Underused Tier Resources (Read if you're new to UU)

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If this is your first time visiting the forum or playing UU, you may want to check out some of these threads to increase your understanding of the metagame.

  • UU StrategyDex - Here you can find a list of every Pokemon that is currently usable in UU, as well as their strategy articles.
  • UU C&C - This is an excellent place to go to if you want to contribute to the site. You can reserve an analysis in the Index Thread or comment on analyses that are works in progress.
  • UnderUsed Hub - Contains resources, projects, and news updates regarding the UnderUsed tier all in one place.
  • The UU Senate thread lists the current Senate members. It also explains any changes that have been made to the Senate structure. If you have any questions, the Senators are the people to ask!
  • np: UU Stage 12 - Learn about the current metagame and specific trends that are going on in the tier.
  • UU Speed Tiers - A guide to the magic Speed numbers in the UnderUsed metagame.
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