Turnabout Engine: Chapter 2 (Day) - Delayed until further notice


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19:00 March 4, 1922. Swiss Alps.

The snowy winter had continued to blast the mountainous region. Residents often claimed that you could hear the howls of a terrifying beast that lived high up in the Alps. Others said that a giant prehistoric creature flew among the peaks in search of human prey. Of course this was because the residents were isolated from much of the rest of the developed world up in the higher elevations. Little did they know that this “creature” or “thing” was none other than a small cargo plane that flew a delivery route between Berlin and Geneva.

Closer to the base of the mountains passenger trains made their usual route through the rough terrain to reach their destinations. These trains often carried the elite of society. Boisterous though they be, many of these elites carried a great grudge among each other because of the recent end of the Great War. Many of them were former members of the Austrian political circle. Others were Italians. The two parties were not particularly fond of one another.

Among these many people, was a lone Soviet ambassador who had a rather strange name considering his background, Acklow Cordois. A strange fellow himself, he had arrived to the station of the train via a vehicle developed by the inventor Nikola Tesla (a personal friend of Acklow). Acklow was sent by the leader of the Soviets, Vladimir Lenin. Though it looked as though Acklow was meant to follow through the proceedings at a meeting in Versailles (there was a discrepancy in the Treaty that was being looked over by nations that took part), his actual purpose was to spy on the people that were in charge of said proceedings. However, because of his Russian heritage, he set apart some time to celebrate on the train with many a pint of vodka.

It was this night that would turn the fates of those aboard this train around. A search with bloodlust. That night would bring not just a single death, but multitudes. And it all began with a few drops of cyanide.

Doctors of that day and age would secretly use cyanide on ill patients who were already in a poor state because they wanted to receive even more money. However, they would inject such minute amounts into their patients’ food, that it would be barely noticeable until the patient was already dead. This was not the case in this situation.

Acklow’s body was slumped over the counter. He did not move, nor was he capable of doing so. The numbness was quickly filling his entire body until he had lost the ability to function altogether. As people in the dining car began to notice the corpse of a dead man face down at the bar table, a quick spread of fear filled the cabin. One by one people began yelling at one another and pointing at each other. The words “He did it!” and “Murderer!” became used to such an extent that it was impossible to distinguish any regular conversation beyond them.

It was at this point that one man stood up. He was distinctly an Englishman, because he was holding a cup of tea in his hand and had a bit of an air around him that made people see that he really was English.

“Ahem! Now, my dear ladies and gentlemen, please calm down. I do believe that we must do this in an orderly fashion. As you can see our friend, the Russian ambassador, must be asleep. Can’t you tell that he drank a lot of vodka?”

Murmurs were heard across the cabin. Another man stood up. It was clear he was Italian. His jet-black hair accompanied the mustache on his face. He was a little obese - little being a word used lightly. As he spoke, his lips seemed to pucker up,

“I think not! I was a doctor in my younger years before I became a politician. This man, is indeed, dead!”

It quickly became the conclusion that he was poisoned through consumption, due to the lack of evidence of his body being mutilated or injected anywhere.

Finally a woman stood up. Unlike the previous two, her nationality was a little more obscure. However as soon as she spoke, her thick accent flew through the air in a whisp. She was Austrian; most likely the wife of one of the Austrian ambassadors aboard the train.

“If he is indeed poisoned, as you say, then the murderer must still be among us on this train! There is no reason that they would jump off in this blizzard with little chance of survival in this mountainous wilderness!”

Indeed, there was lack of evidence aboard the train of any exit by any living being. The conductor of the train quickly took control of the situation. He was Swiss, and naturally being neutral to any hostilities aboard the train, made certain that it was so thanks to his Swiss crewmen.

The question then arose: who was the murderer, and where was he?

Thus began, what would never be recorded in history, one of the most brutal murder mysteries to occur aboard a train.



-This game will have days and nights. The cycles lengths will be predetermined by myself, but I will try to make regular updates within a logical period of time.

-During the day, you will have the option to lynch someone. In order to do so, you will be required to include one piece of EVIDENCE you find during your investigations at night. By doing so you can cast your vote by posting the object of evidence, explaining how it relates to <USER>, and the phrase Lynch <USER>. During the day you will also be able to move between any train car freely.

