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this is suddenly very stressful

I can’t see Pidge making an aggressive lynch like the one on Drookez yesterday if they’re maf, and honestly I was sharing a lot of the same thought process that Pidge was having yesterday. It’s between Viper and Nuxl, and I’m fairly certain Nuxl is the lynch here, but I’m going to look back obviously and try to figure this out
did you look back yet and figure it out yet
hopefully that insinuates that i think last scum is between the two people on the drookez wagon

i can see kinda why drookez was the lynch yesterday, I just think it's also reasonable to think about that it can come from a scum perspective as well

Whydon why did you vote drookez instead of pushing your seemingly heavy strong sr on me
(this doesn't really matter but i guess it's like it's kinda weird behind the mindset of "he was afk so he didn't kill townclear" as somehow scum!drookez catches that cleared asek is the d4 kill and forgets about rssp being the cop clear who was present during the saem day he was reacting to his partner caff's weird shade on him)
tomorrow's by far my easiest day this week. i have class from 9AM-10AM my time (9-10h from deadline) and another class from 4-5PM my time(2-3h from deadline) if i did maths right. in the event i get NKd i will be sure to put out my full thoughts before then
#195 nai i think. some people got vibes from this iirc but don't really see anything myself
#381, 382 shades inferno pidge drookez. obviously pidge is not a scumpartner here due to there being 1 scum left
#401 404 405 409 small tunnel onto inferno weird shade on om room only 401 i sl
I'm genuinely sure there is a mafia in drookez/inferno/dusk so I honestly don't think fh is a lynch today, although people here tend to be against a lurker lynch d1 but I'm fine with taking some heat for it if it means bringing the conversation to the table
i tr the last end of the post and sr knowing the flips the previous 3 interactions into defending fh. kinda forgets drookez throughout the rest of the game
#432 more pressure into inferno
#434 nai
#436 nai
#454 feels very genuine. reiterates #428. i've already went over this post
#455 shades duskfall
#456 slight shade on hal
#459 kinda brushes off dusk's comment. not a strong ew vibe but there is one here
#462 asks a nai question about 3p1k
#468 nai i think but kinda weird going for pidge over dusk who he previously srd
#476 generates scumread on FH? 476-480 looks better for dusk in this position
#481 can see town motivation because it's weird, scum motivation because this is where whydon finally starts to pressure
fh who's scum after it not working on other pushes who are obviously not partners
#482 slightly defensive?
#485 disagree with this post but it's not tonalyl scummy
#492 nai

#503 nai
#638 switches vote off of inferno into duskfall
#639 duskfall or FH. doesn't seem to sr inferno anymore and doesn't really pressure pidge/drookez/inferno anymore? maybe playstyle ig but kind of strange to just kind of drop the thoughts on that. esp since i think inferno's posts from 401(original sr) to 639 are objectively worse(fuck readlists into dip)
#660 has reiterated confusing dusk into drookez three times. (if both of us live to lylo i'll have time to dig into meta and see if this is ai for whydon just wanna get my iso ensue through first)
#668, #671 Whydon what's the mentality behind "town withholding reads" being not scummy? personally i feel that suggests more apathy which is pro scum

#751 tonally genuine i think, but can see alternatives to it being scum motivated because more people started to tr inferno meaning whydon adapts to the crowd
#765, 767 self aware which is the smallest of townpoints but otherwise is nai. pretend this is invisible green

#783 nai
#786 odd thing to bring up on 3p1k if you're scum, unless they agreed to bus beforehand
#792, 799, 816, 835 nai
#815, 817 selfaware nai
#963 weird shade on pidge esp since 1. not previously discussed and 2. hasn't posted anything since #400 until this post
#976, 981 shade on dusk
#978, 984, 988, 991, 992 nai
#994, 997, 999 seemingly genuine perspective
#1001 i laughed irl at this
#1106, #1125 shade without pressure on inferno
#1117, #1121 hard defends energy town
#1160, #1164 why point it out if it doesn't mean anything
#1321, #1338, #1341 agrees with
fh 3p1k vooper being scumteam. if scumteam decided to bus they decided to push each other down early (which is never improbable given their reads on each other ig)
#1347, #1354 nai, 1347 is slgithyl towny

#1361, #1370 filler but it's like genuine filler. like comments that people don't really think to make and reflect well as a result
#1437, #1462 nai, doesn't pressure
dusk which ig is reaosnable given what looked like what was hapepnign at eod
#1463 Whydon do you remember your thought process here?

#1466, 1470, 1472 pressures 3p1k
#1486 yeah,
#1504, #1515, #1542 these and #1472 conflict with each other, if #1504 wasn't posted i think #1472 would have been pretty towny. especially considering they haven't really pressured any of the 3(
oddish, rssp, viper) themselves
#1510 shade on
#1532 left field mindset on the wrong person apricity
#1548 #1552 reasonable mindset but otherwie nai
#1561 1565 attempted cfd pressure on
duskfall? honestly this is tonally good but my problem stems from the fact that it seems like the poe is being extended past a tolerable point
#1560 interesting that all of the first few people on these votes (rssp, nuxl, asek) are town. also don't really know why it's reasonable to suspect early voters, i find i think it's likely scum jumps ship on later wagons but Whydon explain your mindset here?
#1577 you know it's a mislynch and you compromise on it anyway?
#1579, 1595 pretty solid town posts here unless double hard buss. esp #1599. only avenue is i think scum!whydon knowing the setup tries to tie the vote and saves rad lynch for later when all prs exposed.

