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Which orchestra did you hear perform it (and under which conductor)? (I heard the Philadelphia Orchestra under Simon Rattle just a few weeks ago.)
The Philadelphia Orchestra under Simon Rattle? Dang, that sounds like it was amazing.
It was actually a summer camp orchestra, which probably doesn't sound reputable at first and I don't know if you'd recognize it, but it was the Young Artist's Orchestra program at Tanglewood this summer under the baton of Paul Haas. Even though no one was old enough to drink in that orchestra except the conductor, it was still incredibly professional in sound and execution. I just found a video of that exact performance, and it was taken fairly close to where I was sitting, so if you want to take a quick look here's a link:

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  • Song: Lansdowne - Mississippi
  • Genre: Rock
  • Description: Modern Rock w/ a few Harmonization
A really underrated band that went completely under the radar. The few albums they produces are phenomenal for their genre and would recommend them to anyone who has an interest.
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Song Recommendations: Week of October 21st through October 27th

Since I was unable to post song recommendations last Friday due to a busy schedule, staff members were allowed to post two recommendations this week if they wanted. Also, KingSwordYT has been promoted to Room Driver of The Studio, so his name (as well as his recommendations) will be added to the song recommendations master list.

(@) Brrandon
  • Song: Melanie Martinez - Tag, You're It/Milk and Cookies Double Feature
  • Genre: Alternative
  • Description: While I love both of these songs individually, adding a story to them and linking them just makes them all that much better. I’m a huge fan of Melanie’s visual aesthetics, and this one is definitely not going to let any fans of hers down. I particularly like the references to childhood fairy tales in the videos as well.

(%) KingSwordYT

  • Song: Maroon 5 - Don’t Wanna Know
  • Genre: Pop - Tropical House
  • Description: This is what i’d call a comeback for Maroon 5 guys! Amazing single w/ the ft of Kendrick Lamar which is always good. This is a must Listen

(@) Doom Metal

(#) Amingo

(@) Sigilyph

  • Song: Calibre - Broken
  • Genre: Liquid Drum & Bass
  • Description: Calibre is the king of liquid DnB, often incorporating jazz piano into his works and creating an incredibly calming atmosphere, perfect for a rainy day/finals studying. This song is no exception.

(@) Paradise~

(#) Albert

PS U/N: Aphrion
Song: Eric Dolphy - God Bless the Child
Genre: Jazz
Description: If there is a seminal work for bass clarinet that completely changed the field, this is it. Eric Dolphy recorded a few iterations of this piece, but in my opinion this is the best one he did. It's rather out there as a piece of music, but so was everything Dolphy played - you could say he was out to lunch, if you will. I bet Billie Holiday never would have imagined this developing out of her tune, though.
PS Username: Screamouts
Song: FKJ - Learn To Fly feat. Jordan Rakei

Genre: Chill/Electro
By far my favorite FKJ music. I can't explain what happens in my head when I'm listening to this because it's just perfect. You have to listen to this at least once in your life
  • PS! Username: Yveltal321
  • Song: Fryderyk Chopin - Etude Op. 10 No. 12 in c minor "Revolutionary"
  • Link:
  • Genre: Romantic (period of classical music)
  • Description: Written in 1831, Chopin, who was most likely in Paris at the time, was probably inspired by Polish uprising against Russia (which was in control of Poland). (The Polish lost.) It is a very passionate piece, and unlike many other [famous] Chopin pieces, is a fast piece; however, it does still retain much of his style, still having a running left hand (it is actually probably known for this, at least among piano students) and a lyrical (to some extent) melody. Though the pianist in this recording, Stanislav Bunin, did play some wrong notes (e.g. E at ~0:14 is supposed to be an E-flat), it is very well played in terms of expression. (He won the International Chopin Competition; if I remember correctly, the link above is of a recording of him playing at the competition.) Another impressive version of this piece is Art[h]ur Rubinstein's; also a Pole, he was probably the best Chopin interpreter of his time. Other famous etudes by Chopin include Op. 10 No. 5 "Black Keys" and Op. 10 No. 3.
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Song: Ours Samplus - Deep Inside

Genre: Funk Jazz/Chill
My favorite Ours Samplus' music. I can imagine myself walking in Time Square while listening to this lol. It's not "old school" jazz but oml it's good
Have another recommendation from me =)

  • PS! Username: Robbel
  • Song: Árstíðir - Ró
  • Link:
  • Genre: Acoustic, Classical(ish)
  • Description: Árstíðir always manages to calm me down and let my emotions flow. Their music is a good way to clear out your tearducts, haha. So sit down, relax and let yourself go. Other songs I recommend from them is Moonlight, Someone Who Cares and perhaps their most known one Heyr Himna Smiður.
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PS U/N: Aphrion
Song: Moon Hooch-Tubes/Number 9/Bari 3
Description: Have you ever wanted to see two saxophonists and a drummer play better dubstep than mainstream stuff? Here you go. Merry Christmas.
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Song: Roundabout (album: Fragile)- Yes
Link: Here
Genre: Progressive rock
Description: It's noticeably less progressive rock-y than other Yes songs, but still pretty good nonetheless. You know what this song is if you've watched Jojo's.
PS Username: Screamouts
Song: Fountains Of Dreams - SSBM
Genre: Classic
Everyone knows this music but it never gets old. The way it's built is amazing. So epic I can't get enough of it :)
  • PS! Username: Robbel
  • Song: Stratovarius - 4000 Rainy Nights
  • Link:
  • Genre: Power Metal
  • Description: Stratovarius is an amazing power metal band, that mixes classical influences with powerful and emotional vocals, amazing guitar solos and an overall epic feeling. While most people whom listen to metal, have heard of Stratovarius, I feel that those who don't listen Metal might appreciate this song still. A true epic trough and trough.


