The Smeargle's Studio Music Megathread

Birkal that is freakin amazing

I dink around on the piano sometimes but I can never pull out something as wicked as that, so I always end up playing random pop music at my friends' endless requests -___-

I can't even count how many times I've played "Someone Like You" in the last month
Yeah I need a better title.
May I propose "The Smeargle Symphony"?

Anyways, I got bored since it's summer after all, so I decided to try to play violin covers of random stuff. So I started a YT channel and here are my first two attempts:

Kirby Dream land theme (Violin solo)

"Chase the World" (Violin cover)

The first is self-explanatory; the second is the opening theme of "Accel World", a current anime. Hope you guys like them, and any feedback would be nice!
Trombone and Pokerap

I'm a (semi) professional jazz trombonist (10 years experience) (been playing for 2 years semi pro)
I did an arrangement of Can't Stop by the RHCP for 4 bones and a bass guitar, and a 4 bone arrangement of When You Were Young by the Killers.


I have a youtube channel dedicated to pokemon rap.
I'll be uploading battle vids too, eventually.
I'll be uploading a new rap tonight. Only one of my raps is good, in my opinion. I use that loosely. But I'd love to collaborate with somebody on a rap! Inbox me on youtube or pm me here!
Finally, an art thread that I can actually contribute to! So I play piano, euphonium, and tuba, but mostly piano. Most of the stuff I write is embarrassingly uncreative, so I won't post it here, but I will say that everyone who writes music should get an account at Noteflight. It's a free website that lets you write music online and share it. The sound quality isn't always the best, but it's really easy to use.

Okay, I came up with something that I'm not too scared to post (the link will take you to the score with playback). This was a completely random piece I wrote last year when I was supposed to be doing online classes. It's probably the most finished piece I've written. I should really go back and rewrite it in 6/8 (right now just about the whole piece is in triplets), but that would take forever and I'm lazy. Anyway, great thread!

I produce Electro and sub-genres (Dubstep, DnB, Moombahton, etc.). The link is to my first EP. Don't be too harsh, as I'm not insanely experienced. My latest track is the last one entitled "I Broke It", so definitely listen to it before judging the rest :)

If you do check out my SoundCloud, be aware that the stuff on there spans almost 2 years, and 2 years ago I was, obviously, nowhere near as good.
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Check out my soundcloud here!

I've been producing electronic music for about 6 or 7 years, but I've been doing a fair bit of EDM stuff more recently. Feel free to pm me either here or on soundcloud if you have any constructive criticism or just want to get in touch. I tend to prefer more "melodic" styles, and that's pretty reflected in my music, so you probably won't hear too many of the typical harsh, grating, dubstep-y sounds coming from me. Anywho, hope you guys enjoy.

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