The Ubers Open VI - Round 4

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0 SpA Pixie Plate Arceus-Fairy Judgment vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Lucario-Mega: 204-240 (72.5 - 85.4%) -- 75% chance to OHKO after 3 layers of Spikes
I got the low roll :(
Still a good way to leave the tourney , ggs man

M Dragon

The north wind
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act, opp missed scheduled time and i wont be able to play until deadline
Rofl I didnt miss the scheduled time, I asked you if you could play later this week because personal reasons.

We can play on next Saturday (2 days after deadline), so asking for an extension

Quite Quiet

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The Fairy Aura and Dark Aura implementations on PS are currently not working exactly as intended (neither ability boosts anything). If possible, play on Smogtours for now, or account for this in your matches.

This will hopefully be resolved shortly, but until further notice assume this stands.
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