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To play Typemons, you first have to choose a type. You can now have any move of this type on any of your Pokemon. So, for example, if you choose fire type, any Pokemon on your team can use any fire type move in addition to their original movepool.

- You can not use normal type for your choice, due to it getting moves like Shell Smash, Extreme Speed, and Boomburst.
- Standard OU Rules
- Thundurus - Incarnate is banned
- Currently unreleased moves are allowed
- Shadow Tag and Arena Trap are banned

Type Advantages:


Bug-type is strong offensively, as it gains access to powerful set-up moves such as Tail Glow and Quiver Dance, and has access to Sticky Web. Access to U-turn also helps Bug Types provide momentum. Pokemon such as Keldeo may benefit from additional coverage moves, such as Bug Buzz.

Bug-type can also work decently on more defensive Pokemon, as Heal Order and Defend Order may prove to be useful.


Dark-type gains a plethora of useful moves, such as Dark Void, Parting Shot, and Topsy-Turvy; these moves work extremely well on Pokemon with Prankster. Physical attackers gain strong priority in the form of Sucker Punch, a highly spammable move in the form of Knock Off, and a way to surprise opponents with Pursuit. Choiced attackers can use Switcheroo to cripple walls that think they can switch in for free.


Dragon-type gains very little from Typemons, as non-STAB Dragon moves offer little in the way of coverage. Dragon Dance is a good set-up move, but is outclassed by moves such as Shift Gear. It has decent utility in the move Dual Chop. Pokemon with Technician, such as Scizor, boost the Base Power of Dual Chop to 120 (it does 60 Base Power each hit), but the coverage it provides is mediocre.


Offensively, Electric-type offers very good coverage. Physical attackers gain access to the powerful Bolt Strike, Fusion Bolt and Volt Tackle, making physical walls such as Skarmory and Slowbro an unsafe switch-in. Special attackers are able to make use of Thunderbolt or Discharge to improve their coverage. Volt Switch is a useful move as it provides momentum to keep up the offensive pressure. Nuzzle is a useful move. Unlike Thunder Wave, it is not stopped by Taunt or Magic Bounce, and is a nice option on more defensive Pokemon such as Mandibuzz to spread paralysis while also dealing damage.


Fairy-type seems to be a decent all-around type, as although it doesn't have many options, Pokemon can run Hyper Offense sets with Geomancy or more defensive sets with Moonlight. Aside from that, physical and special sweepers can run Play Rough and Moonblast for coverage. Also, Light of Ruin can be a powerful nuke for Magic Guard users. While Fairy teams don't get a lot of attacking options, they can easily be worked into each other for a nice balance of offense and stall.


Fighting is an excellent offensive type. Special attackers are effectively able to go mixed and defeat special walls such as Chansey and Blissey thanks to Secret Sword. Physical attackers get good super-effective coverage with moves such as Drain Punch and Close Combat. Fighting type pokemon can benefit from priority in the form of Mach Punch and Vacuum Wave. Storm Throw is a great option for Pokemon with Technician (Breloom in particular as it gets STAB on it). Final Gambit can net surprise KOs. Circle Throw can be used as a phasing move which is not blocked by Magic Bounce.


Fire-types are very strong. Fire-types have access to some of the most powerful moves in the game, and makes use of them. With moves like V-Create and Blue Flare, it's capable of bashing through many walls with ease, and can then clean up with powerful sweepers. Strong pokemon for this team archetype are Talonflame (V-Create), Charizard-Mega-X (V-Create), and Jirachi (Sacred Fire).


Flying-types are interesting. With a small, yet interesting number of support moves, including Roost and Defog, its defensive capabilities may seem decent, but are a little sub-par. Where it really shines, though, is the coverage it provides. One of the most interesting things about strong Flying types is that almost all of them lack Flying moves. If you pick Flying type, that is not the case, as they get to use powerful moves, such as Brave Bird and Oblivion Wing; extremely useful coverage overall.


Ghost-types are perhaps the type to gain the least here. Its main benefits are providing Shadow Ball for coverage, Shadow Punch to Technician Pokemon, such as Scizor, and Destiny Bond to provide much-needed support against opposing attackers. Overall, Ghost-types do not seem to have enough advantages over other types, such as Fire.


