The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round Two

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Might as well do predictions.

picklesword vs Jackal- picklesword is a very solid battler, and while Jackal is also, I think picklesword's creativity wins out here.

GG vs LonelyNess- GG swept division so I guess he deserves respect, but I know LonelyNess and I think his skill wins out.

Taylor vs Michilele- I don't know Michilele, and Taylor is always very solid, so he gets the nod.

batpig vs COalex- Huy swept the hearts of the world with his dominating sweep of his division in the first round, and I say his momentum carries over into this round.

Jirachi268 vs Gormenghast- shutup gorm.

dynamo vs Mysterious Stallion- MS is one of the more underrated battlers for some reason, and evidently he has a special team for this one :D I can't wait to see it.

Lockon vs maddog- Anubis is a great battler (evidenced by his holding the #1 and #3 positions on Ladder), and of course, a member of the elite Team Metro.

Foreys vs Thunderhorse- *smacks him bottem*

Giga Punch vs Sonuis- GP is game. (classically angry as well, it seems)

Sapientia vs Obi- I've faced Sapienta and beaten him everytime on my cleverone alt on Shoddy, and I can't even boast a .500 (or close to it) against Obi, so this one is obvious to me.

Melon vs salaspectrum- boooooaaaaahhhhh and salas is really good :D

Maniaclyrasist vs FiveKRunner- Maniaaaaaaaaac rocks.

aldaron vs Hipmonlee- GG, sir.

Earthworm vs zerowing- Earthworm is is only great in my heart. Also, I don't even know if zero DPs that much lol, if this was ADV it would be zerowing

CLegacyM vs Loki- GG, sir.

JabbaTheGriffin vs DD.- Jabbaaaaaaaaaaa rocks.

husk vs Stalling- GG, sir.

rojo23 vs Brawley- Brawley...

Floppy vs Antique Roadshow- AR is very solid (though experiencing some down time lately...hopefully that will pass!!)


Of the matches remaining, Gouki v. MoP, IPL v. Pilocus, VIL v. Phuquoph, hibachi v. Fade_Away, and omni v. TAY are all deserving of highlight matches and therefore tough to call.

Gouki v. MoP- I'd say MoP is a great battler, but Gouki is the very epitome of underrated and I think even if MoP does have a slight advantage over Gouki, Gouki will rise to the occasion. Why? Team Canada depends on Gouki to advance, whereas Asia can take a hit. That doesn't make any logical sense? Fuck off.

IPL v. Pilocus- Man this was a tough one. I'm going to go with the person who is considered by many to be at least top 3 all time in team building for the ADV generation, and possibly top 3 overall battler. Pilocus has been so hot in recent tournaments though that I think he may have the God of Statistics on his side...

VIL v. Phuquoph- I hear from my teammate Iggybot that Phuquoph more than rose to the occasion and defended his reputation impressively (I don't personally know how Phuquoph is as a battler since I have never knowingly seen him battle), and he seemed to dominate his division. On the other hand, you have VIL, who, while only in the DP game for about a month to two months, is, well, VIL. He also beat me 2-0 last night lol, so I'm going with him.

hibachi v. Fade_Away- I've faced both many times, and they have all been good matches. From what I remember of both, I say hibachi has the advantage in this one. Fade_Away was in the top 8 of ST4, so he might have some luck in tournaments as well (since getting far in single elimination tournaments is largely influenced by luck!!).

omni v. TAY- TAY is another underrated battler. omni also kicked my ass in ST4. Tough call. I go with TAY because I know she (don't know your gender and you come across as a girl to me. If you aren't a she...well sorry dude >_>) is more knowledgeable of the DP metagame than omni.

My predictions ^_^
olo here we go

Gouki vs MoP
picklesword vs Jackal
[kd8]otome vs Pilocus
GG vs LonelyNess
Taylor vs Michilele
batpig vs COalex
VIL vs Phuquoph due to team UK xd
Jirachi268 vs Gormenghast
dynamo vs Mysterious Stallion lol
Lockon vs maddog
hibachi vs Fade_Away
omni vs TAY
Foreys vs Thunderhorse
Giga Punch vs Sonuis
Sapientia vs Obi
Melon vs salaspectrum
Maniaclyrasist vs FiveKRunner
aldaron vs Hipmonlee
Earthworm vs zerowing
CLegacyM vs Loki
JabbaTheGriffin vs DD.
husk vs Stalling
rojo2 vs Brawley
Floppy vs Antique Roadshow

guessed / trusted the people I know are good battlers for some of these as I have seen nowhere near everyone play.

Also, I want to contact Mysterious Stallion, but when I look under M, I can't find him... help?
Gouki vs MoP - Really tough match, but as mentioned, Gouki is really underrated. Really, could go either way
picklesword vs Jackal - I don't know Jackal, but I've had a good number of great matches with pickle.
[kd8]otome vs Pilocus - yeah
GG vs LonelyNess - GG swept what was widely considered to be one of the toughest divisions in round 1. LonelyNess is no slouch, but I think GG has this one.
Taylor vs Michilele - Don't know Michilele, but Taylor is good
batpig vs COalex - After watching batpig tear shit up in round 1, I'm going to have to go with him.
VIL vs Phuquoph - Really tough. Phuq is good, but VIL seems to play more, which I think will be the deciding factor.
Jirachi268 vs Gormenghast - gormgormgormgorm
dynamo vs Mysterious Stallion - Don't know why this guy isn't given more credit. Really, a great battler
Lockon vs maddog - Anubis is a very good player stepping into the DP scene. Going to have to give him the win here.
hibachi vs Fade_Away - Great ST4 performance is going to carry over into the WC
omni vs TAY - Don't know omni, but TAY is really solid
Foreys vs Thunderhorse - Foreys is a great DP player. Should be an amazing battle though
Giga Punch vs Sonuis - Don't know Sonuis, but GP is great. Go Team Metro
Sapientia vs Obi - Don't know Sap, so going with Obi, perhaps one of the most famous DP players here
Melon vs salaspectrum - Sala is just to good
Maniaclyrasist vs FiveKRunner - Maniac is awesome.
aldaron vs Hipmonlee - I wanted to watch this
Earthworm vs zerowing - Not sure how zerowing is at DP, but I know Earthworm is good. Really good
CLegacyM vs Loki - Yeah Loki
JabbaTheGriffin vs DD. - Go Metro
husk vs Stalling - Wanted to watch this to
rojo23 vs Brawley - Brawley is solid all around, don't know rojo.
Floppy vs Antique Roadshow - Never a better time to get out of a slump

I wish I could watch all of these, all are going to be great matches.


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yeah!! asia :D :D :D :D :D

see max you couldve been in asia but no you had to go switch over to usa south HEH.

edit: everything's updated.

Anywho, I've sent the PM to Michilele and it seems we're likely to play this weekend.
I don't think so, you have a PM-answer. You should post after reading a answer.

ps@Shiv: You cannot compare the match of judgement&me and melon&me.. I used a random team against melon xp..
gl&hf germans, one of us is in Round2.

pps: germany>all
I said it seems likely, because that's when you said we would most likely be able to play. Now you're changing it to next Sunday? I just PMed you back straight away saying we can play now.
He was trying to find out my identity and everything. He wouldn't leave me alone, then he was banned for some reason.

I wish I could read that...
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