The World Cup of Pokémon 2021 - Finals [Won by Team US South]

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has been with us and supported us through this journey. Guys, you were great. To have such an experience as my first official team tournament is wonderful. I can't put into words how many emotions went up for me, but anyway I'll try. When I got the news that I could play for the German team, I was surprised and ultra happy at the same time. I came into the server and there were already some people waiting that I knew a bit, but also some that were completely new to me. So when xray came to me and said that I should play the group stage, I was moved to tears. Of course I accepted the offer and went out of the group stage with a 2-1. But the fact that I was then allowed to play the rounds after that makes me mega proud and happy and I thank you (all of Team Germany) for giving me your trust. The rounds actually went quite well, even though I couldn't concentrate at all in the quarter-final match due to a private matter. The final match against Ox The Fox was my worst match in the whole tournament and I would like to apologize to everyone for that. For the most part, I'm happy with a 4-2 stat, but this isn't about my personal stats. What the team offered and showed me is incredible. Prep went super well and was also tremendous fun, everyone's games were breathtaking and even the off-topic to talk about showed me why I actually play and love this game. Having the opportunity to play on such a wonderful team gave me a new perspective, a good perspective, and I'm already looking forward to the next team tournaments that await us. However, I would still like to say a few words about each and every one of you.

Gefährlicher Random You supported me throughout the whole tournament. When I was sad and mad about myself because of criticism, you cheered me up and made sure that my motivation was higher than ever. You also did the most for the team. You looked over everyone's shoulder and talking to you, whether it was about the game or something else, helped me enormously. You were important to me, but you were even more important to the whole team and your team support is something no one else can top for me.

MAX UND MAX You were also a great support for the whole team and what you showed in your games is phenomenal. You haven't been playing Smogon for that long, but you proved in this tournament that you've got it. I always think of that one perfectly played game and even when we talk together in the Voice, you put a smile on my face. Everyone needs people like you and I'm really grateful that I was able to play with you.

Dragon Claw I didn't know you at all, but I'm even happier to have met you now. You're such an incredibly good and nice player and you helped everyone build the team. Sometimes I think I even had too much respect for you, because sometimes I didn't dare to talk to you after I wrote too much shittalk in your channel x) You are a handsome man with whom I was happy to play together.

Lord_Enz I also only knew you from your last OST run, where you already showed what you are made of. Despite the lack of time you had during this tournament, you delivered. You were also the one who motivated me to play OLT and I am very grateful for that. Wishkiller still sucks though ;) I wish that maybe we can play together again in future tournaments because you are really straight and I would like to win together with you.

LNumbers The UU legend, or should I say the OU legend? I still wonder to this day how you made it this far with so little prior knowledge in OU. The amount of knowledge you bring to the table overall, whether it's in team building or in your battles, is incredible. Also, you helping everyone showed me what an awesome guy you actually are. Personally, I think it's a shame that you didn't get a chance to prove yourself in the semifinals and finals, but you didn't need to. You've already proven yourself more than enough. And I'm sure you'll blow everyone away in future tournaments.

mind gaming You are the person who got me into competitive gaming in the first place. Before that I only played Random Battles, after that I played Draft Leagues (where you already brought me in) and now I'm standing here where I am and I have you to thank for that. In this tournament you had a somewhat unique way of building teams, but that's what I like about you. Your ideas are usually really good and in your games you showed that you belong to the elite. Even though I sometimes had the feeling that you weren't really motivated, you often proved me wrong a few seconds later. Take this motivation to future tournaments, because you are really one of the nicest players I know.

Relous I knew your name before, but unfortunately I never had the chance to play against you or with you (if you exclude the Beer Bears and the one game on 2018). Your skill is also tremendously high, the sadder that you only got to play one game the entire tournament. I don't need to tell you what you've got (the SPL record is enough) and also off-topic you're a really awesome guy. I'm looking forward to see more from you.

Padox I think it's a real shame that you couldn't play a game, because you showed me some plays on the ladder that I'll remember. I always find it amazing how I can talk to you about anything in the world without worrying about it. It really seems like a brotherhood to me sometimes. Keep up the good work and I'm sure you can win against anyone in future tournaments.

CrashinBoomBang You are a luminary and yet I have never heard of you. That's a shame, considering all you've done. It was really nice to talk to you for the first time and I really hope it won't be the last time. You're so incredibly nice and funny at the same time that it's almost impossible to put into words how awesome your personality is.

Reje Who is Reje? That was my reaction when I read your name for the first time (probably the same the other way around). But I am glad to have made acquaintance with you. Unfortunately I couldn't see anything game-wise, but I'm sure that with the right team you can beat anyone. Also with you it was possible to talk about many things, which makes you a special person for me.

Ewin It's really tragic that you're banned, because I watched the matches last year and the name Electric Win stuck with me. I think your personality is really special and remarkable and I'm really happy how much time you put into this tournament and into the game in general. You're a winner for me and I hope things finally take off when you're unbanned.

Now I want to say a few words about the managers, because they put together an incredible team.

CMx I will never forget our first meeting. You came up to me after a draft game final and asked me if I knew Smogon and if I was active there. And I knew Smogon, but I never really played tournaments and that's why you were one of the people who got me here in the first place. Because you motivated me for my first big tournament (OST 2020, the run is also legendary because I wrote on my own wall and then lost by coin flip, but that's not the point). Even though you were rather covered during the group stage, it made me even more happy that we were able to go through the final rounds together. You also supported me through this hard time I had partly in the final rounds and I'm really grateful for that. You're a really cool manager, keep it up.

xray Both as a manager and as a player you did an incredible job. You probably already know that I often look up to you and deservedly so. You're one of the top 5 players in my opinion, if not the top 3. You're a player who can push his squad to come out and play the best games they've ever had. There are definitely some of those. I'll never forget your games either, whether it's the 5 turn battle or just that final tiebreaker, because what you delivered is extraordinary.Even if it didn't work out this time again, I know you will get this trophy next year (maybe together again, I don't know). I wanna see a thropy below your name so much and I don't know any person who gets into the top 16 so many times in different tournaments. You are truly a legend.

Big thanks also to helpinghans who supported us throughout the tournament and what you brought to our team is wonderful.

