The UU Open V - Round 1

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Banned deucer.
Guess I'm making an activity post, Bababing wasn't very specific with time-frames and I was on practically all day this Saturday and Sunday when he said he'd play me weekend, so it gave me some poor timings to judge on to begin with and when I vmed him on Saturday night that I'd be on, I got no reply.
Sorry if i missed this in the rules but.. if you win do you need to upload the battles? If so, how do i do that from the desktop app?
i talk with my opponent yesterday for play today
he not confirmed

I was online waiting.

I sent new message trying to make the game for Thursday.
Waiting for reply
I had confirmed to your time, you never informed me of your timezone so I assumed the time you listed as being in my timezone, but I was mistaken and I wasn't on smogon at the time you messaged me you were online. I will be able to play today and I responded to your message. You were also unclear about where you would be, smogtours lobby or main lobby, or even if you'd check the rooms I told you I'm active in. Sorry I can't predict when you will send messages :/
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