is about to use a non-status move, this Pokemon immediately attacks before it.
Justification: One part of a Pokedex entry states; "It responds to movement by attacking." I chose Physical moves specifically since special moves don't really require much movement. This also helps since Hydreigon has speed just under 100, which limits its usability.

Lastly, gratz to runbabyrun and noobcubed for winning as well!
Effect: Adds Fire typing.
Reasoning: Salamence is some kind of Salamander-type thing, and salamanders are commonly associated with fire. Shame about the Rocks weakness, but it's now Burn-immune and gets a STAB on Fire Blast.

Effect: Single-hit moves with Base Power 40 or less gain +1 Priority.
Reasoning: Garchomp's Pokedex entries describe it as moving at sonic speeds, and it's the Mach Pokemon. I figured a homage to Mach Punch was fitting. Rock Smash, Sand Tomb, and Twister all look like possible ways to use the ability. I didn't want to give it Priority Dual Chop, though -- that's ridiculous.

Trinocular Vision
Effect: Takes 15% less damage from all attacks. Its own attacks are 15% more accurate and deal 15% more damage.
Reasoning: It's got three heads, which should give it fantastic vision, right? It can better predict incoming attacks and better aim its own for both hitting and dealing damage. Functionally, its statline is now 92/123/106/146/106/98, along with a modest Accuracy increase.
Woop, I won one.

Just to clarify, Clear Space activates after taking damage from entry hazards. Therefore, it fails if the user faints to entry hazard damage, like other abilities that activate upon switch-in such as Drizzle or Intimidate.

New abilities, then :)

Pokemon: Salamence
Ability: Flame Shield
Effect: Ice- and Fairy-type attacks on this Pokemon are halved in damage. This Pokemon cannot be burned, and a burnt Pokemon heals itself upon gaining this ability.
Reasoning: Similar to Akumeoy's idea I guess, but without having the weird triple-typing thing going on. Anyway, my idea was that the flames it spits out surround its body and give it some of the defensive attributes of the Fire type, but I felt it best to limit the effect to those types Salamence was weak to anyway so as not to overcomplicate things. It's still weak to Ice, Rock and Dragon, so it shouldn't be too overpowered.

Pokemon: Garchomp
Ability: Predator
Effect: Whenever an opposing Pokemon switches out of Garchomp, that Pokemon takes 12.5% damage. (This occurs before the effects of the ability Regenerator).
Reasoning: Gen VI Pokedex entries state that it "never allows its prey to escape", but Shadow Tag (a) already exists and (b) would be broken as fuck on a Pokemon like Garchomp. So this is a toned-down version which forms a neat counterpart to Rough Skin.

Pokemon: Hydreigon
Ability: Villify
Effect: All Normal-type attacking moves used by this Pokemon have their power increased by 30% and become Dark-type.
Reasoning: Seems pretty obvious as a Dark-type, but various entries specifically refer to it as "brutal", "scary" etc. This one has a more competitive basis, as there are plenty of Normal-type moves in Hydreigon's learnset that currently aren't doing it any favours. Now it gets a boosted, Dark-type Hyper Voice (which even goes through subs!), Double-Edge, Body Slam, even Headbutt, and no longer has to work with the slightly underwhelming Dark Pulse.
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Effect: Activates Tailwind upon Switching in
Reasoning: It wanted to fly so bad it changed its body structure to grow wings. It would make sense that something that has always wanted to fly and managed to change its body structure to accomplish its goal to want to be continuously flying, which would cause some Tailwinds. Competitively, this makes mence an interesting support and revenge killer, as it can outspeed a lot of boosted mons with Tailwind.

Ability: Dragon Jet
Effect: Raises Dragon moves' priority by one stage.
Reasoning: Pokedex loves to talk about how fast and jet-like Garchomp is, so lets give it an ability that shows this off! Priority to Dragon-types moves sounds insane, and it would of been one generation before. However, with Fairies its not that op, at least not as op as Gale Wings. This partially makes up for the lack of DD - now it can just SD and then smack people with +1 priority Dragon Claws.

Ability: Brutality
Effect: Super Effective moves hit 1.25x harder than normal (i.e. 2x SE would hit for 2.5x damage, and 4x SE would hit for 5x)
Reasoning: Hydreigon is described as a brutal Pokemon. The logic here is a bit on the weak side, but the idea is that a Super Effective hit from this monster would be devastating to whatever it hits, so its multiplier for SE hits is higher than normal. This works well with Hydreigon's great coverage, as it should be able to snag SE hits constantly.
Ability: Land Shark
Effect: As long as the opponent is not a water, flying or ghost type, the opponent will lose 1 stat of Defense and Special Defense and will gain one stat in speed if this Pokemon's contact move hits. However, the opponent will also not be able to switch out, if the attack hit.
Reasoning: Garchomp is based on a land shark. In real life, seeing a shark makes us nervous, tense, and frightened, and even more if the shark actually attacks you. If it does, the instincts to run away are actuvated, thus increasing speed. However it is hard to run if a shark is just gripping you with a contact move, isnt it? Also, as Garchomp is a Land Shark, water Pokemon associated with the sea and flying and ghosts related with the air wont be affected.


Bold and Brash
Time to vote for your favorite ability!

Uncontrolled Fury (Springtrap)
Airborne (zerobreaker000)
Dragon's Breath (MegaGallade)
Inferno (Akumeoy)
Flame Shield (noobcubed)
Streamlined (The Reptile)

Power Jet (Springtrap)
Aerodynamic (zerobreaker000)
Supersonic Slash (MegaGallade)
Mach (Akumeoy)
Predator (noobcubed)
Dragon Jet (The Reptile)
Land Shark (Amitghosh)

Triple Strike (Springtrap)
Devourer (zerobreaker000)
Reaction Flash (MegaGallade)
Trinocular Vision(Akumeoy)
Villify (noobcubed)
Brutality (The Reptile)

You have 3 days to make your vote. This phase ends at 15/6/15 at 11:59 GMT.

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