Tours Plaza Custom Tiers Samples Teams Thread

Hello everyone! This is HNL (Pika Sup in TP!) and I’m here to share with you a modified version of my tried and tested uubl team.

:Excadrill: :Tapu Bulu: :Hawlucha: :Kommo-o: :Aegislash: :Thundurus:

the team:

Lead excadrill helps to get up rocks and deny the opponent rocks, while still posing as an offensive threat. This team is a hyper offensive team featuring sd tapu bulu that complements unburden hawlucha, the main threats on this team. In addition, Kommo-o with throat spray can act as an easy late game cleaner (can switch to soundproof but it is less necessary), with swords dance aegislash complementing it type wise.

Dangerous pokemon for this team: Dracozolt in sand sweeps the team quite easily later in the game without hawlucha around.
Moltres galar is a big sweeping threat that you must be aware of but Thundurus is a good check to unboosted moltres bar flinches. (Thundurus is a good sweeping threat by itself)
Kommo o is a huge threat for this team: make sure to save your hawlucha for it

Variation: to give the team more speed control, one could run scarf tapu bulu in this modified team:

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