NOC There's Actually a Sequel to the Matrix - Day 9 (Deadline Tuesday 10 PM EST)

this is suddenly very stressful

I can’t see Pidge making an aggressive lynch like the one on Drookez yesterday if they’re maf, and honestly I was sharing a lot of the same thought process that Pidge was having yesterday. It’s between Viper and Nuxl, and I’m fairly certain Nuxl is the lynch here, but I’m going to look back obviously and try to figure this out
ok here, this may be some of the most you get from me and im rlly sorry bout that

first i dislike how we voted drook, sorry i was not clear to fully flesh out why those night kills should have no deciding on the vote as it is wifom

currently im thinking whydon is the scum

we always need to nl here

pidge is town from the math thing + interactions

ive been gut reading nuxl as sus but thats gotten less and less

its between nuxl/whydon for me (like it probs should cause pidge should be town here)

i can point out specifics if i ever can have time to breath

droppingn this here for now no lynch


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main thing i wanted to say was we are supposed to no lynch here, which you guys figured.

also, it might go without saying, but given previous things that have happened in this game: don't vote on the next day until you and the other guy are absolutely sure because mafia can hammer a misylcnh asap (also did you try to click this lol)

i think last mafia is down to nuxl/whydon, heavy lean to nuxl, and if either of those happen to be killed tonight, it becomes simpler.
i also suggest we hammer-test someone for mechanics reasons

if you don't know what that is, it basically means we'll put someone at L-1 and see if the person we're townreading decides to hammer or not
the person being l-1d doesn't matter

if it works hopefully the last person doesn't decide to hammer, thus basically confirming them as town and pretty much effectively clearing someone in the game so we can bounce off a clear list in mylo

because the last scum has no reason not to hammer in mylo
if we're doing this i would obviously like to propose myself so i can freely act as an IC and analyze the game thread but i can understand why that never happens here, so otherwise i would propose vooper since he's my strongest tr in mylo
Can someone dissect this post because I literally have no idea what's happening here? Why are you even lynching me? You fail to provide examples of my "latest posts" that you don't like, and then SR me for shifting between you and Pidge which I fail to see how that can be AI unless I'm dumb? I've stated multiple times that I favor a Pidge or Nuxl lynch, a few days ago I would have said that order doesn't matter since you've both been gone for pretty much the entire game but based on previous kills I prefer Nuxl lynch into Pidge lynch, assuming Nuxl doesn't flip red. I wanted to focus my attention onto other potential deepmoles like Duskfall which is why I laid off the pressure a little bit but my reads have never changed. Also, what does "waffly" mean lol?
my main problem is that your voting scheme seemed kinda erratic and ambivalent towards who was on the table atm and you're shading people without (seemingly) really putting much effort into why you're developing this read.

you aren't really using your vote which i will admit can be a playstyle thing but i err on the side of caution because it alternatively can suggest apathy towards the overall gamestate which is proscum

i also think the NKs past d4 seem like they can come from pro!whydon scum (both OM and texas had you in your POEs which is an interesting pattern)

do you think me scumreading you is unreasonable?

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