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had to make a couple bandz by my lonely
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Grades for March are up! Shoutouts to Century Express, Emeral, ez, Kaitlyn, Lord Thorx, Pais, Sevelon, sigmatecture, tlenit, and Yugon for your diligent and hard work with your Tutees! This month I am nominating tazz for Tutor of the Month for spending extra time with both their Tutees and accommodating them in order for them to be more comfortable in many LC-related aspects.

A job well done and thanks for your efforts everyone! :blobwizard:

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working as intended
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April grades are up! Shoutouts to Hockey1, roxiee, Gondra, Perish Song, sawamura, Hurtadoo, Serika, avarice, JT Yao, ez, and TC for finishing up some great sessions with their tutees this month! In addition, our Tutor of the Month goes to CKW, who lent their BW expertise and friendly personality to two tutees this time around.

We did some great work, tutors new and old, keep it up!
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