Even though it was so close not enough for us, and as I said I am looking forward to the next tournaments. Congratulations to the entire US South team, TPP Eo Ut Mortus FlamingVictini and everyone else, you guys deserve it. You guys played an outstanding tournament and were the best opponents we played against. You guys are true heroes.
damn that buzzwole cc catching weavile was one of the best plays ive ever seen especially considering it was in a finals tiebreak g3. i wish i saw the game live to see everyones reactions, i wish i could see team germany's reaction LMAO

congrats to us south, you guys made history going from having to play qualifiers to winning the tournament and serve as an inspiration by showing that victory is still within reach even after a rough start. happy for tdk fv eo and any other friends that are on the team

and a great run to germany too, you guys consistently show up in this tour and bring in new talent every year. excited to see the new names become tournament mainstays over the next few years
Now that I can finally rest in peace after having dedicated my life to that IFRS exam today, I wanna take the time to make shoutouts as well. This will be a short (but prolly not haha) essay about me having the time of my life over the course of the past nine weeks. First of all, I wanna say that you guys are as amazing as it can get. Ngl, I went in with high expectations in terms of the overall team chemistry, cause I´ve known some of you before this tour and I already knew that you guys are great. Let´s just put it that way: You guys went nuts. Literally, you were even more amazing than I could´ve ever imagined. It was a crazy ride since the beginning and I don´t regret a second I invested in this tour. Everyone was invested and poured their heart and soul into this tournament, you just love to see it haha. Even if we didn´t manage to win the trophy (which is heartbreaking and devastating), no one can take the time and love we put into this from us and I can tell that we had a blast this wcop. On top of that, with WCOP being my first big tour (after uusd and uupl which aren´t considered big tours, but those were my first ones so it counts. And ltpl ofc that we won and I literally dunno how to this day haha), this was even more of an experience and I´m so grateful to have made it. I literally am grateful to all of you and I want you to know that I´ll always hold these memories dear to me. Now, without further ado, let´s start with the individual shoutouts!

xray THANK YOU! I could prolly repeat that for like 400 times till I hit the character count limit, but I´m gonna save that for later haha. But for real, I´m so grateful that you saw the potential and decided to invest in me last October despite the fact that I was literally there for two months lmao. You´ve helped me to get into the uu scene only to tell me a month later to quit uusd (and uu in general) to become an ou main. Well, ig your prophecy wasn´t all that far from the truth after all, cause I actually ended up playing ou later on and enjoyed it quite a lot! In fact, I actually inted to become an ou main now after this tour, but more to that later. This shoutout is dedicated to you. I wanna start by saying that you bounced back like no one else after stours despite having doubts about your team choices. I´m so happy you did it and it just proves that you´re one of the most experienced players of the site (and one of the best, no doubt here). You came back strong in semis and finals when we needed you the most and saved our season multiple times. You were also invested in our prep each week and helped me to come back after my first game, so thank you for that! This shoutout is already long enough, but I still wanna tell you that you shouldn´t worry about anything. You played that tiebreak game like a pro and came back after what seemed to be a lost game after the first couple of turns. Btw I haven´t doubted a second that you would do so, cause I knew how bad you wanted this. You actually made it come down to a 73% which is honestly amazing. Keep it up man and it was an honor to team with you and I´m always down to team with you again brother! Lastly, can´t wait to see you in September man!

Gefährlicher Random Yep, this will be a long ass shoutout as well lmao, but you deserve it! I wanna start by saying that it´s mostly thanks to you that I am here today. It´s the truth. If you hadn´t reached out to me for ipl last summer, I never would´ve signed up (or even known of it lol). It´s thanks to you that I am where I am today and I honestly wouldn´t want it to be any different. I´ve known you for some years now, because our dear old Pokétuber Community where we used to play draft leagues all the time (or maybe just me idk haha. You were there long before me). I´m happy to have met you back then. In fact, you were actually one of the first people I´ve ever talked to in call and I remember us talking with Lenny till 4 am in the morning one night, it was crazy haha. I also wanna thank you for supporting me consistently and helping me a ton to get into uusd and ltpl. It was because of you that I had the chance to make these awesome memories! But back to you man: I still have this image of you being the most broken player on earth and you never fail to disappoint me. I know that your record doesn´t do you justice in the slightest and you might be unsatisfied with it, but you´re such a valuable teammate and a hell of a player. You totally deserve the hype that you get and to me, you deserve even more. I also know that you won´t agree with that, but a lot of people (not just me) think about you like that and it´s a sign, trust me. Teaming with you is an experience to make and I truly hope we get to team for another big tour in the future again! Also, can´t wait to meet you irl again after these years!

MAX UND MAX DU BIST FRITT!!! (insert Germans laughing at this, ty). You were literally one of the stars of our team this season and you 100% deserve it. People always kinda thought of you as the underdog (and yes, we all know that you love to consider yourself as the underdog as well. And ye, keep on doing that if it helps you), but let me make one thing clear: You are NOT the underdog anymore. You are literally a beast. I kinda wish people could see our server, because it just shows how much effort you put in and how many teams you helped to build. You literally helped everywhere and built a shit ton of teams on your own that some of use reused. On top of that, you´re an amazing player and you´re no longer in the shadows of your brother, you two are equals now (and both extremely broken lol). I´m talking about your twin brother MAX btw. You deserve all the hype you got going on atm and I´m 100% sure you´ll get drafted for scl and spl next season! Btw, also can´t wait to see you again irl in September!

Lord_Enz We might not have won WCOP, but there´s still our reunion in September and that can only mean one thing... ES WIRD SICH VERDAMMT NOCHMAL FLÜSSIG ERNÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄHHHHHHRRRRRTTTTT!!! (I love this meme hahahaha). But for real, DAS WIRD ZUUUUU WILD DIGGA! But back to the man himself that seems to be Smogon´s no. 1 upcoming player atm: I wanna start by saying that you out of everyone deserve the praise you get the most. I know (and relate to) how you must have felt last year being overlooked, but didn´t let it get to you that much and kept going and that deserves a ton of respect. I honestly think that we have similarities when it comes to investing time and putting in effort for the things we hold dear. Da wird einfach kompromisslos reingegrindet und das is soooooo geil. You´re actually a great role model and people could actually take a page from your book when it comes to that. That being said: I´m happy that you showed up and delivered after your amazing OST run showing people that you are ready to own. I also love that you got your own thing going on on the ladder and by now it´s become a part of you. Ngl when I think of the ou ladder, you immediately come to mind. Keep doing your thing bro and you´ll go far in whatever you wanna achieve!

Dragon Claw Our story is kinda funny and goes back to last November (people prolly expected me to say sth like 2015, but guess what I´m a zoomer). You were on the lineup week 1 and about to face one of my best friends on this site today (s/o Juno), but couldn´t make it in time, so I had to sub in. Our former manager (Indigo Plateau) then kept me in and you cancered as a result (great job ip, you n00b. Erz was the only player that didn´t get to play in that tour. Ig we should´ve made pdt our real manager after all...). But back to you brother: I remember you pming me day 1 or 2 during wcop round 1, cause we both wanted to build around the same six (future sight king tran weavile shifu lando corv). You told me that you´re gonna show me how much effort and love you put into these big tours and you didn´t disappoint. You were THE surprise for me and I´m so happy for you. I also wanna say that you´re an amazing person and you literally got a perfect mindset for a tour player. Idk if it was SPL, but I could tell that everything you said came from experience. Btw thanks for being there for me when things got rough and supporting me. I don´t just say it, I truly appreciate it. You´re prolly one of the best teammates you can have and one of the best people out here and I hope I get to team with you again in the near future and get to know you better!