Grass is one of the premier defensive types. With access to strong support moves in Synthesis, Aromatherapy, Leech Seed, Spore, and Spiky Shield (basically a better form of protect), it is capable of keeping up with the more offensive types quite well. It also has strong moves in Giga Drain and Horn Leech. Overall, Grass-types are stellar, as they grant very useful moves.


Ground-type stands out as a good offensive type due to having strong coverage; access to powerful moves such as Thousand Waves, Thousand Arrows, and being able to set up Spikes makes Ground-types very formidable. This makes Ground-types mostly conform to offensive Spike setters, utilizing pokemon such as Garchomp (Thousand Arrows), Scizor ( Technican turns Bonemerang into a 150 Base Power move), and Talonflame (Thousand Arrows).


Ice is a somewhat mediocre type. Despite having good coverage, Ice Typemons don't grant good support moves moves outside of Haze. It shines at one point, though, as Kyurem-B is a stellar offensive threat. Kyurem-B is happy to finally have STAB Ice moves, and makes good use of them. A Choice Band set has great coverage, and is very powerful. Special Attackers can make use of Freeze-Dry which has excellent coverage when paired with a Water move


Despite not giving out a lot of coverage, Poison is a decent type to use. This is due to it offering some great support moves in Toxic Spikes, and Clear Smog. These two moves are a great boon for defensive teams. It also gives Pokemon the move Coil, if you ever plan on using the type offensively. Overall, though, it seems mediocre offensively, and outclassed coverage-wise by Steel.


Psychic-types do not offer the greatest coverage, but Psychic teams have a lot of interesting options at their disposal. Light Screen and Reflect are a great addition to offensive teams as they can make setting up a lot easier. Trick becomes a very powerful tool with choiced Pokemon, as it defensive non-mega Pokemon do not appreciate having a choiced item. Lunar Dance is an excellent option, as it can essentially give one of your Pokemon a second life; at the cost of losing its own.


Rock-types do not recieve many benefits. Stealth Rock is one of the main perks of Rock types, as it is an indispensible move to all teams. Diamond Storm and Power Gem are stellar moves, the former is an excellent move for physical attackers, while the latter is a decent move for special attackers. Otherwise, it does not stand out in very many ways, although pokemon like Roserade could make use of Ancient Power, as Roserade has Technician as its ability.


Steel is another one of those types blessed with a powerful set up move. Shift Gear allows it to be a strong choice in the face of competition, and does not disapoint. It also has access to the move King's Shield which can allow less bulky pokemon to weaken faster opponents. For attacks, the main ones that standout are Meteor Mash and Gear Grind, with Gear Grind reaching 150 BP on Scizor. Overall, it is ironic how offensive Steel teams are, given the usual idea of the type.


Water type is not one of those that gains a lot. It's additions are basically limited to coverage, Water Spout, Steam Eruption, and Aqua Jet/Water Shuriken. Since it lacks any real support moves, it tends to not have the same impact as other types (Fire is bit of an exception due to it's high powered moves). Keldeo is still a very strong abuser of Water Spout, though.
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yes finally it was approved! to be honest, ive been playing around with some sets, and i find dark and psychic to be the "oddball" typings. first, psychic has imprison...which means mew can pull off a trap-form set rather nicely, then there's slaking, whom hits like a truck, and can force switches with a skill swapped truant on a slower target and of course...psycho boost/psystrike for all. dark however...i personally found enjoyment/assholeless in using 2 shadow taggers with parting shot and taunt to weaken a pokemon to be able to set up and sweep, it sometimes worked but other times people had something to outplay it. generally not the best teams. but i find many joy in using slaking and transform mew competitively to some success.
I've had quite a bit of success with a ground type team. The ability to provide coverage for pokemon like garchomp and and talonflame through thousand arrows is invaluable, and spikes is an amazing move for offensive teams. Flying teams are annoying, though, with all their defogs

Edit: to give discussion, what's your favorite type to use?
So... Dragon Dance Mega Mawile, Kyurem-B etc?

