The Summer of #Tournaments - [Week 9 - ALL TIER BLOWOUT]

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Bloo has allowed me to post this on the 24th June​

Summer is HERE Which would normally mean the return of IRC cups. Me and a plethora of guest hosts are here to you occupied all summer long with a myriad of tournaments.

Sounds good, FireMage but how is it going to work? Good question! Every week right up until the end of August, either myself or any of my guest hosts will be hosting up to 3 Tournaments per week (See tournament Schedules for lineup and times/dates). It’s sounding pretty good, isn’t it? To encourage active and healthy competition we’re also offering a 1 Win = 1 Point system In which the top scoring participants will duke it out in a Home Field Advantage style playoff to determine who will be our ultimate winner!

How to participate
Step 1 - Get access to an IRC client. (Mibbit or MiRC for example.) And ensure you can get onto the SynIRC Network. if you’re having trouble conne

Step 2 - Join #Tournaments (The Official chan for Summer of #Tournaments) on SynIRC Around the listed time Note After a determined amount of time (Hosts discretion) signups will be closed - this is prompted to change each round at hosts discretion

Step 3 - In order to sign up - Ask a channel operator to give you a voice (+v) note After signups close the channel will be muted, so please retain your voice - losing it may limit your participation in that tour.

Step 4 - Wait or the Current host to announce the matchups. Matchups for each will be posted in this thread and will be linked to in the chat. Aim to get your matches done as quickly as you can. (you may use Showdown or Pokémon Online for your matches)

Step 5 - Only the Winners of each match should be messaging the Host (the host only should be messaged) and who you have won against. Any incomplete matches by the end of round will be coin flipped. Losers will be devoiced and it’ll continue on until we have a winner.

Please save Replays if asked! (especially Finals!)

Tour schedule
Week 1 - “The Big Three” June 24th - June 30th
24th June (10pm GMT+1): BW2 OU - FireMage - Won by Bad Ass
26th June (9pm GMT+1): BW2 Ubers - Furai - Won by Sweep
29th June (10pm GMT+1): BW2 UU - FireMage - Won by MarceloDK

Week 2 - “The Other Two” - July 1st - July 7th
1st July (10pm GMT+1): BW2 RU - Cherub Agent - Won by B-Lulz
4th July (10pm GMT +1): BW2 NU - FireMage - Won by ebeast
7th July (10pm GMT+1) RANDBATS - FireMage - Won by Bloo

Week 3 - "Little Week" July 8th - July 14th
July 8th (11pm GMT+1): Standard LC - iss - won by ShinyFluttershy
July 10th (11pm GMT+1): Stndard LC 2 - iss - Won by Elevator Music
July13th (11pm GMT+1): Randbats #2 - iss - won by Tehy

Week 3 - "The Other Metas" July 15th - July 21st
July 15th (10pm GMT+1): Smogon Doubles - Lady Salamence - won by Axaj
July 18th (10pm GMT+1): Tier Shift - Lady Salamence
July20th (10pm GMT+1): Balanced Hackmons- FireMage

More will be added to the schedule once we can confirm Dates / Times.
Additional tours will run up until August 25th When the finals will start and the schedules or those will be posted at the end of the week.

Tour Rules
  • All matches are Standard of the respective tiers (except Tour theme Week) and must match the Criteria for the respective tier banlists. In the Case of Tier shifts (Mostly affecting NU and RU because of the June drops / rises) those will be implemented as soon as they go live. (NU will be played with RU drops, RU will be played with UU drops - assuming any)
  • All tournament Standard Rules apply - I’ll link you to them as soon as I can - they’re mostly common sense anyway.
  • Playoff numbers will be determined by the amount of participants More that enter over the 9 weeks = more playoff spots.
As a final note, if you are interested in hosting for this, Drop me a PM or VM expressing interest - I could always use someone for Past Gens and the Other Metas!
(the tours order has pretty much been decided I'm just lacking knowledgeable people who know the tier so they can provide the best experience - Message me to see what's let and rough approximations of the dates I intend for them to roll out)

Current list of Hosts:
  • FireMage
  • Cherub Agent
  • Furai
  • Lady Salamence
  • iss
  • Vinc2612
  • Birkal
Week 1

This week we visit the powerhouse metas of Black and White, Ubers, OU and UU. And We're kicking off with the most popular Metagame, BW2 OU.