MichaelderBeste2 MICHIIIIIIIIIIII DU STRICHAAAAAAA (these memes keep getting crazier and crazier lol... just like you). But srsly, banded pex is the truth hahaha... even though I´m not convinced yet. If people think that this was just a hot take, then you gotta team with the man himself to get access to 100% of his crazy ideas. Even though they may sometimes be a bit weird (you know what I´m talking about and I already know you´re gonna bring it to prove all of us wrong, so do your thing man), it´s so damn fun to team with you, cause you´re quite the personality. I like it ngl haha. I just loved to see how much time and love you put into this tour, like reading 5000 messages you missed when you were gone haha. But for real, it just shows me how much you care and I´m happy that thing are finally going your way. You were 100% active and at it and that´s what I wanna see. I truly hope we get to team again brother and then we´ll go completely mental and invent a new meta lmao.

Relous Yooooooo, I just wanna start by saying that I´m so grateful to have had the chance to team with you, cause you´re truly amazing man. Even though you started the season on the bench (voluntarely), you were still there supporting us and trying to get familiar with SS OU. It´s a shame that you only got to play one game and that it went the way it did and ik it frustrates you, but let me tell you one thing: You were still one of our most valuable slots actively supporting us with prep and testing. People should know that you´re not only a goat in sm, but also in ss and we couldn´t have made it this far without you. I also wanna give you a special shoutout for reaching out to me when things got rough anf helping me to give it my all. I rlly hope we get to team again. You´re truly one of the most amazing persons here and I can´t wait to meet you irl bro!

mind gaming ATTENTION EVERYONE! What you´re about to see is MIND BLOW(I)N(G)!! alright, enough with these jokes, but I love puns anyway (right funny punny? Punny hahaha). First of all, I wanna tell you that your way of playing this game is kinda interesting. Your approach is completely different from the average Smogon guy and that´s what makes you special and so damn dangerous. You can quite literally blow their minds haha. You´re able to see things differently and that brings you further in a lot of your games which is honestly an amazing tool to have! I´m also happy that you got to show everyone again what you´re made of and winning a game with an RU team lmao. It was a pleasure to team with you and I´d always be down to team with you again bro!!

CrashinBoomBang It was an honor to team with you man!! I´m prolly one of the few ones that didn´t know much about you before this tour other than you being a freaking GOAT in ORAS. I wish we could´ve gotten to see more of you ingame in SS, but I´m happy you enjoyed this tour as much as everyone else. You also told me that you wanna play mons again for a bit and I honestly hope you´ll do that! I can´t wait to see you own your opp every turn hahaha. Or like you said after my game vs. odr: "Meine Lieblingsgames. Wenn die einfach jede Runde auf die Fresse kriegen. Der Pump auf Nido schon am Rande der sexuellen Belästigung". That was one of my highlights haha and I can´t wait to see you do the same to your opps (or even worse). That being said, I hope we can keep contact and team again some time in the future!! I also wanna say that it´s kinda cool that you seem to like English as much as I do!

Padox I´m happy to have gotten to know you in this tour. It´s fun to be around you and I think we get along p well. That being said, I hope we can keep contact and do some crazy stuff together in the future (I remember you being an adrenaline junkie as well). But back to you: insert Leru telling you to SUB HIM OUT or as we like to say: SUBBT MICH RAUS!!! But now for real hahahaha: I would´ve loved to see you play and you deserved to get the chance 100%. I just hope that people will acknowledge the time and effort you put into this tour and give you a chance to play, cause we all know that you´re great. You got a lot of stuff going for you and I hope you keep at it bro! Lastly, I hope we get to team again in the near future and get to know each other a bit more!

Reje I wanna start by saying that I would love to make a compilation of the most savage things you´ve said in this tour, cause I would be freaking hilarious haha. You´re quite the personality and being around you is definitely entertaining. It´s a shame that you didn´t get to play this tour, but we all know that you´re more than capable of delivering when you need to. Hope we get to know each other a bit better in the future and can´t wait to see you in September bro!!

Ewin You know? I wasn´t there when you made that big voice reveal and perhaps it´s thanks to you that we lost now, because we had no reason to win after that anymore... well no one but me and Relous. You should be ashamed of yourself! Just kidding haha Nah, but srsly dude, you owe us a voice reveal. But back to you: Despite you not being able to play, you were a huge help in prep and you contributed so much to the overall team chemistry. I hope that you´ll get unbanned (and stay unbanned. Just do it, okay?) so we can team again next year. You´re a great player and I´d love to see you in action again in the big tours. Can´t wait to team with you again and get to know you better man!

CMx Thank you for being an amazing manager as always and pushing us to our limits. You´ve prolly invented one of my favorite lines atm haha: Push deinen Körper!!! and let´s just say we kinda did that in tiebreak vs Brazil. I had a great time with you on the server and thanks for pushing me to my max when I needed to! I hope we get to be on the same team again in the near future and feel free to hmu whenever you need sth brother!

helpinghans Honestly, you feel like a part of our team. Literally everyone on the server (including me) is a big fan of yours and we are truly grateful for everything you´ve done for us!! You´re truly a legend and I want you to know that you´ll always be a vital part of Team Germany!

Alright, this post is already as long as it can get (don´t say I didn´t warn you). If you read it all the way till here, then you must be either mentally disordered or truly amazing (or perhaps even both). Either way, I appreciate it! I wanna end this shoutout congratulating my friends from south, in particular my boys TPP (you deserve it man! I´m happy for you) Bouff (If we can´t get the trophy, then I´m happy that you have one. Btw let´s talk again sometime without saying gm (which is quite literally impossible, cause it´s become our thing by now haha) and HSA (happy to see you killing it not only in old gens, but also cg. Keep it going brother!).

To round it all up, I also wanna say thank you to everyone who´s supported me this far (it means more to me than you can possibly imagine) and believe me, it wasn´t for nothing. I´m more ready than ever and this will not be the last time you´ve heard of me. I´ll keep going and make my way into the big tours, no matter how far I have to go, so watch out for me!
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This is my first time doing a shoutout post, so apologies if it is poor or cringe, but I will try to keep it short. I will also not be writing them in alphabetical order, you will have to guess what my order means (if you happen to be last then start thinking about our friendship).

I would like to start off by giving respect to all our opponents that we faced, especially Germany--you guys were outstanding and have such amazing talent, both playing and building wise, and I'm sure you will continue to be threats in future tours.