Edit: Oh yeah, Shift Gear. Anyways, you get the idea. I have a premonition that this Meta will be uber offensive. And I can't wait to design a team that is uberdefensivestallrageinducing
Steel is very underwhelming imo it's one of those types that is really good on paper but meh in practice. My favorite type would have to be spike stacking ground types.
I like steel, but I think it's one of those types that you build a team around a single mon: Have one strong shift gear sweeper and support it with the rest of your team, taking advantage of KS obviously. It's not really one of those types where you can just spam moves from it (like fire) and win
Dark seems pretty good, priority in sucker punch, sleep in dark void, switch with parting shot, set up with nasty plot, and lets not forget topsy-turvy.


viva la darmz
I've personally been a fan of fairy, as it gives great coverage both physically and specially while also providing recovery in Moonlight and DEVASTATING set up in Geomancy.
On another note, Ground and Bug seem like top contenders, as Bug gets everything you could ever want both defensively and offensively while Ground gets Spikes and a lot of heavy hitting options.
Steel isn't getting enough credit since literally anything can be a bulky sweeper/doubly bulky wall(chansey and Florges are good examples)
Dark(my other team atm) is rather good offensively and defensively with KO, SP, Pursuit, Night Daze/Dark Pulse, PS, DV, TT, Switcheroo, and HC/NP for setup.
I'm also interested in making a rock, grass, and fighting birdspam team.
for a replay see my signature.
Edit: you forgot to say there was a Kyu-B suspect(you said there was yesterday or the day before in the OM room)
are unreleased HA allowed?
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Justt had a battle against lcass. Quite a bit of hax was involved. http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/customgame-150928500 spec machamp for ubers

Also, i found this set to be fairly effective.
Gyarados @ Gyaradosite
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Sucker Punch
- Parting Shot

What it lacks in coverage, it makes up for in power. Megados finally has a reliable dark STAB to use, and parting shot also helps keep momentum going and can be used to support it's team as well. Also, I find it works great with dark void Klefki. Then again, pretty much anything would lol.
Guys, has anyone else noticed Mirror Move Talonflame? That way when something like a Kyurem-Black kills something with Outrage, Banded T-Flame can come in and revenge with priority!
I personally like disrupting the enemy with dark or grass and demolishing stuff with fire. Dark and grass both go really well with one Pokemon in particular:

Sanic (Galvantula) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Compound Eyes
EVs: 252 Spe/4SpA/252Hp
Timid Nature
- Sticky Web
- Dark Void/Spore
- Thunder
- Switcheroo/Filler

I'm going to start with the EVs and nature. Sanic has 252+ speed so that it can have a speedtie or outspeed keldeo, a common threat. 252 Hp is for a little added bulk, but since it has the focus sash, it might be a better idea to invest it in spA instead. 4 SpA is to give it a tiny boost in SpA, but this might be better in HP. The Focus Sash is to survive one hit so you can get the Sticky Web up or the sleep inducing move on the opponent. Sticky web is fairly obvious, I think the only other pokemon that might be worthwhile to use sticky web on in this is shuckle, but if you are using a dark team, it doesn't get the boosted accuracy of Compound Eyes. Dark Void/Spore is to render the opponent defenseless. Thunder is a powerful attacking move. And last, but not least, Switcheroo (dark) can take an eviolite or another item away from the opponent. It is best if you use this after you use an attacking move, otherwise they are guaranteed to tank a hit. If you are using grass, then you obviously don't get switcheroo. I use giga drain, but nearly any move can fill this slot.

Also, can you add a threatlist to this?
After playing in the tourney today, I feel like you've kind of under rated the ability of water type. Water shuriken is priority that cloyster (or any other skill link pokemon) can abuse with kings rock to flinch things to death (unless the RNG hates you, which it did to me today at least in terms of flinching). Aqua ring is also a nice support move, although I don't think water gets any good boosting moves. Other types are definitely better, but I had a lot of success with water today.
Yesss this is real now! So excited. My personal favorite type so far is Flying. It's very versatile, giving everything things like Roost and Defog. Another key aspect of Flying is that you can give flying coverage to mons that usually have problems with Mega Venusaur, and you can give things that don't have Flying STAB, well, Flying STAB. Another type that demolishes is Ground (TheBurgerKing99 ;) ). There are so many cool things like Bonemerange Scizor, Thousand Arrows Talonflame, and Spikes anything really. Thousand Arrows is what makes Ground extraordinary though. Let's you bypass so much shit that would usually not give a damn about Ground coverage like Zapdos. Actually, thinking about it, Thousand Arrows Scizor is also a neat option. Not as powerful as Bonemerange but lets you hit shit like Zapdos.

