The Yin-Yang Tournament - Round 1 (CHECK POST #196)

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Activity Calls / Coinflips

BKC vs Chase (coinflip)
BIG loven vs Nightblade7000 *
Furai vs ||vallejo|| (coinflip)
Asuya. vs toshimelonhead (coinflip)
Ordile vs OO8 (activity)
~Golden Emp vs Aqualouis *
Princess Bri vs 199 Lives (coinflip)
Nightsblade vs D4RR3N *
Accelerator vs tangramman (coinflip)
Hantsuki vs LighTz911 (coinflip)
reyscarface vs MarceloDK *
Pedrock vs Darkhallway (activity)
Staraptor vs Agammemnon (activity)
Gymdude vs Cristal (activity)
Kojes vs ~GreenCore (activity)
pokebasket vs idiotfrommars (activity)
Okk vs FastFlygon (activity)
AlphaJolt vs mfhoundoom *

I made all decisions based on activity posts, but most importantly VMs between players. (I suggest players use VMs because they are visible to the host)

The matches with an * next to them were extremely tough to call, and as a result I will allow one day from this post to get them done. I already have a set winner for these five matches in case they do not get done, but I will keep them hidden to avoid evasion.

Just in case, here they are again:

BIG loven vs Nightblade7000
~Golden Emp vs Aqualouis
Nightsblade vs D4RR3N
reyscarface vs MarceloDK
AlphaJolt vs mfhoundoom

I will have Round 2 up as soon as possible, just wanted to get this out first!
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