HSA - the goat clicker himself, honestly I wasn't expecting you to be good at ss before going into this tour. However, you ended up being huge for us with some fire wins and helped test whenever we needed it (and even built the goat blissey nidoking team). Your games were my favorite to watch out of the whole team because the games would be quick af and you always made your opponents click with you, truly thrilling to watch. You are always such a fun and chill person to talk to, so hopefully next year we both are playing or team for another tour. And we finally got to play the gartic games which literally saved our season. I don't know if you plan on playing future tours, but I do wish the best of luck irl with your career and maybe you can actually buy me dinner one time...

Ox the Fox - Ox the Goat - I didn't even know you were eligible to play for us until FV randomly invited you to the server and I was excited when you joined because it's always nice getting to know new people. I knew you were a great builder, but I think now you're a great battler as well. You helped so much with prepping both building and testing, without you we definitely wouldn't have made it. I also love your confidence level - always nice to see "new" players playing with confidence. I'm happy that you were able to use this wcop as a redemption tour after a bad spl season, I know you will do great in SCL and am excited to see that. I do hope you use less inaccurate moves though!

Eo Ut Mortus - Eo... THE GOAT!!! You were so outstanding it's crazy. I remember being scared that you wouldn't play since spl just ended and thought you might wanted a little break. But, I was so wrong, you ended up easily being the most motivated player in our squad and the most active. I know you're a humble guy and hate hearing this, but without you helping us so much in building, testing, and going undefeated (on the official sheet...), we wouldn't even had made playoffs, so we truly appreciated all the hard work. We probably played like a thousand test games no lie (and I probably won 65% of them), but those test games helped me go into my games with so much more confidence, so thank you for always testing with me every other night. Enough pokemon talk, you're always an enjoyable friend to talk to even if your clever remarks were annoying at times. I do hope you bring the rock dragon in scl though!

Samqian (banned) - You might be the person I have known the longest from south ngl. I remember how bad you used to be in OU back in the day, it's nice to see how much better you have became in OU (still have a long way to go...) I think it was honestly very impressive how quickly you ended up getting locked due to olt (has to be a new guinness world record), but I was very glad that you didn't let the ban get you down that much. You still ended up helping us a lot in prep and tested with everyone whenever needed. You also saved our season so hard vs Argentina - can never forget that. I do think you need to relax a bit more when it comes to mons, but I'm sure you will be fine in the future. I hope the best for you irl starting university is going to be such a huge change.

jacob - I know you feel like you got carried to this trophy, but I am here to say that you hella got carried, but that shit doesn't matter--A CHAMPION IS A CHAMPION. We probably have known each other for a long time now and I can definitely say that you're always fun to chat with in any server. I wish the best for you irl and go make some bread (please donate to my GoFundMe).

TPP - The shadow manager himself, you were amazing like always. I remember us talking in pms hoping we can make playoffs before wcop look at us (who would've thought, not me). You were so helpful in everything especially the scouts and you have became such a better player now, although you still need to work on your corv vs lando sequences... Jokes aside, you ended up getting so many clutch wins this season and your positive as a manager did help a lot (I do think you need to be a little harsh sometimes though). I am excited to see you playing in scl and in future tours. Also anyone else reading this--do not be fooled by tpp's kindness this man is a bully in the shadows I swear on my life.

FlamingVictini - I think everyone was pretty upset when you decided to not play r1 after r1 went up, but it was very relieving when you did play for us in playoffs. You ended up playing amazingly in those games like always and it was nice having a player like you in the back. I know you were upset for not being able to clutch us the win vs xray, but I think that was more due to the fact that your team was ass rather than your playing skills no cap. I know you're doing amazingly irl right now, so I hope that continues and I hope we continue to team again in the future. I remember our time in scooters--that spl was crazy for multiple reasons.

GaryTheGengar - Honestly, I thought you were a mean person before the tournament started, but you are honestly such a nice guy that I was shocked. Even though you didn't talk that often, you were always positive and welcoming whenever you did speak and it was nice to have that type of positive vibes in the chat. I do think you are a good player, so it was a shame you didn't get the chance to play more games, but you ended up subbing for fv last minute and trying to learn the meta despite being busy irl was relieving to see since its always nice to have a sub like that in the back. Hopefully you talk more in the future so we can get to know each other more.

Christo - Whatever people might say, I think you're a great player and teammate. I remember how good of a teammate you were last year which was very surprising for me because I definitely didn't expect to see. It was great to see how confident you were to sub in for us in finals despite not knowing the ss meta well at all, but you ended up grinding a lot that week to try to get us the victory. It is a shame that you did lose, but as cliche as it may sound, I really did appreciate the effort.

Gray - I know you are definitely upset over your record, but this was only your first team tour, so don't worry about it much. I know you love this game and want to get better as time goes on. Even though you suck at building, you always posted some fire ideas and helped everyone test whenever they needed it and that was very appreciated it. I know you're probably laddering for olt while I'm writing this, so I hope you don't tilt and clutch it up in the final two cycles.

TDK - I think our first interaction was after you disqualified me from stour playoffs back in like late 2017 DESPITE IT NOT BEING MY FAULT (I have not forgotten) and then you messaged me the following year to join team south or something like that -- you truly made me a bitch. Anyways, you're always so fun to talk to because of your chill personality and as cringe as it may sound, you really have helped me become a better player throughout the years. Even though you got clapped by the Germans this wcop, you subbing in legit last minute to play two games on the last day was so clutch for us. And it was so nice to see how you really wanted to tb for us and I hope you enjoyed playing.

Stone_Cold - LEGENDARY DAVE - you will always be our leader even if you might be dead most of the time. That speech that you gave us during the middle of r1 actually saved our season, it really inspired everyone to be more active and deadass try. You truly are an amazing person and I'm sure everyone on the team appreciated your pms. You really are the daddy of team south...I hope we can get you enough trophies to tie your wins on the sheet that would be jokes.

Bouff - My man bouff from the CERK, you are deadass one of the greatest support any team can ask. You were always so positive and supportive every week to everyone. It is always so fun to chat with you and even troll you at times, without you our chat definitely would've been more ass. You helped us so much in prep and the teams you snatched every week surprisingly helped a lot. It was fun to team with you again after our time teaming back in snake 3 and I'm sure we will team again.

lab aka the mannat jerk - You guys will always be some of my closest friends ever on this site. It's always so fun just chilling in the server and joking around or armchairing or whatever. All of you are great friends and I appreciate all the support and jokes you provide.

Clone - Even though you weren't officially on the team, you definitely deserved this trophy just as much as we did. It felt like you were part of the team and you were helped so much in prep, test, and even posted some fire teams. I hope in the future you will be part of the team and get a chance to get your name out.

aiko (cwl) - Even though you suck at mons, you did help us when it came to playing test games and bashing my teams. I have no clue when you're getting unbanned if ever, so I truly do hope you get unbanned soon, so I can roast your tour games whenever you play.

Jsaok3 - You are always so positive and supported us from day 1. That video you made for us was pure heat and I hope to see more of you in the future. Thanks for all the positive vibes in the chat and public.