#1606, yeah caff. tonal good
#1635 pressures dusk
#1638, 1639 this post is made after apricity posted his thoughts. i think it's interesting that there's a regular pattern behind whydon sheeping other people in the game which i think is notable in previous posts.
#1682, #1683 double hard bus on scum without exposed cop? maybe they try to bring out the PR later?
#1713 tries to pressure inferno
#1850, #1860, #1907, #1912, #1913 in hindsight, really fucking weird. compromises on FH but then tries to hard defend and then revotes? scum mindset would be to tries to rerout scum lynches in a different order but then giving up so they can show up on the wagon maybe? sounds like a weird gameplan but this series of calls from town also seems equally weird to me?

#1934, 1935 hard tunnel onto caff/pidge. if whydon is scum, they probably decided to triple bus after being trd.
#1955 tunnels onto pidge after caff
#2066-2099 switches from pidge -> energy i guess considering recent developments

#2102 random inferno on d4 here?
#2169 good mindset but doesn't really follow up on anything
#2170 not as good mindset since i think it's important to use every tool here but i admit that just might be different views on the game state
#2203-2204 kind of waffly and if i were willing to confbias myself to Duskfall98 levels the first post implies something interesting in particular. firt time in the whole game whydon mentions nuxl here
#2325 kind of an unconfident mindset here too? texas being a deepmole and me being (admittedly, understandable) a compromise here

#2436 goes on pidge, but then swaps to nuxl #2586 after rssp's latest post. the viper portion doesn't really say anything and it's kind of clear that there's a very expandable poe here without much reasoning to go into. i don't really like whydon's posts in these latest days for similar reasons.
whydon never mentioned me the whole game so they've never trd me and then before saying i was a safe lynch? doesn't really talk about why dusk is there either

#2716 kind of a distinct post compared to their usual posting style the whole game, which is weird given that they're recieving potential pressure here. it's a little awkward and i read it as kind of flaily.

i have complaints with their d7 between "it doesn't matter between pidge and nuxl" to right into drookez into hard pidge town for an unstated reasons?

#2717-2719 fine, i guess but doesn't really tell on anything ai. there is a v aggressive tonal shift into their d7 that hasn't really been seen previously.
#2730 compromising for lynches you otherwise haven't noted about. really easy to secure a lynch here to try to go into my slot

#2736, #2737 p nai, kind of a hard shift behind tunneling behind scum!pidge but i can see a reasonable mentality behind it. but it's kind of a post that i feel is easier to after the day after than during?
#2742 nai i think. i want to look more into this but i think i'd conflate reasons that aren't there so i won't
see whydon's d1 and d2 felt towny but i really can't get over their latest posts and the way that they're approaching the game. on the later mislynch days felt apathetic(also sort of how i feel towards pidge) towards the current game state and they don't really seem to be pressuring the people they scumread/shade as much as i recall from hope+1. it's really just a lot of the later content that makes me feel off. but i'm not sure if that's reasonable enough to be cumulative.

vooper when did you think the night was when nks started becoming wifom?

i need to do my thoughts on viper and pidge's isos later tomorrow. it's 3 am and i've gotta wake up in a few hours.
let's hammertest viper yeah Pidge Whydon vooper

i think if it's scum!viper we already lose because more people are interested in lynching me

it's also probably not scum!viper because i feel like from his position it's easier to push a wagon on me than to go leaning on whydon
maybe i should hold off on viper specifically until i get around to doing isos but at the same time 1. i don't think there's enough time for this and 2. still feel he's the towniest here
#1850, #1860, #1907, #1912, #1913 in hindsight, really fucking weird. compromises on FH but then tries to hard defend and then revotes? scum mindset would be to tries to rerout scum lynches in a different order but then giving up so they can show up on the wagon maybe? sounds like a weird gameplan but this series of calls from town also seems equally weird to me?
reread this and it seems former hope has maintained a sr on whydon all game alongside the other scumpartners he was with. whether or not it was to distance himself enough to get lylo credit(admittedly i think happened in animal mafia)

Fuck it, let me just spell this out (half for myself)

People in my lynchpool: 3p1k, CB, Whydon, Pidge (conditional, I don't think CB and Pidge are on the same mafia)
People in my "Don't lynch today" pool: Texas, Apricity, Oddish
People in my ???: Dusk, Asek
scumteam: epik, CB, whydon, deepmole probably
seems like scum had a gameplan of pushing each other all game; which i guess makes sense as i think there's a tendency that scum caught early will push each other down

pushing all 3 other partners is... interesting though but i've seen this behavior from FH in greek so i don't think the interactions are out of his scumrange but probably reflects better on whydon if i was looking at this from a level 1 perspective?

the dude decided fight.... asek anyway though so any sort of reasonable gameplan isn't really something i can fathom

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