-During the night, if your role comes equipped with any action, you may use it during this time only. You may also have private conversations with only one other user of your choice and that user must be in the same train car as you. In order to do so you will pm that user and will include me as a recipient in that pm. You may only do so a total of three times between each other. This is in order to maintain the feel of an NOC game. Otherwise I would just let you use IRC, but that would ruin the fluidity of this game. You are NOT ALLOWED TO FORWARD ROLE PMs TO ONE ANOTHER. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO QUOTE PARTS OF ROLE PMs TO ONE ANOTHER EITHER. PLEASE DON'T POST YOUR ROLE PM IN THE THREAD EITHER.

-During the night, you will have the opportunity of investigating any object of interest (EVIDENCE) that was included in the update. To do so you may contact me via IRC or PM and let me know what you wanted to investigate. You will receive results of your investigation at the beginning of the day. You may only do so once per night.

-The win condition will remain the same across the board for all roles unless otherwise stated:
“Eliminate the murderer.”

-Upon death, you will receive one last chance at winning the game by guessing who the potential murderer is by telling me in private. If your guess is correct, you will win upon the end of the game, it will not be announced who you guess.

-Remember!! This is not necessarily 100% traditional mafia. Expect the unexpected and twists that you wouldn’t regularly imagine. This game is flavor-heavy. Be prepared to read and write lots. I would also recommend you trying to get into character and attempt a little bit of role-playing if possible to create a realistic atmosphere. Role-playing is not a requirement but it will make the game more interesting and fun if you can do so!!

-I maintain the right to adjust any rules. However for the sake of this game they will remain stagnant until further notice.

For the sake of visual representation and understanding, here is the layout of the train cars:

[[]Caboose[]]-[[Dining Car]]-[[Passenger Car]]-[[]Engine>>

I will clarify a rule real quick:

One rule I wanted to clarify is the guessing rule. Guessing is pretty much the same as a lynch but since this is a mystery game, you get a chance at winning even if you died (there may be cases where you have no control over your death and there is a very high chance of this happening). That is why I have implemented a "last will" or "guess" so that you actually have a shot at winning. You must guess within the duration of a cycle after your death (so you die N1, you have until N2 to make your guess). I will let you know when I'm going to update so you'll have ample time to think up a theory to work with.

In case I confused you about the lynch part of the above paragraph, lynching someone does not guarantee a win. Fulfilling the win condition as stated in the rules does, however. Think outside the box with this game, since this is a murder mystery - mafia hybrid game.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.

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I am always tired. Don't bother me.

It is evening. The events that just occurred in the dining car caused a shock in many of the people on board including yourself.
Some of the passengers seem extremely rattled and are almost unable to speak. As you look around the dining car, you notice that you are not alone. There are eleven others. Each other person seems to have his or
her quirk. You realize that the culprit could be any one of you - yourself included. The body of the person. The cause of all of this. Just who was he? Why did this happen?

As all these questions boil in your head. You realize that sitting around will get you nowhere. The others seem to get this as well.
One man who was sitting in the corner by himself stirs. Another who looked a bit more refined, walks close to the body. He gets on his hands and knees, being careful not to get his pants wet from the spilled wine on the floor. The train continues to move slowly. Suddenly one of the train attendants walks into the car from the engine.

"I must inform you all that you will not be allowed to leave this train until you are cleared of innocence. Until then, we will be stopping in the middle of a nearby bridge. The fall from the bridge is exactly 800 meters. If any of you dare, you can jump off, but I'm sure that most of you are sane enough to stay on board."

His gaze wanders the room until it reaches yours. His eyes pierce you, as if exposing your inner thoughts.

"All of you are put under suspicion. What the train conductor has decided is that you will determine who the murderer is among yourselves. Please be aware that we will be watching at all times and if you so much as do something outside of what we see as fit, we will not hesitate to kill you. But as I mentioned earlier - I am sure most of you are sane enough, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you all will follow our guidelines. Since this is a public transport carrying politicians, I and the other train attendants do not want to start a war. Your job is to do likewise. If you find evidence, please be sure to let us know of it so we can record it."