Aeroblacktyl - Nice to have you armchair wcop games with us. You are always hilarious to me, I will always appreciate your roasts and witty comments.

@everyone else that was in the chat - I am too lazy to shoutout everyone else in the chat cuz there were too many people, but I appreciated everyone that helped, supported, or chatted with us, and hopefully you guys stick around.

Overall, I am very happy that my first trophy was wcop because I was able to make some great friends in south throughout the years and it was an amazing journey to finally win this tour despite being ass over the years. It really is amazing to think that we came from almost losing in regulation stage (shoutouts to team Argentina btw amazing people) to winning the whole tournament. Thank you so much for the great memories and I hope we continue to win in the future tours. This tournament was a blast to play and watch and I hope we continue to have such amazing tournaments where people can enjoy! Peace for now!

(Apologies for any grammatical errors; I was in a rush to finish this and I am 100% not reading this shit over because I will cringe).
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alright now that the dust has settled finally getting around to this. first off i wanna say thanks to everyone who supported us throughout the tour and those who congratulated us as well. your words means the world.

ngl idk where to start. still processing in my head that it's finally over and that we won. like i look at everyone's postbits and just think about everything here for this to happen. this was such an incredibly long process - we had a longer tour than anyone else, having to play through qualifiers back in early may and then pushing through all the way to finals. like, this is historical shit here LOL and so seeing it finally pay off after all this is so satisfying. we weren't really poised to do well by a lot of people and at the beginning i don't think we had the highest expectations for ourselves or anything but as it progressed shit just kind of picked up. thinking about it, there's a difference between "yeah, we can win" at the start and then it developing into "holy shit, we can fucking win" over time. the feeling and the atmosphere just changed a lot. this whole thing just feels surreal especially considering how close this tour was. the series vs argentina wasn't the easiest and r1 itself was super tight for every team. if we had lost one more game there the whole tournament would've turned out completely differently. goes to show how literally everything mattered here.

to south, you guys are amazing and this was well deserved. we weren't the most optimistic group at the beginning LOL but we really grew into our own over the weeks and it paid off. like ive never seen a group of people just like we did in game. so many people here just played super well and it is not something you see very often. that and of course us drawing was a lot of fun and our victory charm, so it feels satisfying and incredibly relieving that we clutched this one out.


Stone_Cold you can say you didn't do anything or whatever all you want idc. you fucking saved us. if it weren't for you telling us how it is and getting our asses in gear none of this wouldve ever happened. every team needs someone like you, because a lot of people don't know how to handle situations like the one we had. getting people motivated in crisis moments is fucking impossible for some teams but you knew what to do. even though you were off being an Adult or something which meant you didn't get a lot of time to be with us, you are an essential part of all this and so your five millionth wcop trophy here is proof of that. you mentioned at the beginning of the season to me that we were the future of the team and i hope we fulfilled that for you.

jacob i think out of everyone here i've known you the longest, going back to scrub league 2014. jesus that was a long fucking time ago. even though you weren't the most active since you didn't like gen 8 that much (i think), i'm still really glad you could have this since you're one of the coolest dudes to have around. hope we can team up more in the future.

Christo you didn't say much of anything until finals LOL, however once finals came around you did your best and tried like everyone else did. even tho the game didn't pan out, it takes a lot for someone to relearn a meta in a high stakes setting like this, and you were enthusiastic about it all when it came around. can appreciate that a lot.

Eo Ut Mortus words can literally not accurately describe what you did for us. anyone outside our team can't even fathom it. this tour was probably uhhhhhh different from how you envisioned it to be a few months ago lmao. in retrospect ur channel name is obsolete because, thankfully, after qualifiers the kitchen had run out of business and you didn't use any of my horrendous teams. instead you ended up building the best teams of the tour, and it wasn't just for yourself either. like there is no one else who understands the meta better than you do. without everything that you put into this we wouldn't have come close. like it's one thing to fucking crush it like you did and go 7-0, but you did so much more than that. the best part about winning all this is that you got to secure it for us, in one of the most insane rollercoasters of a game ever at that, which is fitting because there is not a single person who has deserved a trophy more than you do.

FlamingVictini definitely gonna be saying this a lot here since our team was so good, but watching you play is a treat. you have an amazing mind for the game, and your games vs tace and rob were fucking sick. you're not afraid to pull any triggers and the way you set yourself up to win is ridiculous. beyond that you helped other people out as well, christo especially. thank you for all that you've done for us.

FMG so so happy we got to team up again after the cobras (the greatest team of all time btw). going into this i was excited because youre one of the funniest dudes on here, but beyond that...dude you piped the fuck up!!!! which was fuckin awesome. your game vs felix was a fucking work of art. like we were all kinda feelin like shit after losing twice in a row, and at the start of your game it wasnt looking great either...but then like you just started going in. like you really started going in. none of us could fuckin believe it and you just brought it home like a champ. really proud of you for your performance. i also gotta mention one of the best (or worst) moments of r1 was everyone collectively losing their minds and dying inside during your game vs robjr. mightve shaved off a few years off our lives but that's ok.

Gray didnt know you all too well before this aside from nu snake where idt we talked too much, but you were cool from our limited interactions there so it was nice to team again. im gonna save you the everyone has bad tours etc etc thing, especially since its your first time out there, because you won for us in qualifiers which was incredibly important, and is something that won't be forgotten. hope to see you in the future and hope you kill it in olt.

HSA its fitting that i just mentioned olt because as im writing this you were apparently losing to rain over and over again on the ladder. in all seriousness you did great this season. your games went 500 miles an hour which was definitely Something, but you were crucial for us throughout the tour - we were not in the greatest spirit after sam lost in semis but you brought it right back up. if we lost to finch after that then idk what wouldve happened. you're also easy to talk to and get along with, so honestly getting to know you was one of the best parts of this season. also yes, i did pray that we would win during prayer. every time in fact.

Ox the Fox dude. holy shit. i like say that everyone played well but over the last few weeks your games have like literally left me in disbelief. i don't get it. i've mentioned this to you before but i'd tell people to go in with a Chad Mindset lmao as stupid as it sounds before their games because that sort of thing tries to give people confidence (sometimes...maybe). but like you actually do that. there is no fear in your play at all. you've improved immensely throughout the season, moreso than anyone else in such a short span of weeks, and came in clutch for us time and time again. winning that tiebreak game was literal insanity, and save for the Forbidden Six, there really isn't much that can stop you. despite being an ox you're a fuckin goat (this is corny but it had to be said).

TPP as a lot of other people have said here, you've truly grown into your own this season. the games you played were insanely tense and you deserve a lot of praise for closing them out. your finals game in particular was really amazing, we were all at the edge of our seats for that. beyond that of course you did so much for our team. being there every day, doing what is probably the best scouts ive ever seen, all that was integral. you put in an obscene amount of work and handled the managerial stuff as well. i'm indebted to you and dave that you let me be a part of this as well. i'm really glad we got to team officially after spl and i hope we're together more going forward.

