There Were 190 Pokémon!

I can't believe nobody thought to post this here.
We just got a good deal of info regarding the Pokemon cut from Gen 1. Granted we don't have everything - we only got backsprites, and of those three are missing, not counting the ID numbers that were used for the fossils/Pokemon Tower Ghost, but at least it's some sort of solid evidence.

A few interesting notes:
-Everything that was revealed in the Tajiri manga appears to be here, though there are a few changes; for example, Crocky appears to have spikes here instead of Wily hair.
-Some of the designs we first saw in the leaked GS Spaceworld Demo were in fact holdovers from this, including some of the ones that became baby Pokemon, as well as the Kotora line, which was originally a 3-stage family.
-Zubat and Psyduck originally had 3-stage lines, and Marowak appears to have had a evolution as well which looks suspiciously similar to Kangaskhan...
-So my shot-in-the-dark theory that Gorochu was one of the Missingno. was true all along!

So please, discuss.

(Note: The evolutionary tables Helix Chamber got were incomplete, so only a few evolutions are confirmed, such as Gorochu, Zubat, and Psyduck)

EDIT: Gonna post some possible theories as to what the the three 'missing' cut Pokemon are, with some TL;DRs of Helix Chamber articles as necessary:

115 and 121: The vast majority of Pokemon with ID numbers from 106 (Machop) to 130 (Golbat) are all evolutionary relatives of Pokemon from what HC refers to as 'Period 2' (ID No. 38 (Kadabra) to 78 (Krabby), though this batch ends with 71 (Poliwag)), so it's easy to say that these follow that trend. We should, however, eliminate some from this list:

-Kadabra, Graveler, Machoke, Psyduck, Mankey, Venonat, ID 69 (the Zubat prevo) and Poliwag all have evolutionary data for other Pokemon.
-Arbok, Parasect, Golem, and Dragonite all have move data, but don't have data to evolve into another Pokemon, indicating they're all final-stage Pokemon.

This leaves us with the following as possible recipients of an evolution or prevo:
-More likely: Chansey, Mr. Mime, the Hitmons, ID 50 (Baloonda), Tauros, ID 61 (the elephant), ID 62 ('Crocky'), ID 63 (the squid, more detail on this one below), Farfetch'd, ID 67 ('Cactus'), and ID 68 ('Jagg'), Doduo (same reason as ID 63, see below)
-Less likely: Magmar, ID 52 ('Buu', the yeti), Electabuzz, Magneton (highly unlikely), ID 56 ('Deer'), Koffing, Seel, Diglett

Magmar, 'Buu' and Electabuzz appear to be a trio, and considering the first and last of those got their own prevos in SW97 (along with Jynx, who ended up taking 'Buu''s place as their counterpart) it feels odd that only one or two would get a relative. There is the off-chance they either evolved from or into one mon, but considering how different they look from each other... not likely.

Magneton is a supreme shot in the dark seeing as it apparently has another evolutionary relative alongside Magnemite. A four-stage evolution might have been thought up of, but it's extremely unlikely.

If one of these two happens to be related to 'Deer', it'll be a prevo, as 'Deer' has no date to evolve into something else. However, unless said prevo was a super-early-game mon, this is unlikely, given that 'Deer''s earliest move is learned at Lv. 14 (comparable to mons such as Geodude, Psyduck or Slowpoke), plus the fact that every other Pokemon with move data intact also has their evolution lines intact, even ones with Missingnos such as ID 69, ID 175 ('Gorochu') or ID 127 (Psyduck middle stage)

Koffing, Seel, and Diglett are a bit more likely to have one of the missing Pokemon as an evolutionary relative, but it's unlikely due to statistics; the various three-stage Pokemon usually have their relatives right next to each other, such as Psyduck or Poliwag. There are only two instances where a Pokemon's evolutionary relatives are separated in the ID list, Machoke (Machop is 106 while Machamp is 126) and ID 69 (Zubat is 107, Golbat is 130). Then again, there are also only two confirmed three-stage lines with their relatives next to each other (the aforementioned Psyduck and Poliwag), so it's still possible. Also, Seel and Diglett are more likely than Koffing to have a relative here, since Weezing is not in this group.

One last note on these two, if Doduo and ID 63 are the ones, it's much more likely that their relatives are ID 115 and ID 121 respectively instead of vice-versa, as ID 116 is Dodrio and ID 122 is another squid Pokemon, likely the final stage in 63's line.

