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Came in to see this email this morning. Poor little (stupid) hummingbirds flying into the windows.

Take this opportunity to share funny/interesting/weird things that you've experienced in your work place.


I did it again
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The other day the guy I share an office with was being a real dickhead. I told him I was trying to get some work done but he kept interrupting me wanting to talk about all sorts of things sports-related. He was mostly antagonizing me about how his teams (Lakers, Dodgers, Rams) were doing well whereas mine (Sixers, Phillies, Eagles) were not. Which is fair and all but don't interrupt me doing my work to shit-talk. Whatever. What really upset me is that he took MY leftovers from the fridge and started eating them right in front of me. Like the absolute gall of this dude to do that astounded me. I was looking forward to that pizza

Working from home sucks

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I'm a loser, baby, so why don't you kill me?
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Not long ago we got new furniture for the entire office and had the new stuff all in the hallways. The reduced width of the walkway was throwing people off and they kept clipping the cabinets as they walked by. Someone put up a note to remind people to look out, but my boss ended up ramming into the cabinet with the note on it twice in one day. This made it much funnier though, because anyone who hits it at that point is a dummy.
context: i work at a clinic that does covid tests
canadian woman lectured me for 20+ minutes on subjects including but not limited to: the dangers of 5g towers, how she knows coronavirus is actually standard influenza, how she is scared to go back to canada because of evil socialism, how she KNOWS that the covid test swabs have dangerous BRISTLES compared to other kinds of swabs (even if this is true i dont care)
woman also argued with me that the swab goes up to your eyes, and insisted with me that the swab does not go near her eyes, as she has sensitive eyes. for those that dont know, the swab goes down what is called the nasopharyngeal cavity (read: your freakin shnoz!!)
her whipped husband apologized to me profusely afterwards

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