Join me, FireMage in #Tournaments on IRC if you wish to participate, it'll be standard elimination Best of 1.

Remember, there's no Gimmicks, just standard OU. So come and join us at 10pm (GMT+1) (5pm EST) on #Tournaments if you're interested in participating
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OU Round 1

McMeghan vs Eranu
Thewolf vs badabing
Treecko vs ballabrown
Deer God vs Dice
HSA vs Ciele
Lokt vs CrashinBoomBang
ModestGarchomp vs Vinc2612
ShakeItUp vs Alexander
Double01 vs Finer
Lapras6666 vs Level 51
Raichy vs King
.Robert vs Badass
~Greencore vs FLCL
Nutrix vs Ruppy
Wiitle vs Shatruce2
RockHP31 vs Finchinator

OU round 2

Lapras6666 vs vs Finchinator
Ruppy vs TheWolf
CrashinBoomBang vs Alexander
~Greencore vs vs Dice
Shatruce2 vs King
Badass vs Ciele
Finer vs ModestGarchomp
McMeghan vs vs ballabrown

OU Round 3
Badass vs Dice
Lapras6666 vs McMeghan
TheWolf vs CrashinBoomBang
King vs Finer

OU round 4

Finer vs CrashinBoomBang
McMeghan vs Badass

OU Finals

Bad Ass vs Finer

Tonight's #Tournament is BW2 UBERS! (Hosted by Furai) It'll kick off at about 9pm GMT + 1 (11 hours from this post) Hope to see you all there!
Smogon has been down, but the tournaments have not stopped! The original post has been updated, and with the first week of Smogon being up, we can announce that this week will be based around the Little Cup tier!

Tomorrow, at 11 PM GMT+1, iss will host a Standard LC tournament, and 2 days later at the same time, a LC UU tournament, of which details you can see here:, and a Randbats tournament on the 13th, at the same time. We hope to see you there!

In short:
July 8th (11pm GMT+1): Standard LC
July 10th (11pm GMT+1): LC UU
July 13th (11pm GMT+1): Randbats

Also, for anyone looking for replays for previous tournaments, the hosts will hopefully have them available as soon as possible, but cannot promise a specific time
I can't edit the topic title just yet but we're officially on Week 3!

In 1 hour's time we're kicking things off with Standard Little Cup!

LC Matchups~

Round 1
Elodin vs Psych071c
Furai vs blarajan
BKC vs Aikenka
FLCL vs Apt-Get
Electrolyte vs Double01
Elodin vs Psych071c
cbt vs ccdove
B-lulz vs ShinyFluttershy
GlassGlaeon vs Treecko

Round 2
Elodin vs ccDove
Treecko vs FLCL
Double01 vs Furai
ShinyFluttershy vs BKC

Round 3

FLCL vs ShinyFluttershy
Double01 vs Elodin


ShinyFluttershy vs Double01

Congrats ShinyFluttershy~


happily ever after
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Standard LC in 30 minutes! Be in #tournaments.


wiitle vs Kenny
elevator_music vs dodrio
Bye vs ShinyFluttershy
prem vs Vinc2612
double01 vs Ruppy
FLCL vs Lavos
Electrolyte vs Kingmidas
Pokermans vs Champion_Eo


Lavos vs Kingmidas
Vinc2612 vs ShinyFluttershy
wiitle vs double01
Champion_Eo vs elevator_music


ShinyFluttershy vs elevator_music
double01 vs Kingmidas


elevator_music vs double01

Elevator Music is your champion!


happily ever after
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Randbats in 45 minutes!


Ruppy vs Delta2777
Subject18 vs badass
cbt vs Tsunami
Celever vs Terraquaza
bloo vs Modestg
Tehy vs mostwanted
Ciele vs double01
Fusxfaranto vs cbb


Terraquaza vs Tehy
cbb vs Modestg
Ciele vs badass
Tsunami vs Ruppy


Ciele vs cbb
Tsunami vs Tehy


cbb vs Tehy

Tehy is your champion!
Smogon Doubles Tournament signups have begun!

