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I will now give my own personal top 10 list. Feel free to disagree or post your own lists or whatever; it's not like there's a right answer. I'm sure someone will even put Sweepage in the top 10 so.
Haven't been around to play competitively for 6 years and my name is still on your mouths. So refreshing to see.

Although I do believe at some point I had a spell where I was the best player at the time including almost preventing your number 1 from getting his "two trophies" if misfortune hadn't struck, I agree with you. I shouldn't be on anyones top 10 list as there are other players more deserving. You can't be in a top 10 list if you have not won an individual trophy and have a bad spl record such as mine.

It's nice to pass by from time to time and see threads like these though, it's interesting. I think there's a bit of recency bias though since you really cannot have a top 10 list without including at least someone like earthworm. There's also Zak and IPL who deserve consideration. I feel like certain guys like earthworm should be staples just like Ojama and McMeghan for example. I'd love to include soulwind in the staples part but he's like me when I had that really good spell, he's winning and getting far in tournaments but he's not finishing the job at the end. I feel like he needs an individual trophy. On the topic of individual trophies, If you can have bro fist on your list who in my opinion is one of the greatest of all time then you should also add soulwind because bro fist doesn't have individual accolades. It really depends on how your listing things.

All that being said I don't disagree with your list or most of the lists since im sure everyone mentioned deserves to be there. There is no right answer as Tsunami mentioned.

Edit: Just wanted to mention I'm not salty at all about the Tesung part, maybe at the time I was but after leaving the game for so long I realized that it's really wrong to discredit a guys whole tournament run for luck he can't even control in the final. At the end of the day he put himself in a position to get that little bit of misfortunate to win the whole thing. He for sure deserves to be mentioned in any top 10 list discussion.
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This was a really interesting read, I might be late to the topic but I (and I'm sure many others) would love to see replays of these players at their best. Maybe a detailed analysis of why the replay is so good (highlighting specific important turns) or how much of an impact it had (tour finals, completely outplaying opponent, etc).

Personal GOAT: Ojama


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Ok a couple of players I wanted to mention. Since this thread is bumped it seems like a worthwhile opportunity. Not sure where they fit exactly, but they are some old guys.

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I know it's hard to evaluate old players, but I really dont think you guys understand how far ahead of everyone he was back then. Like if I was gonna talk about my OST2 final battle. Like, I had my team and Noobster had his team, and going into it, I knew both teams and knew that his Salamence and Skarm in combination would shut down my CM Celebi pass too effectively and that Salamence would easily be able to get itself into a position to sweep. So, I modified my team a bit, didnt bother to test it or anything, and ended up with something that was far too passive and lost badly. And this is kinda what battles were like back then, where you might know your opponent's exact line-up or at the very least you would know their style. In the semifinal I knew Aeolus was gonna bring some Skarmbliss stall. I am sure my opponent's knew I was gonna bring some offense. And this applied for everyone except VIL. He might bring anything.

Now this might seem like its quite unimpressive, but the thing to consider is that resources back then were very scarce. There wasnt much sharing of teams, there wasnt much sharing of replays, there were no VRs. It was a bit of a revelation to come back and see GSC VRs for the first time and think "oh, so that's why I was successful at gsc I guess". So for me to try to build a stall team was really hard. It took a really long time to figure out how to make a playstyle work. Like, I knew how to play stall against people who were using teams very similar to my style. But I had little idea of how to beat a stall team with another stall team.

VIL didnt seem to have that problem.

That Superman team, which these days is sorta seen as his greatest influence on the game, that was towards the end of his reign of dominance. He had been that good since GSC times.

When I started playing RBY Vineon was known as the player to beat. red13n had been hosting a series of 32 man tournaments on TPM, all double elim bo1 RBY. And Vineon had won all of them. 3 in a row I think? Maybe it was just 2. He was just lightyears ahead of everyone else at the time.

Vineon had the best understanding of how to win of any player I have ever seen. When playing the top players in a tier he had never played before you could ask him if he wanted any help and he would be like "nah, I'll just beat him" and then he would, the fucker. He would take risks no one else was prepared to, but only when he needed to. In particular I remember him predicting Cloyster explosions with his Golem. The sort of thing that would just look hilariously bad if you fucked it up, but he rarely ever did.

And I want to note that youre all massively underestimating Earthworm too IMO.

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not a single doubles players mentioned even though the dou meta is the most complex on smogon. And when you consider how many great VGC players have come through you can say the talent pool is deeper even though fewer members on regulars on smogon.

The answer is Statos who was the most dominate in the early BW and XY days and powerful through SM and and the beginning of SS before being vanquished

There are a couple DOUers who have had success in singles tours as well as great DOU achievements. They should be mentioned. Nails, SMB and qsns
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Nominating Stax, SMB, and KyleCole
Admittedly, I haven't followed tours super closely, but I feel like these players were consistently dominant or at least consistently discussed as strong players. I also think community contributions should be considered, if it's not already, for discussing this topic.

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