Tubular Mod

Something I just noticed about Kyurem: If his forms' HP stats are changed, the base form's will have to be too. Also, it doesn't really make sense for Kyurem to have a higher BST than Kyurem-B and Kyurem-W. My suggestions:

HP 125 -> 95
Atk 130 -> 120
Def 90 -> 90
SpA 130 -> 120
SpD 90 -> 90
Spe 95 -> 85
BST 660 -> 600
Ability: Mold Breaker / Snow Warning (HA)

Glaciate: 85 BP, 95 Acc, Lowers the foe's Speed by 1 stage

I think this would be good for making it strong in spite of the stat nerf, while not being overpowered.
I was trying to think of something for standard Kyurem, just couldnt come up with anything, so this helps a lot! Thanks!
Sorry for the bump, but the link in the OP has been updated with a couple new changes!
I also would like to welcome Jaguar360 to the council, as he has helped me out with a variety of things since the mod's release!
You can also expect a playable version soon! The longest you'd be likely to wait is May 4th, but hopefully you can expect it before then.
Sorry for the lack of updates since the last one. Have been feeling under the weather.
Server is up, kind of, but as far as I can tell, doesn't work the way it should.
Will keep you all updated as things progress!

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