Tournament of Second Chances - Round 2

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Well, after following coolking49 a week he hasn't been able to take his time to battle me. I've been sacrificing my time to battle him and I'm tired of it. He VM'ed me saying he would give me the free win. But, I told him I didn't want it. I understand he has stuff irl, and told him I'm going to activity post. So, this is an activity post. If he doesn't now take his time to meet with me, then I got nothing more. Sorry for this, just tired of following him around!!!
Lost, confirming that he used the same team twice.
Confirming, gg. The second game was good, I was afraid I was gonna lose but he had a major weakness to one of my mons and it costed him the battle.

I only have the log of the second battle but I used the same team as he confirmed.


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lost 1st game, won 2nd and 3rd so i beat Quagsires 2-1. GGs! I only have 2 of the logs but it was the first one i didnt save, and i can confirm that Quagsires didnt change team between games.
landed a crit in the third game that just ruined the match. won 2-1 good series outside that crit.

only have logs of the matches i won (whoops). assuming that doesn't really make a difference so i'll send those on over in a jiffy.


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Still waiting for Ice-eyes to be on to do our second, and third if needed, match, we were both on a few days ago, put I received no response from my PM. Haven't seen him on since
I have updated the OP with reported wins. Those wins do not include me verifying the logs yet, so they aren't final! Just thought I'd update the reported wins so we can see who hasn't battled yet.
noobiess and i have timezone issues :/
You were given 1.5 weekends to battle for that exact reason. Even in the worst timezone matchup possible, someone can wake up early or stay awake a little bit later to get a match done. If you can't, then your match comes down to a coin flip. We're not waiting for any matches, especially considering how much time you were given this round.
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