The World Cup of Pokemon V - Round 2

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Activity post My opponent wont respond to any of my vm's finally when we did schedule via msn he was supposed to battle me three hours ago and apparently he is afk now.
Oh fuck... time to stop shit-talking and start playing well and do our best to win.

I'm pretty confident in our team, Brazil! Don't let those losses get to you and stay sharp... all of you have the skills to make it through this round, so don't lose any confidence and raise your guard.

I'll try to play with hanke tonight... hanke, if you can't, please PM me as soon as possible, so I can rearrange my commitments so that you can schedule our match to a better time for you.


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I had to take someone else to the hospital, I'm fine...
gg B-Lulz, I now I played absolutely terribly but a lot was going on around me that I didn't expect when we started the match. I'll play you again some time under more normal circumstances (:


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Activity post. I pm'd IPL 4 days ago and still no reply. I have been on basically all day, every day since r2 started and I haven't seen ipl anywhere. I'll send another pm but I don't think it will help tbh.
I won against ENZ0 in a very tight and fun match. gg!

I'm still undefeated here. I hope my fellow barilian monkeys work their asses to get some more wins so that my wins are not useless :pirate:.
if only I got Sebastian to crush his record and spirit.....

anyways, DarkLynx is never on, ive been on since the start of Round 2 everyday, I sent him 3 VMs and a PM, he answered the first VM saying he wouldnt play the whole first week and Monday (how annoying), but that he would be on every other day except Friday. Yeah right, he hasnt been on a single day and im still waiting for an answer, hopefully we get this done either today or tomorrow, as he said he cant play Friday and I dont think ill be able to play on Saturday.


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I'll probably have to sub out mien for myself since the guy ditched us again =/ It's not final yet but will probably happen within 24 hours.
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