Gem vs celever
Eggy vs Nollan
Terraquaza vs FLCL
Ruppy vs nyttyn
Fusxfaranto vs blank
DaFlo vs reachzero

nyttyn vs Nollan
reachzero vs Terraquaza
Fusxfaranto vs celever

Nollan vs Fusxfaranto
Nollan vs Terraquaza
Terraquaza vs Fusxfaranto

Winner: Fusxfaranto (Axaj)


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Tier Shift starts in about one hour!
Do not miss this amazing tournament, so see you on #tournaments !

Tier Shift is an OU-based tournament, except that the Pokemon classified as UU, RU and NU get respectively a bonus of 5, 10 and 15 in every base stat. BL gets also +5, and BL2 +10.
We're starting in 5 minutes, signups will be starting soon!

Someone beat Reydemy for the love of god.

Ruppy vs HC
blank vs L
darkloic vs Laga
TheImmortal vs cbt
reymedy vs Vinc2612
Mr_Uncompetitive vs doughboy

Vinc2612 vs DarkLoic
cbt vs HC
L vs Mr_Uncompetitive

L vs cbt vs Vinc2612

Vinc2612 is the winner!
Summer of #Tournaments is proud to present Grand Slam Practice Sessions!

On days not Scheduled for "official" Summer of #tournaments, tours we'll host a (Varying) tier to allow you to further prep your teams for Grand Slam.

Tomorrow 9pm (GMT+1) I'll be hosting a UU tour
Sunday 12pm (GMT+1) I'll be hosting an additional UU Tour

please note: You'll not gain any sort of points in this that'll contribute to your Summer of #t0urs total through these practice sessions the sole purpose of these is to gain practice in the relevant tier
Hey guys, with the surfacing of a new interesting tournament concept, we're adding this concept to CAP week. It will not count towards your score for the playoffs but will be an interesting experiment n which is best suited to being done live.

Submit to me or Meloetta 6 sets which contain
  • 1 OU mon
  • 1 UU Mon
  • 2 RU Mons
  • 2 NU Mons
(As it's CAP Week next week you may submit a CAP mon in place of an OU mon)

This will take place next Friday at a time (which is to be confirmed)

If you have any questions RE: this catch me on IRC

~You don't have to participate - you can just submit sets
~All sets/mons must achieve at least a d-rank (and must be usable) in respective viability rankings
In todays tour, we're going to explore a suggested tour type.
Join #tournaments in 20 minutes to be able to participate in this pioneering tournament type!

Bye 2 vs AtomicLlamas
Bye 3 vs Keirany9
Celever vs Shnen
Bye 1 vs Infernis

Double01 vs Tsunami
B-Lulz vs CBT

Double01 vs CBT
AtomicLlamas vs Keirany9
Infernis vs Shnen

CBT vs AtomicLlamas
AtomicLlamas vs Shnen
CBT vs Shnen

CBT vs AtomicLlamas
AtomicLlamas vs Shnen
CBT vs Shnen
A tie for Draft battle, and no interest in DPP / Pure CAP tours - way to go for Week 5!

We're popping in the Time Capsule for Week 6 - reliving DPP / ADV / RBY OU (No tradebacks) all being hosted on Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday


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DPP OU in about 45 minutes, join #Tournaments on IRC in order to join!

Round 1:
yan[sogeking] vs Elodin
Bloo vs Fant
boudouche vs Temptation
Friar vs Double01
got a bye
Dice vs -Frexa-
Hot N Cold vs Cicada
Lady Salamence vs BKC

Round 2:
yan[sogeking] vs Dice
Temptation vs Ciele
Double01 vs Hot N Cold
Bloo vs BKC

Round 3:
yan[sogeking] vs Temptation
Hot N Cold vs BKC

yan[sogeking] vs BKC
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The ADV OU Tournament will start in about 1 hour! Don't forget to join #Tournaments on IRC to play one of the best metagame ever!


Round 1:
Coren37 vs Tobes
Hot N Cold vs ModestGarchomp
Leftiez vs B-Lulz
-Frexa- vs Laurel
DarkLoïc vs BKC
Nachos vs Ciele
vs TPO3
Masterclass vs Chieliee

Round 2:
Masterclass vs undisputed
vs Ciele
Hot N Cold vs Laurel
Leftiez vs BKC

Round 3:
BKC vs undisputed
Coren37 vs Hot N Cold

BKC vs Hot N Cold
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