GaryTheGengar similarly to tpp it was great getting to be with you after spl. i wish you got to play more cause you're really good but your work schedule was not kind to you iirc which led to you being subbed out. also very happy you managed to get some time to draw with us at the end since i know you didnt get the chance to beforehand.

Samqian idk if this will link to your profile or not but i guess it doesn't actually matter. even though this season didn't end up the way you wanted it to, you put in a lot of work and played some solid games - it's especially worth noting that you started the playoff clinch gauntlet with eo and tdk following suit. beyond that you're also super funny and talking with you here and in tmbj is really great. when i started thinking of what to say for people in these shoutouts i was gonna say that the banned jokes will pass eventually, but then i remembered through lived experience this isn't actually what happens...but you get used to it. anyway hopefully you stay unbanned because i def wanna see you play more in the future.

TDK like jacob we've known each other for a really really long time, so it's great that we finally got to team together. you played some really fucking good games this season. clinching playoffs in the way that you did had the rest of us really happy in call, because jesus that game was well done. and then of course there's the death blow lmao. this tour is well deserved for you and everything you've done, especially considering the fantastic year you've been having.


Jsaok3 the rare are fucking awesome man. when i saw that you were hanging with us i was so happy because you are seriously one of the coolest people i've ever met on here. incredibly positive and always there to cheer us on. and then there was that video as well, which was really awesome. actually had me listening to lockjaw for a while cause of it. and then of course you tested with everyone as well. truly grateful i got to talk to you more and that we got to share music with each other. on that line, you're one of the few people on here who listen to benny revival, one of the greatest artists of all time.

Stathakis when dave hled everyone asking if we were cool with letting you in, i was super excited. you returning to this game was awesome because you are like actually inspirational, both in game and as a person. thanks for hanging with us,.

Clone i actually didn't really know you had come back for a while until recently, as i had remembered you from way back when in the gen 6 ou forum days. you're really nice and you chipping in and helping everyone was definitely needed for us to succeed. hoping to see you in tours in the future.

also more shoutouts to everyone who was just chilling in our chat, you guys are the best - even you aiko. thanks again to everyone on here for making this such an amazing experience. i hope this means as much to you as it does to me. see you in scl
Nice run South, you always have great lineups and its always weird seeing you guys sucking big dicks, too. Finally got to see a great run of you all, as a team of your caliber is expected to have. Special mention to eo and fv that are two of my favourite players for some years now, my boy fmg for the great run and dave for being one of the most special people of the whole site, even if hes semi useless at the game nowdays. :heart:

Nothing but respect for Germany too btw, you guys are great and some of you earned my love throughout the recent years. Jonas, erz and lorenz, congrats on your amazing runs, and cbb for being so wholesome.


its only gg if I win
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wanted to do some HIGHLY REQEUSTED quick shoutouts for my guys and my experience with my first team tour

wasn't rly expecting to get picked up cuz I thought south was pretty stacked and then tpp messaged me and I was like oh they must not be stacked and then I ended up starting on a team with a stacked roster. I didn't end up doing so hot, although I couldve definitely prepped more vs luthier and when Eo brought up coba buzz vs attribute for a potential ace kart, I thought he was talking about cobalion so I was like nah i hate cobalion and it ended up screwing me.
more pain.png
Then i just didnt play optimally against askov in a clean game.
My only unofficial win this tour:
anyway regardless my team ended up carrying and still went 2nd in pools despite my 0-3 with nearly everyone going positive and straight up won the whole thing despite all odds.
I still had an amazing time being part of the team and am grateful for the chance. Hopefully next year I'll be good enough to get some wins.

As for shoutouts, I gotta start with
TPP was actually surprised when you reached out to me but thank god you did cuz this was a great experience (and I got a trophy out of it B)) i had a great time talking with you then and I 100% see why people look at you as one of the nicest people on the site. After my win and losses you had a whole essay to talk to me which was really motivating to read. You were the perfect undercover manager and you definitely are a lot of the reason we won the trophy u wanted so badly.
Ox the Fox i was hyped to see you starting along with me as a newer player to official tours and ur season was incredible. There's no one I wanted to see win more than you cuz I know how good you really are, I dont think I've ever beat you in a clean game. Having the pressure you did to play in tiebreak and coming through is a lot harder than it looks cuz its so hard to not be a pussy, but you played that game and all ur others at a high level.
FMG definitely a super nice guy from my experience, makes me happy to see you have such a successful tour. your activity was enough to show how much you wanted this and clowning on you talking about how ur gonna lose every week must be a good luck charm or something so we should definitely keep that tradition
Bouff the literal goat behind the scenes, it wouldve been amazing to have you play but alas. Regardless, you did more than enough for your part with your scouts and team recreates as well as your encouragement for all the players every week. I think its impressive asf to care so much and put in hella effort for a tour you dont get much playing time for and you showed that theres so much you can do away from the battle.
Eo Ut Mortus if someone were to legitimately ask who the best ou player is right now, other than me ur the only answer. Definitely one of the best builders in the game and the creativity in ur builds is crazy to watch. like binding band pult wtf is that and you make those sets work its so impressive. you let your results do the talking and I'm genuinely trying but cant remember the last time you had a bad tour.
Stone_Cold had fun talking about how old you are and its kinda crazy how you still managed to give us the time you did even though you didn't have to. I appreciate your pms and thoughts after my games and your general presence is impactful enough to increase everyones activity and heighten the mood, ur the goat
jacob brother we are two of the same, south is lucky to have us. hopefully you continue to stick around so we can continue to carry south in the coming years so we can show off the trophy we earned so fittingly. also i hate you for subbing out of bw in retro cup cuz I ended up going 0-3
Samqian lol I dont think I can tag you but i think you should just stay away from ladder altogether. I remember when I got you locked last year and the mod said you were already supposed to be locked. anyway I'm actually a fan of ur play, I love your aggressiveness and you shouldve had a better record than it said on the sheet, ur luck kinda sucked. Regardless our teammates came through B)
TDK i was actually surprised u werent starting but you still ended up showing just how good of a player you are with that crucial win in pools to get us up to 2nd place and the win against john in semis. glad we put you in to show your stuff cuz you came through in some really clutch moments necessary for us to get as far as we did.
FlamingVictini i have a bone to pick with you for beating me in ladder for olt with such a low elo. fr tho you seriously showed me why you're a great player. I had a fun time watching you prep and its crazy to see you pull wins against top players despite not having as much experience in ss. your games are always interesting to watch as you play as patient and aggressive as is optimal and get wins to show for it.
HSA surprisingly had no idea who you were before this tour. I actually thought you were gaoa or whoever that dog pfp guy is for a reason I dont remember. anyway you seriously kicked ass this tour and i wont confuse you for another person again B) it was fun seeing you clown fmg and click away in your games and still manage to pull through. hopefully ur success continues in olt (dont snipe me)
Christo didnt really talk to you at all but the effort you put in during the finals didn't go unnoticed. it was unfortunate that ur game was nearly impossible to win but at least we know not to use rock slide chomp ever again B)
GaryTheGengar havent talked to you either but you were busy with irl things (i still think pokemon is more important) but you put in work for prepping for the game you subbed in for which is more than anyone can ask for