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On behalf of the rest of The Studio Staff, I would like to apologize for our large delay in staff recommendations! We're going to hopefully be fully caught up by the end of next week!
Recommendations for the weeks of October 28th - November 3rd & November 4th - November 10th
(@) Brrandon
  • Song: B.o.B - Out of My Mind ft. Nicki Minaj
  • Genre: Rap
  • Description: This song is really catchy, and is something that I find is pretty relatable/allowed me to rekindle with B.o.B. I also live for the Nicki rap in this song, so that makes it all the better.

  • Song: TLC - Creep (Rap remix)
  • Genre: R&B
  • Description: I’ve recently gotten into TLC, and I find that Left Eye is my favorite member. Her rap about why creeping is NOT good is honestly amazing, and I really wish this was the original version of the song, since the message is much better IMO.
(@) Paradise
  • PS! Username: Paradise~
  • Song: Tyler The Creator - Trashwang
  • Genre: Hip-Hop
  • Description: Tyler the Creator’s experimental flow and instrumentals aren’t for everyone, but it might be the sound for you if you enjoy over the top hip-hop

(%) KingSwordYT
    • Genre: Pop
    • Description: This song is amazing, Good beat, and cool lyrics, the video is cool stuff too.
(%) Mezari
  • Song: David Bowie - Stay
  • Genre: Funk Rock
  • Description: Very funky and danceable tune, featuring slick guitar work.
Shout out to global moderator bumbadadabum for his recommendation as well!
  • Song: Animal Collective - Fireworks
  • Genre: Experimental Pop
  • Description: One of my favorite songs at the moment. While Animal Collective isn’t the most easily accessible band, the personality of the artists shines through to the music in a unique way that makes it a great listen.

In other room news, StarBlim has been promoted to room driver, so expect his recommendations to be added into the mix as well!
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PS! U/N: Aphrion

Song: Storm-Pink Martini & The von Trapps


Genre: World music/semi-a capella?

Description: Pink Martini with the great-grandchildren of the people The Sound of Music was written about. Incredible song, and I do hope you enjoy it.


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Recommendations for the week of November 11th - November 17th
(#) Amingo
(@) Arrested
  • Song: Childish Gambino - Me and Your Mama
  • Genre: R&B/Soul
  • Description: Gambino’s latest single is amazing, I love every part of this song, its transitions, the feel, the chill vibe it gives off, it’s just great overall.
(@) Brrandon
  • Song: Tove Lo - Influence (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
  • Genre: Electropop
  • Description: With Tove's new album, I was introduced to her slight variation of her former style. It's a little more electroish, which is definitely interesting. This was one of my favorite songs from the album, and likely one of the easier songs to like if she's not your cup of tea.
(@) Bumbadadabum
(@) Doom Metal
Song: Mountain - Theme For An Imaginary Western
Genre: Rock

(%) KingSwordYT
(%) StarBlim
Song: Believe In Giants - Everything (feat. Alex Vargas)
Genre: Alternative

In other studio related news, Bumbadadabum has been promoted to a room moderator!
PS Username: Screamouts
Song: Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Hereos ft. Adam Levine
Genre: Pop-Rap, Alternative
I used to listen to this back in the days. I was like 10-11 when I was introduced to this song. Time flies...Today this song reminds me of these good moments, they were gold. These old school vibes
PS! U/N: Aphrion
Song: Rebirth [in Reprise] - The Dear Hunter
Genre: Progressive Rock
Description: I'm gonna cheat a little bit here - technically I'm recommending one song (the first song in the link), but I'm linking the entire album because the album is continuous and it's really amazing as a piece of modern rock. It's pretty damn good, but you are gonna need an hour and 15 minutes to listen to the whole thing. It's an hour and 15 minutes of one of my favorite albums ever, though.
PS Username: Screamouts
Song: Stephen - Remembering Myself
Genre: Alternative Future Bass (?)
This song came out 3 years after Bullet Train (which I recommend btw) and since then he has improved a lot. Stephen's voice is amazing and so is his guitar. He made the perfect song for his comeback!
PS Username: AIMW Lucky
Song: Animal Collective - Wide Eyed

Genre: Experimental rock
My favorite Animal Collective song at the moment; Centipede Hz is a terribly underrated album and this is one of the many fantastic songs on it. If you like this I also recommend Monkey Riches and Today's Supernatural.
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