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Moongeist and Sunsteel Strike are 4x resisted by Mega-Sceptile though...
Unless the user is immune to Electrify such as Alolan Marowak.

Aren't all Ground types Immune to Electrify? Regardless, any Scarf Levitate, Flying-type or simply a faster Pokémon with Air Ballon, or any Contrary used won't lose Speed due to Sticky Web.
Contrary users like Serperior even get a Speed Boost so if it uses Draco Meteor it can KO Mega-Sceptile.

Landurus is part-Flying, so Sticky Web wont affect it, on a Scarf set (give it Flying STAB like Dragon Ascent) can counter Mega-Sceptile.
Excadrill with its ability under Sandstream (assuming no Sticky Web) can go first: give it Bug or Ice coverage like Life Orb Mega Horn and you can KO.

Don't forget about Leech Life Triage, Dragon Ascent Gale Wings, Taunt / Gastro Acid / Substitute Prankster, Trick Room, and Ground-types that are immune to Electrify. In fact, if you Outspeed with a Faster Skill Swap user, you get +1 SpA.

Also set-up moves Agility or Z-moves will let you go first next turn. Phaze moves that don't inflict damage should be fine, (Roar affects Ghosts).

Heatran, for example can set up Sub on Mega Sceptile and avoid Electrify.
Levitate isn't a super common ability, and a lot of Levitate users are either on Trick Room teams or aren't utilizing a Choice Scarf 99% of the time.
Speaking of TR, it's probably the best surefire counter to Sceptile, as you can outspeed in TR and OHKO it, with it being unable to do anything in return.

Excadrill isn't too common since Sandstorm isn't a popular team archetype. Megahorn wouldn't ever be run as it's redundant when Iron Head does enough damage to make Sceptile forced to switch out.

Triage is on one Pokemon. Like hell it's using Leech Life.

Talonflame can get Dragon Ascent, but not only are there better users of Dragon Ascent ala Gyarados, Landorus-Therian, and Salamence, but Talonflame isn't all that popular.

Taunt/Gastro Acid without prankster get eaten by Lightningrod, and while Prankster Taunt works, Gastro Acid isn't on any Prankster Pokemon. Most Pranksters besides Whismicott also don't want to take most of the moves commonly run by Sceptile-Mega, and even then, Whimsicott is pretty bad. Skill Swap on a faster pokemon forces you to run a Choice Scarf, as nothing actually is faster that's reasonable.

Setup or Z-Moves work, but they also require you to not have given Sceptile boosts already that make it dangerous enough to where it is OHKOing setup sweepers or mons like Skystrike Lando.
Is there a good reason that Spore Dugtrio is still legal? It's currently unviable to run any pokemon that isn't off the ground, grass type, or with U-Turn, shed shell, or safety goggles because they're basically asking to get trapped and killed for free.

Dugtrio @ Leftovers
Ability: Arena Trap
EVs: 24 HP / 232 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Spore
- Substitute
- Screech
- Earthquake

In order of OU viability, this set consistently traps and KOs: Magearna, Heatran, Mew, Volcarona, Zygarde, Clefable, Garchomp, Keldeo, Mawile, Tapu Lele, Toxapex, Chansey, Medicham, TTar, Amoonguss, Bisharp, Kingdra, Kyurem-B, Magnezone, Suicune, Swampert, Alomomola, Excadrill, Gallade, Hoopa, Reuniclus, Slowbro, Terrakion, Zard-X, Gastrodon, Nidoking, Nihilego, Porygon-Z, and most of the C ranks. That's about 42% of reasonably relevant pokemon. Obviously some of these pokemon can run scarf sets that are faster or learn momentum moves or some shit like Icicle Spear. This is exacerbated if anyone wants to play slower playstyles like Stall, Balance, or BO, where they likely have easily half their team on this list.

Almost all of the grass teams I've played are just sleep spam with at least two of Spore, Grasswhistle, and Sleep Powder, which is the dumbest archetype ever for obvious reasons. Sleep clause barely matters when you can trap and kill the sleeping pokemon.
Tail Glow is now BANNED from Typemons on all Pokemon that do not naturally learn it, and Serperior is BANNED. Also a Sleep-trap clause will be implemented, banning the use of arena trap and a sleep move.