also shoutout to the boys
Clone super cool dude who gave support for my games, hopefully we keep in touch
pdt gave hella motivation throughout the whole tour, hopefully the success continues in uuwc
Skysolo my likewhorer :heart:
Man, this was such a good tour experience and I'm really grateful to everyone on this team who made it so great. Super happy with my personal performance, especially after a horrible SPL debut, and I'm also proud that the entire team was able to come through and get the trophy after being forced to go through qualifiers. Huge shoutouts to everyone on Germany too, as you guys were easily the 2nd best team in the tour and the finals really could've gone either way. Crazy how it ended up in a 1-1 tiebreak situation with the finals being decided by Weavile hitting axel or not.

Good luck guessing what the order is btw!


FlamingVictini - Shoutouts to you for inviting me to the US South discord server in the first place, without that I probably never would've played this season. You've been pretty busy IRL this season and I'm glad everything is working out well for you, but you still managed to make time to prep hard and play some great games. It's always amazing watching you play as you really make the riskiest plays with absolutely no fear of getting it wrong. The game vs robjr was so exciting to watch, and I'm really glad I had an opportunity to team with you!

HSA - CLICKO MODE. Dude it's honestly been so much fun talking to you this year and getting to know you. Your games are always such a blast to watch and the fact you click every move within 5 seconds makes everything so much more entertaining. You honestly have such a good instinct for the game and got us some really important wins that you should be proud of. One of my all-time favorite plays was you staying in vs lando-t w/ heatran to click earth power, only to get killed by earthquake the next turn. Best of luck in your new job and I hope to team with you again next year.

TPP - Dude you were honestly the best shadow captain anyone could've asked for. You were great helping everyone with prep and also being there to help test any teams. I definitely think you were one of the main reasons we managed to win this year as your dedication to the game and helping the team is just unmatched. In-game you had a killer record too, going 6("5")-1, so I'm glad you finally got the tour record you've been looking for and I'm sure it's only going to keep getting better. Next up comes the hat trick by winning SCL too???

jacob - super clutch co-captain

Bouff - I'm still mad it took you so long to get FMG's order (although not much longer than me) but seriously you were so helpful with helping us prep teams + test. Your team recreations were a great help for getting a feel of matchups vs specific teams and the kitchen also (almost) never failed to drop banger teams. You're also just a really fun guy to talk to and I'm glad you got a well-deserved trophy this year. Can't wait to see you starting next year and going 6-1!

TDK - Kudos to you for coming into a tier you weren't super active in and still putting in the work to be as prepared as possible for your opponents. You came in clutch with some really clean wins and I'm really glad I got to team with such an accomplished player. It's always a thrill to watch you play - seeing plays like clicking d-gleam w/ koko vs lando-t super early in the game just goes to show how confident you are in your decisions.

Christo - Didn't really talk to you much either but kudos to you for coming through for us in finals. You unfortunately didn't get the win, but I know you spent a lot of time prepping and I appreciate the effort.

Eo Ut Mortus - It was honestly such a good experience being able to team with such a high-level player this year. Other than gray, you're easily the best SS OU player right now, and your metagame knowledge and prep work are both incredible. I'm not going to talk about how great of a player you are too much, because you should know that by now - but I will talk about how great of a teammate you were. You helped out so many of us with our teams and were always there to give pointers/directions when we were stuck. I also appreciate having someone that I could ask for feedback on my games with and get a clear objective answer. There's an obvious reason you've been in the finals of the last 3 team tourneys and I would love to carry you again in future tours.

FMG - yoooooo dude you came in CLUTCH this year. Was honestly so exciting watching you perform so well, especially that great finals game vs. random. Your play has been improving so much throughout this season and I can't wait to see where you go in the future. It's also been really fun talking to you this year - although fuck you for that stupid ass post order. I guess it came in kinda clutch because that was the most active we've been all season??? but nah fuck you for that.

GaryTheGengar - Didn't talk to you much but shoutouts to you for coming through and playing in a meta that you didn't know.

Samqian - LMAOOOOO u rly got urself banned right before finals. Fr though, you were super helpful all throughout the tour with prepping and testing, and got us some crucial wins. Going 0-2 in playoffs was definitely not what you were looking for, but you got haxed in one of them, and you also gave us the motivation to sweep every other game.

Stone_Cold - It's been super great getting to know you throughout the season and I appreciate having someone who's been successful in so many team tournaments still around. Your words of encouragement were greatly appreciated and I'm glad you got another trophy without actually playing. Only two more trophies to tie up the sheet win record!


Skysolo - ALIEN GANG

Clone - glad you came back to mons this year, it's been great talking to you again!
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Eo Ut Mortus

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Once again, ggs to Germany; after R1, I'd said you were the team to beat, and the adaptations you made round after round kept on proving it. You guys have a ton of breakout performers, and I'm excited to see all of you continue to flourish in future tournaments.

Now, for my South-outs. Coming into WCOP, I was pretty low on myself and Pokemon. I wouldn't have even signed up, but I felt in some part responsible for our relegation last year; I'd went 1-2, and we'd lost out on a tiebreaker by two games. I was considering just playing in qualifiers and dipping, but not only did I lose that game, our team was at a point where any player stepping down from the starting lineup would have probably killed our environment completely. It really took some time for us to get our shit together; many of us went back and forth in terms of being motivated, but in the end, all we needed was for all of us to be motivated at the same time, and that finally happened on the last day of Round 1. That was one of the craziest days of Pokemon for me. I woke up early to play my first game, then TDK was subbed in at the last minute to play two games, and I still had to decide on a team for my last game later that evening. Throughout the day, I had no time to absorb what was going on or pay attention to the other teams qualifying until we'd made it, basically. In fact, the whole R1 was an insane ride, because we were constantly at the bottom of the standings due to delaying all our games to Week 3, but it was worth it for the ending and what it meant for our team.

As for our team, I'm happy to have wound up with people who are not only pretty good at the game, but also chill and easy to talk to and work with. Could not have asked for a better group; I don't know how many of us will be around next year, but I'm glad we got our chance to win it together this year.

