The Unscrupulous Tiering Director Tournament II (XY) - Round 2

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my laptop broke in half but some store magically taped it together and it works again
idk how that works but FINE i can play again
just need to throw together a team

(Doughboy you need to know that im available again)


I only play ADV UU
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A lost computer access by accident for a whole week, can i get a days extension to hopefully organise playing with pkrs


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picked up a big advantage with a dm miss (also a crit), not sure how it would've gone without that but it would've been much closer

won, ggs n-n
HBK vs Temptation
Bryce vs Sayonara
Lavos Spawn vs The Jaiho
kael vs Treecko
Glace0n vs Mew
Laurel vs Asek
FLCL vs Danilo
cbt vs GCSChris
Pat Labor vs shartruce2
SupremeDirt vs Remedy
Anno nyme vs Jayde
Pkrs vs Enguarde
kingmidas vs Veles
Lasagne vs Chisposo
High Impulse vs Hangover
Foster vs Jirachee
CyberOdin vs taylordactyl

this is the list of people who haven't played. please try your best to play. like i said on the pm, i can't start a next round until every match is finished, otherwise bans will be messed up. i'm giving you all a 2 day extension (AGAIN), so please don't make me read posts to determine activity wins .__.
activity post, my opp hasn't been too active and never even told me his timezone, let alone when he could play.
Activity. my opp said he would get back to me when he made a team and didn't. I didnt message him back cause i kinda forgot when the deadline was and didnt think it was urgent that he get back to me (cause I thought the deadline was later) so I didn't remind him (oops), but I've had and available team ready since the round was posted. Also I haven't been getting notifications from this thread (This kind of thing has happened b4, and yes im watching the thread), so that's part of the reason i thought the deadline was later.
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