We can't really agree on Arena Trap vs. Spore at the moment, but we did agree that something should be done about the whole duggy spore problem, as its really unhealthy, so SleepTrap ban is a fine middle ground for now. If this doesnt solve the issue, then we might have to ban/suspect duggy and/or spore. The vote to add this sleep-trap clause was unanimous.

Tail Glow:
Tail Glow always stood out as a potentially broken move on bug teams, however we wanted to give it some time and see whether the webs ban would have an impact, and potentially result in tail glow becoming less ban-worthy. However this has not happened at all, and its quite simply far too destructive for the meta. Its not too difficult to pivot around until you get a chance to set up freely on your tail glow mon, and due to the massive +3 boost, you can sweep pretty much all teams immediately after setting up once. Common perpetrators are greninja and magearna, and both these mons have such a limited amount of checks to the point where tail glow becomes over-centralising and therefore in need of a quick ban. The vote to ban tail glow was unanimous.

I don't really think reasoning is required, most of you sum up our thoughts, although I will say that Serperior's ability to boost defenses and speed simultaneously as well as having strong coverage in V-create and Overheat make it basically impossible to revenge kill, vcreating on the switch outpaces basically the whole metagame and then a second one will give it +2 on both defensive stats letting it snack powerful attacks like a Latios Draco Meteor. The big deal breaker with serp is the fact that it can have both v-create and overheat, making it incredibly easy to sweep so many teams because nothing stops contrary overheat + leafstorm + vcreate other than like dragon-flying types, or heatran, and serperior can run hp ice or hp ground respectively. The vote to ban serperior was unanimous.

Hopefully these bans help balance the meta and make it more enjoyable. Tagging The Immortal
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Can't make any meme posts today, sad. Just not in the mood today.

The Serperior ban comes as a surprise to me, although the reasoning makes it obvious. I haven't fought, let alone seen, a single Serperior even on Fire Typemons teams, since the V-Create user was frequently Marowak-Alola. I've considered using it a few times, but Grass/Fire/Hidden Power doesn't hit as much as I'd like it to (with stuff such as Dragons and Heatran existing). But hey, means there's 1 less thing to worry about.

SleepTrap clause POGCHAMP

Tail Glow's also nice to see gone, although now I've personally got no reason to run it anymore. And by 'it' I mean Bug typemons teams. If I want recovery, Flying does the job with Roost, and Grass gives multiple healing methods. If I desperately want a pivoting move, Electric gives me an actual coverage type and a few supporting moves like Nuzzle and Thunder Wave, as well as Bolt Strike Tapu Koko. And, at least right now, I don't know what else Bug does.
Here's a RMT for my Bug Typemons team:

I'm also quite surprised by the Serperior ban, I never had any problems with it, as it simply drops to First Impression.
Ofc you didn't you were using a Bug team, and even then Serp has V-Create to boost defenses and can click Substitute (or switch to a Bug resist :O). Just because one team you were using can beat it doesn't make it not broken :/
To be honest, I'm surprised no one talked about the normal type yet. Any Pokémon in the game getting access to Belly Drum, Extreme Speed, Boomburst, Endeavor, Fake Out, Milk Drink, Pain Split, Shell Smash, Transform, AND Techno Blast? As well as other useful things like Whirlwind or Rapid Spin?
This metagame is awesome, where do I play it?

I feel that contrary Pokémon get a huge buff (broken?) in this metagame seeing as we can get stupid stuff like V-create Malamar/Serperior sounds really nasty.
Serperior w/ Life Orb 252+ Sp Atk, 252 Spd, -Atk: Overheat, Leaf Storm, Hidden Power Ice, Hyper Beam is good, but still suffers from its weak Grass typing.
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Celesteela @ Leftovers
Ability: Beast Boost
EVs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature
- Beak Blast
- Leech Seed
- Defog
- Roost

If it wasn't bulky enough

a Magic Guard user with Mind Blown :smogthink:
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Oh hey, discussion! Sets that give Celesteela access to recovery are always terrifying for obvious reasons. Do you have any particular reason for running the attack EV's or leech seed on that set?
Something that benefits from physical Electric-type coverage, but I don't see too much reason to run it over Bolt Strike or Volt Tackle.
You only get to run each move once, so I guess if you're running 3 physical electric moves for some reason, it's definitely your best options. Plus all the reasons Semako said.

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