Ubers Ubers Ladder Tournament I [Cycle 2]

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Welcome to the first ever Ubers Ladder Tournament! This tournament aims to give exposure to both upcoming players and veterans alike by having them compete to the top of the leaderboard on the Ubers Showdown ladder on newly made accounts over 2 cycles, where the top 8 from both of them will enter a single elimination bracket. Like other tournaments that compose this year's circuit, the Ubers Ladder Tournament will award (Type B) points towards a general Ubers leaderboard which will ultimately award the 2019 Ubers Ribbon (if you have any doubts over the ribbon system, check out this thread)!

Some of the following features were shamelessly stolen from Ark / Amane Misa (UU Ladder Tour)
This tournament will be split into two stages, which are fairly straightforward to comprehend:

Stage One:

Players interested in participating should first sign up within this thread (for Cycle 2) as well as register a fresh Pokemon Showdown alt using the week's selected tag. Make sure the account you sign up with in this thread corresponds to the one you've registered on Pokemon Showdown, or else your signup will be ignored. With every new cycle, you will be expected to register a new alt (each week's tag will be different to enforce that change). In this actual laddering portion of the tournament, players will attempt to climb the [Gen 7] Ubers ladder, with the ultimate goal of achieving a spot in the top 8 of that given cycle. Those who manage to claim one of those spots will be entered into the playoff phase (explained in Stage Two). All qualified players will be assigned a seed from 1 to 16 (8 players within the 2 ladder cycles) based on the elo they finished with at the deadline of the cycle, with the #9 and #10 players of each week/cycle being noted down to be used as potential substitutes, should they be needed, with the order of substitutes also being determined by ELO. Both qualified players and substitutes may, of course, play again during all cycles, as they can potentially improve their seed or directly qualify.

Any players that are caught using pre-registered alts will be automatically disqualified from the tournament, no exceptions.

Stage Two:

Following the 2 weeks of ladder qualification (throughout the 2 cycles), the top 16 will face off in a single elimination, BO3 SM Ubers playoff bracket. The initial pairings will be based on seed (taken from the ELO scores), with the #1 seed facing the #16 seed, #2 facing #15 and so on.


If you wish to participate in Cycle 2, sign up in this thread on a fresh alt starting with the tag ULT3M (for example: ULT3M dream). The laddering period begins right now, and will run up until the Cycle 2 deadline, which is on Monday, July 22nd, at 14:00 GMT -3
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