Type C: Losing Winner or Winning Loser? (Sign-ups)

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It is time to change the rules. Everyone goes on to win games, and to follow the best path to victory. Everyone aims to be the GOAT.
Well here, you’ll want to be the WOAT. To win the match, you will have to lose your game. You will have to reverse your thought process to anticipate the best way to lose.

Of course, some rules must be enforced to have an actual game. You won’t be able to bring one Scarf Gengar with Explosion but instead, you will give your opponent the team he’ll use during your game. You’ll also show your opponent how better your team was if you succeed to lose. Double bragging possibility!

General Rules
  • Single Elimination Tour
  • SM OU, bo1.
  • All standard tournament rules apply
  • Matches will be played on either Showdown or SmogTours
  • If a ban/unban happens or a new clause is added at any point during the tournament, it will take effect as soon as the new round starts
  • If your opponent breaks any of the rules, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to take the win or rematch

Tournament Specific Rules
  • Every turn, after you received the match-up, you MUST PM ME the team you want your opponent to use. Teams must have 6 Pokes and Pokes must have 4 moves each. When I have both teams from a match-up, I will send the teams to the respective players and tag you on the thread so you can play. You are of course allowed to decide to keep the same team for the whole tour. Just say so in your first PM if that is the case.
  • You may not switch more than 5 TIMES IN A ROW. Replays are mandatory to check this mostly (and to allow me to work through the confusion of “I won / lost my game”). Replays may be PM'ed if players prefer not to reveal teams.
  • Forfeiting will not count as a loss but as a win, so if you forfeit, your opponent advances. Same thing with a timeout.
  • This will not count for SC, hence the no-banner. I added the "Type C" for the record.
Sign-ups should end within roughly a week when there is a correct number of players.

Have fun and bad luck everyone.
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