135: This one is a bit easier to narrow down. The Pokemon from ID 133 (Magikarp) to ID 155 (Tentacruel) are more evolutionary relatives, the majority of which are for Group 1 (ID 1 (Rhydon) to ID 37 (Slowpoke), though the last Pokemon to get a relative from this block is ID 36 (Pidgey)), with some for Group 2. After eliminating the ones with intact evolution data, we have the following candidates:

More likely: Rhydon + Rhyhorn, Kangaskhan, Exeggcute + Exeggutor, Lickitung, Lapras, Tangela, ID 32 (largely since we don't know what it's supposed to be, all the 'more likely' mons for ID 115/121
Less likely: Voltorb, ID 21 ('Omega'), Scyther, Staryu + Starmie, Blastoise (before introduction into the water starter line), Pinsir, ID 31 ('Gyaoon'), all the 'less likely' mons for 115/121, Krabby
Highly unlikely: Gastly + Gengar, Magneton, Grimer + Muk

Gastly and Gengar already have Haunter in this group, so unless a four-stage line was somehow considered, no dice; same with Magneton. Scyther and Pinsir were possibly conterparts at this point, as with the evolutionary trio, so an evo or prevo to one but not the other is unlikely. We don't really have enough info on Blastoise before it became Squirtle's final evo to consider (HC speculates ID 172 is a prevo to it, but I'm not seeing it). 'Omega' was at this point apparently overwritten by Mew, and I'm kinda doubting any Pokemon's relatives got cut before the big purge; plus, from what we've seen it looks more like a standalone.

As for the rest of the 'less likely' mons, the simple fact is that for most Pokemon with two stages added, those two stages were placed right next to each other (those being the relatives for Cubone, Kadabra, Pidgey, and Ivysaur), and only one had it's relatives separated (Meowth, with ID 134 ('Meowzy') and Persain (ID 144), though 'Meowzy' is missing it's moveset and any evo data), so for them to have a gap between relative is unlikely.

There is a slight chance that ID 135 may be Betobebii/'Grimey', the Grimer prevo from SW97. Without looking at the movedata, it would make sense, as ID 136 is Muk. However, Grimer and Muk have complete movesets, with Grimer learning its first move at Lv. 15, and as I've said above, any Pokemon with complete move data also has intact evo data... except, apparently for 'Meowzy' (incidentally, Meowth learns its first move at Lv. 15 as well, and both it and Grimer evovle at Lv. 30). There's also the chance that ID 134 isn't related to Meowth at all, and is in fact in a 2-stage evo line with ID 135.
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It's so crazy that Zubat was going to have a preevolution and Psyduck was going to have a midevolution.
I'm guessing those got the axe because they felt uneeded. Zubat seems starting enough as-is and "Zuduck" doesn't add anything to the line at all. It probably says a lot about "Kobat" that it was left behind in the early days of gen 2.

That said in general it felt like there was a point in development where they were very all-in on Pokemon have a lot of 3 stage lines but they culled it back to two.

IMO, I would have kept the marowak evolution over kangaskhan. It fits the Cubone line better, even if Kangaskhan is visually more striking. You know, I wonder if the evolution actually made it pretty far in development? Giovanni's midboss encounters having a Kangaskhan has always been a talking point.

I hate that we not only lost Kotorra twice, we also lost whatever its final evolution was. It seems less round so it probably wouldn't haev been amazing but dang it this line is so great. I would have cut the magnemite line in a heart beat if the problem was too many electric types.

I bet that the squids, the fish, and those weird salamander things all got the cut for type balance reasons. I bet they were all water types and all the final water type lines are present. Maybe those weird "sumo" pokemon were also water types? The Salamanders could've been dragons as well and they favord the dratini line over it, I suppose, but they give me the same water vibe as the Aqua starter line in Spaceworld.

Controversial opinion: I think the Ponyta prevo should have stuck around. Have you ever seen Ponyta's statline? It's really high, 410 BST. So it's always in that awkward spot of being an actually pretty good Pokemon that takes forever to evolve and putting it in the early/mid game (like in Lets Go, Sinnoh and such) is a weird outliar due to its statline and evolution level. Ponyta being the second stage in an a evolution line, though, well suddenly it fits right in!

Crocky getting lost is such a shame. how did it rank lower than a cactus that ALSO did not stick around!?

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