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Hi Guys,

I am a big fan of Pokemon gijinkas and, with my crazy imagination, I've created a world where the gijinkas are different superheroes, villans, or mystical beings.

Here are the first three (of hopefully many) gijinkas that I will make. Included too are little bios I wrote up for each character.

I'll update this thread periodically with new characters. I'd appreciate comments or suggestions though. I know my art can be improved a lot, and I have a long way to go!

Thanks for stopping by, and please also check out my dA account:


Volcarona (#637) – Vanessa

Vanessa was barely ten years old when her fiery powers manifested, nearly incinerating her hometown. Everyone she knew condemened her as an abomination. Thinking her powers were a curse, Vanessa isolated herself, living in constant fear of others and herself.
However, what she saw as a curse, others saw as an opportunity. [Houndoom] offered her solace by taking her to a darker realm. She felt at home in this world where other condemned creatures roamed, and where she could use her abilities without restraint.
Her full powers soon emerged -- manifesting in the form of six holo-light wings. The wings would float and spin behind her whenever she performed her fiery attacks; a sight as beautiful as it is dangerous to behold. With these abilities, she carried out missions for [Houndoom] and his master, [Darkai]’s nefarious purpose. She has since decided that she would rather forge her own path and use her powers for good. But will [Darkai] let her?

Signature Moves: Quiver Dance; Fiery Dance; Fire Spin; Incinerate; Bug Buzz; Hurricane


Arbok (#024) – Adelyne

Assassin. Thief. Seductress. Saboteur. The woman known as Adelyne is a lethal weapon that knows no allegiances, only working for those who are able to pay the high price of her services.
Urban legend has it that the distinctive tattoo on her back was branded there with dark magic by [Smeargle] – giving her the ability to poison her foes with just one touch, and paralyze them with just one glance. On the rare occasion that her abilities and strength are outmatched, Adelyne's cunning, guile, and beauty are more than enough to help her get her way.

Signature Attacks: Glare, Attract, Toxic, Poison Jab, Thief, Torment


Pidgeot (#018) – Paige

Paige had always dreamed of flying. From an early age, she made it her one goal in life to some day be able to dance between clouds.
When she was old enough, she began learning the mystical Tornadus fighting style – known in legends for granting warriors the ability to fly. She traveled the world and apprenticed under masters in bustling metropolises like Falkner City and remote hideaways like Winona Valley. With her keen eye and determination, she exceled at the Tornadus fighting style and even perfected techniques like Feather Dance and Feather Rest.
Paige’s two wing-blades serve as her primary weapons. When not in battle, they turn into two feathers that she keeps tied to the sash on her hip.

Signature Attacks: Feather Dance, Feather Rest, Air Slash, Aerial Ace, Air Cutter, Steel Wing
Hey guys, I'm updating with a new piece.
Although, given the number of views and lack of feedback, I'm guessing there's not all that much interest. :(

Ariados (#168) – Scarlett

Scarlett’s opponents often underestimate her – a mistake they quickly regret. What Scarlett lacks in superhuman or supernatural abilities, she makes up for with skill, training, and her versatile equipment.
At close range, Scarlett uses the twin daggers on her back to pull off swift attacks like Cross Poison and X Scissor. Her armored boots are tipped with venom for deadly poisonous stings.
At a distance, she uses her signature bow that spins arrows while she draws the bowstring – removing the need for a quiver and the risk of running out of ammunition. Her signature “spider web” arrow ensnares her opponents in a paralyzing web. She’s even mastered techniques like Twin Needle from fellow archer, [Beedrill].

Signature Attacks: Spider Web, Pin Missile, Twin Needle, Cross Poison, X Scissor, Poison Sting

I have mixed feelings about this piece. On one hand, I was glad to try a non-standing pose. I also learned a lot about layer masks and adjusting the hue/saturation of layers while working on this piece. On the other hand, there’s a lot I’m not happy with. There are some notable perspective issues with her arms and the bow/arrow. I’m still struggling (a lot) with faces, and it’s becoming quite frustrating.

Comments or critiques are always appreciated!

Blue Frog

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is an Artist
Hey, don't be discouraged by the lack of replies. I've had posting streaks 8 posts long without replies, and they important thing is that you keep going at it.

I don't really have much experience with drawing people, but from what I can see, you have the proportions of people down pretty well. As you said in your previous post, your faces could use some work; they look kind of artificial, and every person you've drawn looks pretty similar. Try studying from real faces.

Your lineart is incredible, and you have the shading down. Just keep drawing, and you'll improve a lot. Also, try to draw more things than just gijinkas— drawing a lot of the same thing won't help you improve.

I hope you keep contributing! The community here is really nice, and people will pay more attention to you the more you update.
Wow! These are really good. However I'm not much of an artist my self, so it's hard to critique. Also these are kind of like Bursts from Pokemon ReBurst. Also by Feather Rest do you mean roost? Finally, are you going to make any males?
Thanks, Blue Frog! I really appreciate the feedback, and will definitely keep contributing! :)

Yoshinite, I'd never heard of Pokemon ReBurst before, but I'm so glad you told me about it! The concept seems really cool!
I think "Roost" is called "Feather Rest" in the Japanese version of the games. I kept it as "Feather Rest" because I think it sounds a lot better.
I'll have male characters soon enough. I've always had more problems drawing female characters, so these first few were sort of practice for working with the female form. One male character I've had an idea for is Dugtrio. I should be working on him soon!
Hello there! Some nice gijinkas you got there; my favorite has to be the Ariados because I love how you executed it by giving it a bow and arrow to reassemble its legs. I think your faces on them are fine to me as I don't really see any perspective issues at all. Also, I kind of do like the "artificial" feel to the faces because they are fictional characters but I do agree with Blue Frog that you could use some more variety in each gijinka. Maybe one way you could do it is (since they are female) is put some make up on them to reassemble the Pokémon more (i.e. for Pidgeot, you could give her black streaks near her eyes) or/and just make their eye shapes match the Pokémon gijinka (i.e. sharper eyes for Arbok).
Anyways, good luck and hope this critique helps you!
Thanks so much bluehounddoom! I’m so glad you got the connection between the Ariados legs and the bow shape -- that was exactly what I was going for!
I really like your idea about the make up and distinguishing the characters based on that. I’ll definitely try to do that in my future designs and characters.

Updating with another piece I did.
Still practicing more with faces. Also found a way to color faster, so this piece took me a lot less than time than usual.

I'll update with her bio shortly!
Hi guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a while.
I'll definitely add Victreebel's bio soon.

Here is Honedge, the recently revealed metal/ghost pokemon for X and Y

Honedge (#---) – Horrow

The dark swordsman. Horrow’s reputation as [Darkai’s] most skilled assassin is second to none. Legends say that he attacks with such stealth and precision that he leaves his opponents with no guard whatsoever. Some say that Horrow is a malevolent spirit that feeds on souls marked by [Darkai] himself. Others believe that Harrow was once a noble swordsman who traded his life so that his loved ones may be spared. Still other rumors say that the true Horrow is not the swordsman, but the sword itself.
Supposedly, the sword possesses the bodies of dead swordsman, using their corpses as unholy vessels. When the corpses begin to rot away, the sword moves on and uses one of its fallen opponents as its next host body.

Signature Attacks: =unknown=

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