Underused Premier League - Week 6

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Week Six: May 6th-May 12th

The Ecruteak Kimono Girls (3) vs The Safari Zone Gate Robo Groudons (3)

BW: Reachzero vs. Tiffany
BW: jonathanrp vs. Extra.
BW: Blue Eon vs. Marshall Law.
DPP: JabbaTheGriffin vs. Fafus
DPP: Kennen vs. BKC
ADV: Heist vs. Colchonero
Manager: LonelyNess vs. Eo Ut Mortus

The Hearthome City Hooligans (1) vs The Snowpoint Skiers (4)

BW: Somalia vs. MoP
BW: Ace Emerald vs. -Manu-
BW: Kuja20 vs. HR.
DPP: Bad Ass vs. MDragon
DPP: Django vs. Smurf.
ADV: Floppy vs. Sir
Manager: Fatty vs. DestinyUnknown

The Black City Burglars (3) vs The Ruins of Alpha Ruin Maniacs (0)

BW: KoKoloKo vs. McMegan
BW: FLCL vs. Limitless
BW: Ernesto vs. PTJon
DPP: HSA vs. GreenCore
DPP: New Breed vs. Cherub Agent
ADV: Ginku vs. Tophway
Manager: RT. vs. FlareBlitz

The Goldenrod City Gamblers (0) vs The Fortree City Bird Keepers (2)

BW: PsYcho71 vs. Kd24
BW: TPO3 vs. MarceloDK
BW: .Robert vs. fiction.
DPP: SilentVerse vs. locopoke
DPP: DracoMalfoy vs. Atticus
ADV: Hantsuki vs. CrashinBoomBang
Managers: PK Gaming vs. Dekzeh
* activity win

DEADLINE: May 12th at 11:59 PM EST

*If I made a mistake with these matchups (not copying something correctly from the roster you sent me), managers, contact me immediately*
i put somalia in bw slot number 1 and ace emerald in 2, can i by chance get that changed please?

M Dragon

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So I had a good advantage in the game and... surprise! PO had changed my azumarill ability to thick fat

gg I guess


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Confirming, gg.

Mirror matches suck, luckily I was creeping a bit further but that's exactly what I wanted to avoid...

EDIT: Imma go with the GSC sprite coz it's better.

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