HSA - I have a lot to say about you; it'll probably take more time than your average game length. First of all, I have you to thank for dragging me into this mess. I was going to phone this tournament in if you hadn't suggested I might have to build all your teams. Thankfully, I knew that the last-stage evolution of the TerrakChomp -> WeavCham pilot line is simply UrshiPult. I like how TPP implied in his shoutouts that I strongly advised keeping you in when I actually gave the most lukewarm recommendation of all time. I genuinely thought you'd be phoning it in as well, but you put in a surprising amount of effort R1, proving that you can be good at Pokemon when you want to (but you never want to). Overall, you surpassed all my expectations this tournament even if you fully met them in your last game. Congrats on destroying Finchinator, buddy. Hope you remember who told you to use Blissey + Nidoking when you're solving 39.5 mental math problems per minute on the Citadel trading room floor or whatever.

FMG - My friend Bill, I thought you were retired from competitive Pokemon. As it turns out, you remain sharp as ever, particularly with your signature strategy of "bring defensive team into losing matchup and outplay." This was quietly a great tour for you; you were very close to going undefeated, but unfortunately, not even your ability is enough to carry the vaunted Hydreigon / Dragapult stall. In the future, maybe consider the God Claw or tyrants swag. Games aside, you're a great teammate, constantly available to test or offer suggestions, and your personality really helps balance the team and our (my) volatility. I'm really happy to have won a tour with you; you deserve it so much.

Gray - I still feel bad for giving you a team that got 6-0ed by Unaware Clefable against Dr. Stall (Luthier) of all people. And what the fuck @ the Coba thing LOL. I didn't even know that was what happened. I could tell you were a bit busy during R1, and you could've definitely ended up with a better record/season if some things had gone differently, so I'm glad you took it all in stride. Thanks for carrying me in play-ins and sticking around and continuing to help through our entire run.

jacob - Best captain ever; just lets me do whatever I want and doesn't ask questions. A true managerial exemplar.

Samqian - You might've been the only one of us who showed any motivation coming into the season, but that just died when the rest of us failed to step up as well. I felt pretty bad about that; glad you stuck around regardless. Your wins were extremely clutch and even heading into finals at 0-2, I was 100% confident you were going into the next one with a vengeance, so it was a bit of a blow when you got banned (although I'm not gonna lie, I am used to this by now @ 3/3 finals, 3/3 tiebreaks, and 3/3 teammates getting banned). Nonetheless, you helped out a lot beyond playing and helped keep together a team struggling with its motivation. As much as anyone, you deserve to enjoy this trophy, but more importantly, you deserve to enjoy the game (you get these platitudes if you don't get a banned joke that's how it works).

Ox the Fox - You did so much for our team; it cannot be understated. Of course, a lot of our games were simply won with your teams, but you did so much more when it came to helping me and others with building and just bouncing general meta ideas off of each other. I honestly might've gone the entire tournament without touching a Weavile if you hadn't been hyping it up during round 1. Not to mention your play; even in your one loss, I was sold because you didn't just go down without a fight in a stupid stall match-up. I really, really wanted you in the tiebreak; win or lose, I would've always second-guessed our season if you hadn't gone in after doing so much for the team and clutching the last two rounds. When you came through, I was so happy. Having known most of the others beforehand, I'm glad to have gotten to know you in particular this WCOP; this tournament was yours, and I could not be more proud and impressed.

GaryTheGengar - Like Gray, I feel bad for giving you that team into that matchup. You deserve a lot of credit just for subbing in on such short notice, especially because I know you're another one of us laden with real-life obligations as well. I'm glad you were on the team; you're a chill person, and I was happy to see you pop in when you could to chat or even skribbl that one time. Hope to see you at your peak in SP/CL; you're a threat when it counts, as I know very well from last tour.

FlamingVictini - To this day, I can never tell when you actually want to play or not. Thankfully, I'm not in charge of making these decisions, because if I had been, I'd have let you benchride the entire tour. You make playing this game look effortless sometimes, but I know you put in a lot of work to achieve that, and I appreciate it all the more knowing your IRL obligations. Even if it wasn't your meta this time around, I still respect your mind for the game a lot; when your stuff hits, it hits hard, like that Grassy Terrain sun team from last year and all your HOs I considered stealing during Snake and SPL. Always a pleasure seeing you at work, and even more so on the same team. Hope you'll have the time to continue to stick around.

Stone_Cold - It's funny to look back to the times we first teamed together and compare it to now. You've mellowed out considerably, and our team is all the better for it. I haven't, by comparison, so thanks for putting up with me and my shit. I never thought the trophy we'd earn together would be WCOP of all things. Whether it's the One-Time motivational speech or the dumb interactions you have with random people, you know how to keep us together. Here's to another decade(?), and welcome to the blue trophy club, my friend.

Christo - My fellow Tyrant, the only other one on this team, in fact. Thanks for stepping in during finals. I'm not sure if you're busy with Fortnite or chess or GME at the moment, but always a good time teaming with you. Glad we could get the trophy this time!

Bouff - First of all, thanks for letting us use your house for this. Very gracious of you. I'll be serious for once now. You were a very important part of the team in so many ways, from all the help you did testing, recreating teams, and just contributing to the general atmosphere. I don't want you to sell yourself short on how much help you can be when it comes to building, though. Any team would benefit from your help in that regard, and I wouldn't just say that unless I truly believed it. That aside, you really were the heart of the team. Playing for so long, it's easy to forget where you are and see everything as just another game/week/tournament. But your feelings were contagious, from the apprehension before each match to the excitement and elation afterwards. Despite my best efforts, I got caught up myself, both in the highs and the lows, and I wouldn't have it any other way. What you brought to the team was important and irreplaceable; thank you for that.

TDK - As with FV, I initially couldn't fully discern how you felt about this tour/Pokemon in general. Now that it's over, I know we got the best of you, and I'm grateful for that. I appreciate all the work you did in keeping up with the metagame; as a similarly particular builder, I know the pain and frustration that comes with trying to work within the confines of a metagame that won't let you execute the ideas you really want to make work. That being said, your play showed none of that at all; it was consistently impressive, and seeing your early game vs Lord Enz come down to that axel roll was the most heartwrenching moment of the tournament. Thanks once again for stepping up, but fuck Necrozma.

TPP - Anyone can put up numbers, but it takes much more to do that while keeping a team together. Knowing that we'll never get caught by a surprise activity call or some other bullshit is some peace of mind that can't be taken for granted. More than that, you made sure everyone on our team was receiving the help they needed, even if that meant you deprioritizing your own prep just to test, especially during crunch time. The fact that your record was earned with this selflessness makes it all the more better to me. Thank you for all that you did for this season; this was simply the most deserved breakout performance.

Clone & Jsaok3 - Thank you both for testing and helping out without being a part of the roster; the both of you are great teammates and just as deserving of this win. Hope we can see you in action in the future.

@mopsux, Thatsjustpeachy, aiko, Skysolo, pdt, Indigo Plateau, Stathakis, snaga (?) & the rest of you in chat - Thanks for being around to chat, armchair, support, etc.

Finally, thanks to all the people who reached out to support me in public or private. Love you all.
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