Top Down Knock Down, BH Edition (Round 1)

#1 originally hosted by idiotfrommars
Approved by Quite Quiet

This tournament will start off with Standard Balanced Hackmons in round 1, but as time goes on will develop into a crazier and crazier meta-game. After each round the top 6 most used Pokemon will be banned and a new meta-game will be developed. This will lead to a new and crazy meta-game each round of the tournament. The BH Banlist will be locked at the start of round 1 and the only way things can be banned are through use. This tournament will count towards Smogon Championship.

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here
  • Best of three, SM BH single elimination tournament.
  • Sign-Ups will last for a few days and the amount of interest will determine how large the tournament will be.
  • You must submit the replay with your victory post so I can gather statistics
  • If there are still any questions, don't hesitate to PM me
  • All Balanced Hackmons rules can be found here.
Battle Clauses:
  • Ability Clause: No more than two Pokemon with the same ability per team.
  • CFZ Clause: Use of Crystal-Free Z-moves (CFZ's) is disallowed.
  • ComaTalk Clause: Sleep Talk can't be run on a Pokemon with the Comatose.
  • Endless Battle Clause: Forcing an endless battle is banned, similar to the rest of PS.
  • Evasion Clause: No moves that can increase Evasion are allowed. This does not include abilities or items that may modify Evasion passively such as Sand Veil or Brightpowder.

Round 1

teal6 vs. ThePrime
Silver_Lucario42 vs. aki0s
Pikachuun vs. Fleurer
ScarfWynaut vs. Quantum Tesseract
MAMP vs. ManectricOP!
CriticalMeme vs. Will-I-am
GmU pokeboss9 vs. DurzaOffTopic
Arcylos vs. AAamen

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dusk raimon

Round 1 ends Saturday, November 18th at 11:59 PM (GMT-6)
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shortest predictions of my life (and easiest in most cases)

teal6 vs. ThePrime - idk who the other person is
Silver_Lucario42 vs. aki0s - close series
Pikachuun vs. Fleurer - idk who the other person is
ScarfWynaut vs. Quantum Tesseract - gotta back up my own teammate
MAMP vs. ManectricOP! - lol
CriticalMeme vs. Will-I-am - idk who any of these people are
GOD master UNDEFEATED "THEBOSS" pokeboss9 vs. DurzaOffTopic - name says it all
Arcylos vs. AAamen - idk who any of these people are

Why are there only 8 games in round 1
my pregame preparation:
[18:05:26]eurhythmics:can you pass a BH team
[18:05:31]eurhythmics:so i can beat gmu pokegod
[18:05:58]Quantum Tesseract:Sorry "God Master Undefeated" Pokeboss is unbeatable
[18:06:20]eurhythmics:can you give me something that gives me a fighting chance vs the master
[18:06:39]Quantum Tesseract:Dont be trapped by your mindset
[18:07:00]Quantum Tesseract:and be sure to be aware of those keeping the secrets
[18:07:09]eurhythmics:can i just get a team
Here Quantum Tesseract and I discuss if it is even possible to beat one such as GmUpokeboss9

Now i will approach the legend:
[18:08:16]eurhythmics:its durzaofftopic
[18:08:21]eurhythmics:play for top down knock down?
[18:08:51]GmU pokeboss9:give me 2 min for getting mentaly ready
Here we see the strategy of humble intimidation, by showing his preparation for the match in his mind and attempting to make me let down my guard by purposely spelling mentally as "mentaly".
We are in the match. Team preview looks bad - Two mega garchomp, and in the words of Quantum Tesseract:
Quantum Tesseract said:
Quantum Tesseract:Not one, but two provoked big fish
Quantum Tesseract:what a legend
GmU uses his mastery of RNG to crit my yveltal and then his mastery of technology to force me to disconnect. However I am able to get my mind together and rejoin the battle. Quantum Tesseract acknowledges that:
Quantum Tesseract: eurhythmics because hazards are super annoying in bj

After GmUpokemom baits me with dbond chomp, and then with dem kyogres, he proceeds to outpredict me but gets unlucky and loses a speed tie. Quantum Tesseract proves that you need more than 3 hazard removers on a single team. But no, he is not going to lose this battle.

too lazy to give commentary for second battle but i lost

Alright so before R2 starts, I have made the following decisions:

Will-I-am vs CriticalMeme: Both subbed out.
There was no attempt on either side to try and schedule, and qt said just to sub both out

teal6 vs ThePrime: ThePrime tried to a schedule a match w/teal butl because his timezone was bad, he requested a different time to play, but teal never answered

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