Dark is also pretty cool. A dirty trick you can try to pull of is putting Kyu-B on your team. It will give at the very least the idea that you could be Ice due to Icicle Crash Kyurem-B hype. Even if that doesn't work out - Sucker Punch is really strong on LO Kyurem-B, and it has Switcheroo for choiced sets, not to mention Parting Shot and even Memento if you want a free switch into something.
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Aggron @ Aggronite
Ability: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Heal Order / Roost
- Iron Head
- U-turn / Defog / Dragon Tail
- Stealth Rock

This thing is just stupid good on bug and flying teams. The only problem Mega Aggron ever had was a lack of recovery which made it unable to counter many of the things it should have been able to beat. In typemons, Aggron finally gets the recovery it needed, which in combination with Filter and base 230 defence gives it the ability to soak up retarded shit like:

252 Atk Choice Band Garchomp Thousand Arrows vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Filter Mega Aggron: 127-153 (36.9 - 44.4%) -- guaranteed 3HKO
+2 252+ Atk Life Orb Bisharp Knock Off vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Mega Aggron: 114-136 (33.1 - 39.5%) -- 100% chance to 3HKO
252 Atk Mega Heracross Close Combat vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Filter Mega Aggron: 148-175 (43 - 50.8%) -- 2.3% chance to 2HKO

You almost pretty much need to run a fire typemons team to even hope to breach this with a physical attacker:

252+ Atk Choice Band Dragonite V-create vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Filter Mega Aggron: 190-225 (55.2 - 65.4%) -- guaranteed 2HKO


Banned deucer.
Guys, has anyone else noticed Mirror Move Talonflame? That way when something like a Kyurem-Black kills something with Outrage, Banded T-Flame can come in and revenge with priority!
Mirror Move only copies moves that target the user. It isn't a Copycat clone.
This is a pretty neat idea.

Dark types really benefit from this new mechanic. More than anything else, everything gets Knock Off. This is a really destructive change that I can see being quite dangerous on Tyranitar and Mega Gyarados. Knock Off Mega Gyarados looks incredibly scary, and it will most likely be one of the greatest threats in the metagame. Because it's STABs offer excellent coverage, the last slot can be saved for dark void to put Mega Venusaur or Keldeo to sleep. Dark void is a really awesome move that can go anywhere on a dark team, but mega gyarados looks like a good place to put it. The rest of the team will not benefit as much as these two fearsome sweepers, but there is other stuff as well. In order to synergize well with Mega Gyarados and Tyranitar I think a fairy type would fit really well. No fairy types really benefit from dark type moves, but some sort of magic guard tank Clefable might be able to abuse parting shot. Heatran or something would also synergize well, and some sort of ground type. Nasty Plot is the other move which is available to dark type teams, and could be useful on fast special attackers. Parting Shot could be a really annoying pivot move, much like it is in bh. Foul Play could see some use on defensive pokemon, maybe even some sort of defensive Azumarill (huge power doubles foul play damage.)

The other type that seems really cool to me. Fire has a lot of different offensive moves that are cool for their own reasons. V-Create is the most prominent, shattering pretty much everything coming off of either Charizard form. Because of the boosted fire moves, I feel like fire teams will do best with drought support. This probably means ninetails, and maybe Charizard-Y as well. If not Charizard-Y, Charizard-X. However, Charizard-Y brings drought which is important for support. Outside of the two drought users abusing Blue Flare and/or V-Create fire teams can abuse Sacred Fire and Will-O-Wisp. Will-O-Wisp could see use on defensive stuff for these teams to support. Due to the high burn rate and usual sun boost, Sacred Fire may work just as well however. Some other mons I would like to try on these teams are Garchomp (V-Create or Sacred Fire,) Tangrowth (or any other Chlorophyll mon, this one could wall ground types,) Rotom-W (just general synergy, maybe lava plume,) Scizor (general synergy, maybe V-Create,) and something to remove hazards.

Overall, this looks fun! Will vote for omotm sept (unless camomons gets programmed)
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