He finally closed his head and nodded once, as if to bow.

"I hope that we can clear this up soon, so that you can continue to enjoy your ride on Turnabout Engine Lines."

With that he walked off. The things he said were very confusing. What did he mean by guidelines? What were the guidelines? Evidence? What was this, some novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?

The thoughts burn crisply in your mind. Eventually you decide that it was time that you looked into the matter yourself. Perhaps, it was time, that you looked for what he meant by evidence.

EVERYONE, BY DEFAULT , will be starting in the Dining Car. Here is the description of the Dining Car at this time:

The dining car is by far one of the largest cars on the train other than the passenger car. In it is enough space to sit around 30 people at all of the tables. The kitchen and pantry sit on the most north-eastern side of the car. There are plenty of food-stuffs in there as well as various delicacies and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. On the north-western side of the car sits a small bar. This is where the crime scene occurred. In between these two iconic locations sits a door that leads to the passenger car. Towards the south side of the car sit all of the tables. The sit on either side of the car and are fairly small. Each table usually has a table-cover as well as a small flower, a candle, and tea cups for each chair that a guest would sit at. Due to the fact that it was around dinner time that this all took place, most of the tables were filled with meals that guests were eating. At the end of the south side of the car is another door. This leads to the caboose. The dining car itself is well lit. There is red carpeting that lines the floor from door to door. The carpet is laced with an intricate design that was meant to be appealing to the eye and created a sense of regality. Window frames on the walls of the car were all decorated with bronze, creating a flowing flowery look. The windows themselves looked out into the pitch black of the night outside the train. You could see snow lightly falling outside the car.


Deadline is in 72 hours from Sunday 7th, 8:00 p.m CST.

You may now post. :)


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If any of you plebians would like to drop in for a chat, feel free to do so.
umm...Anyone who knows something about a different man's BRUTAL, UNJUST MURDER should chat with me...please...

And even if you don't know anything about that we could still get to know each other!

Th-Thank you...


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Dear Crux,
You are Theodora the Thespian.

It isn’t easy being a star. It isn’t hard being a no-name though. You were finally able to leave your decrepit, backstreet theatre with great hopes for your future career. However, although you are an actor as you claim, you are also a second-rate poet. Your sensuous Latin blood is one of your defining characteristics and flows through you, staring out at your peers in the form of your brown eyes and long, black curly hair. The red velvet dress you wear is only for acting, and at your age, most people are willing to listen to a young woman showing cleavage.

You like being sarcastic.

You like reciting poetry.

As a thespian, you are hoping to show everyone on the train your talent. You must show this talent to every person privately, be it at night or during the day, the host of the train will explain to you what that means and how that works. An actor never sleeps! Except when you feel tired of course. But that’s not what you are here for. You live through pain like second nature but your acting skills allow you to hide it from the outside world. You know you’ll receive a reward if you do.
Help does he mean that I am a prostitute?


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I walk into the main car where everyone else has gathered, my badass trenchcoat flowing behind me. I try not to make eye contact with people, so I tip my fedora downward. I take my ugly mug, poorly shaven, crooked teeth and all, and hide in the corner of the room.

"Not one day on this train has passed and people are already acting stupid," I remark.


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I scoff. "Football? Boy, gentlemen call the game soccer. Football can mean any number of low sports, which is why we have shifted to soccer over the last fifty years. The word comes from 'associated football', which was then shortened to 'asoccer' and finally soccer by Mr. Charles Wredford Brown. Yes, football is thoroughly a dead word, I don't expect any true English man would ever use it again." I pause for a second, before speaking to myself, "I should hope your parents are teaching you to read..."
"Oh dear, what a mess this has become!" said a woman with a thick French accent. "This is starting to look like one of those mystery novels I've read back at home."

She thinks for a minute, then says with a smile"Well, I suppose we just have to try to be as calm as possible in these trying times. Oh I simply must tell Francis and Lissa about this when I get back to France!"

Then she noticed the boy holding the football. "Oh sure, I'll play with you for a bit!"

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Walrein yuo are of murder! Aclow was young man. YUO HATE YOUNG MEN ZROZUMIAŁEM KURWA!! Śmierć w pożarze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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