The UU Open V - Round 1

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quick overview of my attempt at trying to shedule a game with scythe:
first day i messege him on his wall asking when does he want to play also suggesting one time it works for me
after a couple days he responds just to tell me he will give me info when can he play
after next couple days teal has asked us for an update (scythe has still not given any details) he responds pretty quick asking if i can play sth around 3 pm wedensday. that doesnt really work for me so i suggest two other times when im able to get the match done. that was two days ago he still responds to other wall messeges by others just keeps ignoring mine
Just in case: activity post

We were supposed to play on Saturday, but he was having computer issues and was unable to get on to play.

Hope his computer gets a better hamster installed so we can get this done. :o
Final activity post of the round, any longer into it and it would be impossible to get the games done in a realistic timeframe. I may do one or two subs from here on out but only if I see an opponent with extremely high activity that is willing to go the extra mile to get the game done.

Anyone substituted in from this post onward has the possibility of a very slight (think, one day maximum) extension if and only if they show an absolutely firm date and time that they will play the opponent they are substituted in versus. Otherwise, the activity win will lean toward the original person in the pairing, should it be impossible to get a set completed in the timeframe - though 3 days should be plenty to carve out a single half hour to play.

Finally, there are a few cases where a player has shown intermitted activity which makes me hesitant to substitute them. In these cases, I will leave them in for the remainder of the round - if they passed my initial sweep of activity (I checked literally every pairing) it means that they showed enough to be considered "active" in scheduling.


Feliburn vs boudouche - boud asked to be subbed. New pairing Feliburn vs Kingenvoy
[20:28] +teal6:
[20:28] +LRXC: omg
[20:28] +teal6: !dice 41
Roll (1 - 41): 25

Double01 vs Nido-Rus - Based on his last seen activity, Nido-Rus has purposefully ignored Double01's attempts at contact. New pairing Double01 vs Impact
[20:35] +teal6:
[20:35] +teal6: !dice 41
Roll (1 - 41): 1

Rare Poison vs Ratkiller - Ratkiller missed scheduled time and shows no interest in deciding a new one. New pairing Rare Poison vs CoolStoryBrobat
[20:38] +teal6:
[20:38] +teal6: !dice 41
Roll (1 - 41): 10

Curtain vs Funkasaurus - Curtain has a broken computer and has not shown any activity since Friday anywhere at all on the forums. Funk has made a post confirming his activity ITT. With Curtain missing their initially scheduled time, along with his computer issues, I find it hard to believe this matchup will be completed in the remaining time. I feel it is appropriate to substitute in someone who will be able to play by the deadline. New pairing Funkasaurus vs prooo
[20:44] +teal6:
[20:44] +teal6: !dice 41
Roll (1 - 41): 32

Laurens vs Cherub Agent - Cherub Agent has gone inactive and not responded to Laurens, who has posted of his activity ITT. New pairing Laurens vs LilOu
[21:05] +teal6:
[21:05] Blue Fire Mixtape: CLUTCH
[21:05] +teal6: !dice 41
Roll (1 - 41): 30

Sam I Yam vs mbtaggart - mbtaggart is just plainly inactive. New pairing Sam I Yam vs Memoric
[21:09] +teal6:
[21:09] +teal6: !dice 41
Roll (1 - 41): 20

TheClassyStaraptor vs snagaa - Snaga has failed to respond to TCS's attempts at clarifying a time, in addition to missing a scheduled time. He has been inactive for several days and shows no signs of making this matchup happen, while TCS has been actively attempting. New pairing TheClassyStaraptor vs -Tsunami-
[21:17] +teal6:
[21:17] +teal6: !dice 41
Roll (1 - 41): 32
[21:17] Bug Catcher Jeff: Okay sounds good.
[21:17] +teal6: !dice 41
Roll (1 - 41): 2

Matchups where a decision will be made tomorrow:

franiastar vs Scythe. - Scythe has failed to respond adequately to his opponent, though the time that he and franiastar scheduled for tomorrow may be suitable for him. I will wait until after this time to decide if he needs to be substituted. franiastar, for his part, has shown a good level of activity so he is at no risk of being subbed out. I trust that franiastar will be able to make time should he receive a new opponent late in the round, and will be lenient with providing a small extension to him should he need one.

teal6 vs qsns - After contacting me early in the round, qsns has failed to maintain an appropriate level of activity. Following my requests for a matchup or to more specifically schedule a time to meet, he has not responded once. I have confirmed that he was active following my most recent VMs to him, which would have provided two notifications, meaning that he should have been able to respond to me. Should he not get in contact with me by afternoon time tomorrow I will substitute him, as I believe I have shown an appropriate amount of activity since the round has started to confidently say I will be able to complete my set on time regardless of the nearness of the deadline.

Eo Ut Mortus vs Holiano - Holiano appears to have missed the scheduled times despite being online since them and has not reached out to Eo. I will check tomorrow and sub if he does not provide an adequate reason + rescheduling times that work for Eo.

My final thought: this is the last large activity sweep. However, if you can clearly say that you will most likely be able to make time to matchup against a new opponent before the deadline and still need a substitution, please let me know ASAP. There are still around 35 substitutes looking to get into the tournament, and I would be quite proud if we could trim that number down even more and end with next to no activity calls. As I said earlier, I will be lenient with these late substitutions regarding very small extensions, but it would not be hard to convince me that you have the appropriate level of availability to make a set at short notice.

Feel free to leave me a VM. These substitutions will be edited into the OP shortly.
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