Ubers is now a tier; a new Metagame called Anything Goes is added; M-Ray is banned from Ubers

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Mega Rayquaza being allowed in Ubers would've screwed over the entire tier, and that probably would make some Uber pokemon useless and the cycle would continue down to lower tiers I would think.

I agree with this decision a lot.

This doesn't mean OU won't be the "main" tier anymore either, because I'm certain it'll stay as the most played tier.
I agree with this. But Lord Arceus, AG will be disgusting without Sleep/Species clauses. I hope we can work that out in the future.
All in all I agree with this move, in my opinion Ubers has been more than just a banlist since there was discussion about banning Gengarite from it (if not before that). The fact that chaos will be overseeing it's development makes me feel better about it as well. So RIP M-Ray, Long Live Ubers xD
Ubers is one of those bizarre limbo tiers that was always really defined as more of a banlist whose metagame followed the standard rules of the tiers below it. With this, it will become possible to not only balance the tier, but actually create a sort of true limbo where you can actually use anything you want without being restrained by the clauses and the likes.

And remember, if you don't like it, no one is forcing you to play ^_^


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Are there plans for how the tier is going to be run? You say you'll be overseeing the tier, but will there be a council or something deciding further bans etc (because I'm hoping this won't be the last), or will it just be you and the other tier leaders, at least for the time being?


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To be honest, I'm kind of glad that this happened. I've been wanting a no ban tier for a while, and Mega Ray was obviously better then everything else even though I still wanted around because that is what ubers is. The only other thing I can say is I want to see how this works out. It may and probably is for the best though.

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.. well this is interesting. Definitely, with the previous ubers philosophy, this would have been highly inappropriate. I think that creating AG is a realistic solution that will probably piss off just enough people.

So the question which is currently only partiall answered is what would be suitable criteria for banning in ubers?

We do for sure have to see how it develops, but as a tournament metagame i would have banned geomancy/shadow tag/evasionpass in some form. In a metagame with ubers' previous philosophy, I'd probably not suspect evasionpass or geomancy even. So, whilst ubers is a tournament metagame, how ridiculous are things going to have to be to be removed? Fireburn (not sure if you can answer this yet but if you can I'd be interested to hear), in the previous ubers metagame, with the current ubers philosophy (I'm assuming you've discussed with chaos) would you have banned or suspected any of shadow tag, gengarite, geomancy, any element comprising in evasionpass?
Even the Primals were somewhat manageable, but this thing was just broken/destructive. Ubers always seemed like an official tier since there were enough pokemon to allow for diverse teams, but I'm glad to see that it's official now and will have a chance to develop without the threat of over-centralization from anything. Welcome AG, and long live the new official Ubers!
Real mans tier or stupidly broken meta? We shall see. Maybe both.
Anyways, it's a fair decision, Ubers in the past was a bit complex, now it becomes more simple with just being a playable tier. Looking forward for AG progress!


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Oh yeah, this is a point. Will things under the Ubers usage threshold drop to OU, or a BL between OU and Ubers, or will Ubers still remain as a banlist from OU as well as being a tier?
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