Tournament Ubers Winter League II - Manager Signups

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Hello everyone, I'm glad to announce that the second edition of the Ubers Winter League will start off with the selection of team managers. Only post in this thread if you would like to manage a team – all other posts will be deleted. Returning managers will have relatively stronger claims, but in the end we (the UWL hosts and Ubers moderation teams) will be selecting the managers that we believe will make for the best UWL. You must signup in this thread to manage. You must be active for the entire tournament (approx. 2 months) and be capable of sending in weekly lineups on time.

I'll be with 7u9i2 hosting the tour.

Some important general rules:

1. Managers are allowed one (1) Assistant Manager.
2. Managers and Assistant Managers may self-purchase prior to auction for 20,000 credits each.
3. Each team will be granted 140,000 credits.
4. There will be twelve (12) starters and three (3) substitutes: the minimum number of players on a team is fifteen (15).
5. The maximum number of players on a team is twenty-four (24).
6. Just as with SPL there will be a severe penalty for any team that picks up a known alt of a banned player, or any player masquerading as another person. It is important to establish that both parties will be penalized immediately and appropriately if they are found doing so.
7. Each week, Managers can "boost" one slot, making it worth 2 wins (if both teams boost the same slot, it is worth 3 wins). Each week teams earn points by winning games against the opposing team. The two teams with the highest totals of points at the end of the fifth week advance to the finals. The finals is team versus team elimination round, which final team standing is the winner.

The tentative tiers that will be featured this year are:

- SV
- SV
- SV
- SV
- SS
- BW
- Bo3 RBY

We are considering six teams, contingent on signups, so don't be afraid to signup.

Signing Up, Self Buy, and Retentions:

At minimum you must include the following in your post. If you do not yet have an assistant manager, leave it blank and edit when selected. Have your assistant manager confirm by liking the post. An assistant manager is highly encouraged. Both the manager and the assistant manager will have the option to self-purchase prior to auction for exactly 20,000 credits. Teams may have retention rights if their team name is identical, or effectively identical, to their team last year. A team is allowed a maximum of two retentions. Retentions must consent. The cost of a retention is 10,000 credits, or their purchase price from last season plus 3,000 credits, whichever is higher.

Team Abandonment & Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Players who commit team abandonment or similar unsportsmanlike conduct are subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which may include bans from future team tournaments. Banned users are also not permitted from participating or assisting teams in any way, and managers caught collaborating with banned users may be subject to disciplinary action, including the potential for fines prior to auction.

Dead Games
Dead games are an undesired, if not unavoidable circumstance from a hosting perspective, and are only utilized in specific scenarios where it is impossible to grant an extension or an activity win as both players exhibit a lack of willingness to complete the game. A dead game is one which has no impact on the standing of that week, thus a matchup that is "ignored". Dead games have implications on the possibilities of ties that week, and on BD. To further disincentive dead games and to prevent intentional abuse by managers, a consecutive dead game, either due to the same player or the same tier, will result in a subtraction of three BD from their team's running total.

Unforeseen Circumstances
In general, any situations or conditions not explicitly stipulated in these rules are up to host discretion as based on their experience and judgement. Standard Smogon tournament rules may be used as general guidelines in most cases. The host may consult tournament directors or other players with exceptional experience in tournament administration for the purposes of guidance and the consideration of alternatives, but ultimately the decision rests on the judgment of the host. There may also be extreme cases where the host is required to overturn a rule that has been stipulated here; however, such action is not to be taken lightly and is never to be anticipated.

Assistant Manager:
Team Name:
Significant Team Tour Experience (Tour / Role):
Bio (quick intro on who you are):

Signups will be open at least until December, 25th.
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Assistant Manager: SiTuM
Team Name: Golden Glimmoratio
Significant Team Tour Experience (Tour / Role): I go 0-30 every team tour and SiTuM once managed to burn a steak and have the inside be blue rare simultaneously.
Bio (quick intro on who you are): LE CHOUINAY

quick edit: We want to take the Litwick's retains rights. We don't plan to use them, but I want to make people ask me to trade them the rights for fardin
We are rebranding.

Assistant Manager: Ayu
Team Name: Spectral Thieves
Significant Team Tour Experience (Tour / Role): Managed last year and captained in UWC
Bio (quick intro on who you are): Have been playing Ubers for many years now and know the community well
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Assistant Manager: mitana
Team Name: TBC but something with tinkaton
Significant Team Tour Experience (Tour / Role): I've managed SCL twice and have participated in snake 4 years running. I've participated in UPLs since 2018 when I won with the Durians and have done the past two editions of UWCOP. Mitana has been a friendly face to the community and has particpated in Ubers team tours now for 2 years.
Bio (quick intro on who you are): We're both ubers players who are very keen on gen 9 and on managing. We bring a mix of both old gen knowledge and new gen knowledge. I've been part of the community for years and gen 9 looks funny to me so I'd like to manage this tour. Please don't snub me this year like you did last year for fucking fardin because I'm mostly doing this to get a newer face to the managing scene in a good environment.



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UPL Champion
Manager: Inder
Assistant Manager: Rhmsitb
Team Name: The Astral Monarchs

Significant Team Tour Experience (Tour / Role): Hey, me and Rhm are known figures in Ubers.
I participated in the last 2 UPL, qualified for the circuit championship and made r2, was the last finalist of the ssnl in winner bracket but also finalist of the retro cup and the rby cup and also won the wcup ending with a positive record.

Rhm participated in last 3 UPLs and his teams made finals in last 2 UPLs. He ended with the best USM record in UPL this year. He also won homefield last year + won AGPL and HPL this year and made r2 of Ubers circuit championship in 2020/2022.

Bio (quick intro on who you are):

I’ve been actively playing ubers for a little over 2 years now, been playing mostly SS although I've been able to prove that I have a good knowledge of older generations. I have a pretty deep knowledge of the different pools and I think that I can make for a competent and motivated manager.

Rhm knows all the generations of ubers, he is an experienced player who has already proved in the past that he can manage a team. He is very complete and always relevant when it comes to talking about ubers.

I’d like to take the monkeys pool because staxi kindly gave me his team, but to be honest, calyrex is a very stylish mascot.
Édit: finally keys came back for his team, with Rhm we’re good to take any pool of last year.
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Assistant Manager: Dovah
Team Name: Qwilfish Qwillas
Significant Team Tour Experience (Tour / Role): We managed the Qwilfish Qwillas last year and our team made finals, I co-managed both of the Ubers World Cup Canada teams making playoffs both times and I have played in the last 4 UPLS
Bio (quick intro on who you are): I am a ladder/tour player I have plenty of experience in managing successful teams and I am dedicated to providing the best experience for all participants.


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Hosts decided the managers, it's about time to announce them !

Frost Monkeys managed by keys and TBD
Luminous Lunalas managed by Lunala and Fc
InSomnia Giratinas managed by Holy Ghost and Aberforth
Spectral Thieves managed by Highlord and Ayu
Temporal Tower Tinkatons managed by Alpha Rabbit and mitana
Qwillfish Qwillas managed by Goat Heart ♥ and The Dovahneer

Managers if you desire a different color for admin use throughout the tournament, you must PM the exact hex number you prefer. The color must also make logical sense with your team name.

Thank you to everyone who signed up to manage, commencement, admin thread, and players signups will be posted shortly !
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